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Web3D authoring tool that allows for quick creation of interactive 3D presentations for the internet.

WireFusion is a powerful technology that allows for quick creation of interactive 3D presentations for the internet.

WireFusion is typically used by designers, programmers, architects and product companies, and mostly for internet marketing and e-commerce, creating 3D configurators, visualizing product design and architectural design. WireFusion presentations are also used for e-learning or computer based training (CBT), training sales forces, support teams and for customer support.

Use your favorite 3D authoring tool, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, modo, SketchUp, LightWave, Blender or any other 3D tool capable of exporting to X3D or VRML, to bring your 3D models and 3D worlds to life. Import your 3D content into WireFusion and have it published to the web. It™s as easy as 1-2-3.

With the visual interface you can easily add advanced functionality and interactivity to your presentations, even without any prior programming or scripting skills. You can also seamlessly integrate streaming video and audio. Simply put, WireFusion is for everyone, so start sharing your ideas!

No Browser Plug-in Needed to View Presentations
WireFusion's web player is a Java applet that is downloaded to the viewers browser just like other files from the web server, using the HTTP protocol. There is hence no need to download and install (or upgrade) any browser plug-in in order to view a WireFusion presentation, only a Java 1.1 (or higher) enabled browser is required.

Reaches a Wide Audience
Java is today installed on more than 90% of all computers worldwide, and on is available for most platforms, which ensures that a very wide audience will see your WireFusion presentations.

WireFusion is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, which allows you to quickly create and deliver robust and secure applications to your clients.

High Performance
WireFusion presentations are high performing, small in size and loads quickly.

Ability to expand WireFusion with new objects and technologies. Special Add-ons expand WireFusion with new original objects, while derivatives of original objects can expand the object library with new functions.

A built-in LiveUpdate function ensures your software is always up-to-date with the latest fixes.

Comprehensive Visual Tools for Event-Dirven Programming
WireFusion has a comprehensive visual programming environment, which allows even non-programmers to create advanced logic quickly, and without any prior programming or scripting skills.

Supports 3D Models Specified in VRML Format
WireFusion is capable of importing and handling 3D models specified in the ISO standard VRML 97/2.0. Most 3D authoring tools can export directly to VRML.

Supports Macromedia Flash (SWF) Animations
Support for playback of Macromedia® Flashâ„¢ animations within WireFusion presentations. The Flash player, which is purely Java based, is only about 50kb in size and does not require a Flash player to be installed on the computer in order to playback SWF animations.

Create cool looking intros, animated menus and hotspots, or vector based text animations, and play them in your WireFusion presentations. Just as with the video player in WireFusion, you can play your Flash animations as textures on your 3D models.

The animations, which have to be in the Flash version 2 format, can contain both interactivity and sound. Even though Flash 2 is rather old and primitive compared to the latest Flash versions, it allows for the inclusion of high quality vector graphics into WireFusion presentations.
Note: All Flash versions from Flash 2 to Flash MX can export animations in the Flash 2 format.

Supports MPEG Video and MP3 Audio
Support for MPEG-1 video with MPEG-1 Audio Layer I&II, when expanding WireFusion with the free WF-Video add-on. Support for high quality MP3 audio, when expanding WireFusion with the free WF-MP3 add-on.

Java Language Support for Advanced Scripting
A Java object allows Java programmers to write and compile advanced Java code directly from inside WireFusion. The Java object is also used for the 3D API.

JavaScript Support
The External Link object allows WireFusion presentations to communicate (send/receive parameters to/from) with HTML pages, using JavaScript. JavaScripts can also be executed directly from inside WireFusion presentations.

Robust 2D Authoring Capabilities
WireFusion has a set of tools to author 2D graphics and to create 2D presentations, which can be used as standalone presentations or combined with your 3D presentations.

External Communication
The External Link object allows for communication between WireFusion presentations, Java Applications, Java Beans and external technologies such as Flash presentations. It can also be used to read Java applet parameters from the HTML code.

A built-in debugger analyzes your visual code. Highlights wires in correct execution order and lists all parameters (values and pulses) sent between objects using optional breakpoints.

Unlimited Layers
Graphics elements in WireFusion are placed in layers, similar to the layers in Adobe Photoshop®. Layer orders can be dynamically changed (animated).

Real-time Filters
Advanced real-time image-processing filters, similar to Adobe Photoshop®. Filter parameters can be dynamically changed (animated).


512 MB RAM,1024x768 screen resolution

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