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Create powerful database management apps just in minutes, without hand-coding

A modern and powerful application that allows developers to easily build flexible database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows. It is faster than any other existing database solution. With XtraBuild Designer a developer can define tables, editors, menus, views, reports, charts, modules and store them as a project in a database. Projects are not compiled applications but actually they contain a description of the built application.

Build database & reporting applications for desktop faster then ever,without hand-coding!

In order to ensure a fast learning curve, XtraBuild Designer was endowed with a logic and unitary way of work that applies to every form, view, tables, etc. With just a few easy steps to learn, anybody will be able to create modern and unique applications.

What kind of applications can be created with XtraBuild Designer?

Well, from Business Process Applications, such as CRM, ERP, HR, Supply Chain Management, etc, to Business Analytics, just use your imagination and build!

Whether you™re a Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs), a non-profit organization, software development company, IT professional, freelance developer or anything else, the solutions offered by XtraBuild Designer will certainly fit your needs.

XtraBuild Designer was built to reduce the time that developers have to spend on creating, customizing and supporting the layout of applications that contain many controls. Additionally, with more than 30 different skins available, the developer and the end-user can easily change the look of XtraBuild Designer and the resulted application.

Creates desktop applications just in minutes, without hand-coding

XtraBuild Designer is a professional tool that allows you to visually create desktop applications, in record time, without requiring knowledge of a programming language.

Creating the structure of an application that manages a database, building component modules, connecting modules as the application logic requires, testing the application, are all well known tasks for developers and software architects.

At the same time, user interface development is a time consuming and often frustrating part of application development for both large and small companies alike. To create a professional UI, developers must spend countless hours arranging controls on a form, align them correctly, position labels, consider form resolution issues and when specifications change, they must start the process over again.

Data Views

In XtraBuild Designer collections of records are represented by complex controls named Views. We implemented 8 such Views, with which complex applications can be created.

While en editor represents a field in the database, a View represents a table in the database, which is a collection of records.

Most implemented Views, such as GridView, TreeView or Datalist View supports complex sorting, filtering, grouping, ordering operations, while Views like Report View and Chart View are specialized in representing data in a graphical format.

In the next versions we will implement other Views dedicated to manage some specific tasks: Scheduler View, Gantt View, Pivot Grid View, Vertical Grid View and many others.

All implemented Views are extremely reliable, being tested by tens of thousands of programmers.

Data editors

XtraBuild Designer supports almost 25 editors: text box editors, editors without a text box, popup editors, calculated fields, relations and system editors.
When creating the structure of a database, fields are automatically associated with an editor. Thus, when a View is defined, editors are automatically places in the form, being functional immediately.
The developer can now concentrate strictly on arranging editors in the form layout, being eliminated the possibility of connecting wrong to editor corresponding field.
Editors representing calculated fields have expression editor. The Expression Editor allows you to edit various boolean or regular expressions in controls.
Editors implemented in XtraBuild benefit from end-user capabilities: text input enhancements, keyboard support, value scrolling, incremental filtering in lookUpEdit Controls and many others.

Layout management and customization

To create a professional UI, developers must spend countless hours arranging controls on a form, align them correctly, positioning labels, considering form resolution issues and when specifications change, they must start the process over again.
XtraBuild Designer allows you to create elegant UIs in the shortest possible time.
The Projects created with XtraBuild Designer maintain a consistent layout of controls within forms, so whenever you resize a form, the controls do not overlap.
Developers or even end-users can invoke customization mode to temporarily hide specific editors, and then show them again, resize the controls, save and then restore the layout, etc.
Operations as add empty regions, separators, splitters and labels, create and delete groups and tabbed groups, last only a few seconds and can be done now even by the end-user.

Ribon Interface

A ribbon is an interface where a set of toolbars are placed on tabs in a tab bar. The Ribbon Bar organizes commands into a tabbed interface, providing quick and intuitive access to these commands.
The XtraBuild Designer RibbonBar editor permits you to build user interfaces similar to the ribbonbar used in Microsoft Office 2007/2010. This feature ensures that your applications will look up to date with the Microsoft applications your users are familiar with.
XtraBuild Designer allows implementation of the Ribbon at both application level and at the level of forms within the application.
Ribbons that are built with XtraBuild Designer fully support the Quick Access Toolbar feature. This means that end-users can move the most frequently used commands into a single toolbar that is always visible regardless of the currently selected Ribbon page.

Skinable interfaces

Whether you prefer the standard look and feel offered by Microsoft Office or wish to introduce unique elements within your application, with more than 40 different skins available, you can easily change the look of XtraBuild Designer and projects created with.
Your applications never remain stagnant and are always fresh and exciting - with no effort on your part.
The currently selected skin is instantly applied to any new form and editor created and placed in form. Of course, the developer can customize editors at any time by editing their properties.
XtraBuild Skins are not just styles or color schemes. We actually use bitmap-based skinning for editors, views, forms and ribbon bar controls. Of course, if the developer wants, he can modify the appearance of Views. GridViews allow even conditional formatting of the appearance.

Charting tools

The Charting tool implemented in XtraBuild Designer is the best tool for visualizing any data with almost endless customization capabilities.
With smart high-level automation features included in XtraBuild Designer, developers are allowed to insert in their applications multiple different chart types (37 2D charts and 22 3D charts), easier than ever.
Meticulously designed with an impressive choice of various chart types, a ready set of specific visual indicators, real-time monitoring, comparative/contrastive analysis, while also capable of financial charting, XtraBuild Designer is the solution to all your charting needs.
For your charts, you can enable the scrolling and zooming of both 2D and 3D diagrams, and the diagram rotation for 3D diagram. Moreover, you can allow your end-users to fully customize the appearance of any of your chart\\\'s visual elements.

Reporting tools

The reporting engine implemented in XtraBuild Designer provides the capability to generate reports from data of any complexity, and then preview, print or export the resulting document into various formats.
The mail merge feature allows developers to combine both static and dynamic content within the same control (e.g. to append some text prefix or postfix to a value obtained from a database), or even bind a control to multiple data fields at one time.
XtraBuild Designer allows developers to create reports with tables and newspaper-style columns with ease. With support for multiple band levels, you can define separate headers and footers for a report, its pages and groups.
With XtraBuild Designer It is as simple as possible to create documents with even the most complicated hierarchy of sub-reports with unrestricted nesting depth.

Security Management

We treat security of projects created with XtraBuild Designer with maximum seriousness. We believe that no matter how well built an application for database management is, it has no value if unauthorized persons have access to data.
With this belief in mind, we have implemented in XtraBuild Designer a safety mechanism on several levels, which allows developers to configure their desired level of security in their applications with high accuracy.
Because each database administrator understands security in a personal way and prefers to secure the database using the tools provided by the database itself (eg SQL , MySQL , Oracle .. etc ), the security system implemented in XtraBuild doesn™t overwrite the security of the database, but completes this, strictly protecting unauthorized access  to the database through the application created.
This unique level of protection is possible because  applications created with XtraBuild Designer are stored in the database and run in memory  in XtraBuild Runtime. For an end-user to run the application, this must be authorized in the database first.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Minimum 200 MB hard drive space

Restriction :

30-days free trial

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