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How to Download the software ?

Because of spyware and hacker threats, your Internet browser may disable automatic downloads. For example, the latest versions of Internet Explorer (Windows XP Service Pack 2) pop up a little yellow bar at the top of the screen that informs you a download has been blocked. To continue the download, you can right-click that bar (called an information bar), and select "Download file". Once you do that, you'll see a dialog box that asks you to approve the download--redundant, of course, but secure.

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If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will see the following dialog box :

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Where is the file I downloaded ?

One of the biggest problems with downloading files is figuring out where they go once they're on your hard drive. Creating and using a download folder eliminates that problem. Right-click your desktop and hover your mouse pointer over New until a menu pops up. Select Folder from that menu to create a new folder on your desktop. When the folder appears, its name, New Folder, should be highlighted already, so you can just type your name for it, such as Downloads. Though you don't need to leave this folder on your desktop, make sure you remember where you put it. When you start downloading a file, your computer will ask you where you want it to go; specify your download folder, and you'll always know where your files are.
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