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VueMinder Calendar Lite Information

Publisher's Description:

Popup reminders, desktop alerts, and reminders that can be sent via email or text messages.

Feature Overview

VueMinder Calendar provides content-rich popup reminders, desktop alerts, and reminders that can be sent via email or SMS. It includes Outlook integration, Excel import/export, calendar subscriptions/publishing using the iCalendar standard, and much more.

Flexible reminder options

* Popup reminders can contain pictures, video, music, or embedded web pages.
* Reminders can also be displayed via desktop alerts, which can be set to automatically snooze and to play a sound when displayed.
* Reminders can be sent via email and SMS text messages, both to yourself as well as any other people you'd like to receive your reminder.
* Calendars can be individually configured with default reminder options for new events.
* Recently dismissed, snoozed, or sent reminders can be easily accessed and redisplayed from the Reminders menu.

Fully customizable calendar category and event appearances
* Assign a font name, style, and color, as well as a two-tone gradient background to each calendar category or to individual events.
* There are infinite possibilities when customizing calendar and event appearances.

Publish your calendars
* Share your calendars by publishing to any location, including secure servers using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 3.0 or TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 protocols, when available.
* Bi-directional calendar sharing means you can modify a subscribed calendar and publish its changes. This is perfect for groups of people that need to share the same calendar.

Subscribe to others' calendars
* Subscribe to a shared calendar, including calendars that are on servers requiring authentication.
* You can also easily subscribe to public calendars using our built-in public calendar browser.

Send calendars or events via email
* Send calendars or events to others via email, using the iCalendar file format.
* You can even select multiple events to send at the same time, rather than having to send them individually.

Repeating tasks
* Perfect for those easy-to-forget tasks that need to be performed periodically, such as replacing the furnace filter or checking the smoke detector batteries.
* When you complete a repeating task, simply click its checkbox and the next due date of the task will be automatically calculated. There's no need to manually redefine the task for the next time it's due.
* You can also mark events as being completed. Completed events can either be hidden or faded in the day, week, or month views.

Event and task list
* You can view a list of events and/or tasks for the currently displayed dates or any other date range.
* This list can be exported to a Microsoft Excel formatted file.

Printing and print previews
* Many different print style layouts are provided. Print by day, week, month, or year.
* You can also print a detailed report, an email-style memo, or the contents of the current event and task list.
* A real-time print preview is provided.

Date navigation
* A multiple-month navigation pane is provided. Simply resize the navigation pane, and additional months will be displayed.
* The previous or next day, week, or month can be quickly navigated by using left and right arrow buttons.

Appearance themes
* The entire appearance of VueMinder can be modified by selecting different appearance themes.
* There are many themes packaged with VueMinder, including one based on a favorite dessert of the VueMinder development team.

Flexible recurrence options
* A complete set of event recurrence rules is provided, covering any possible recurrence pattern, no matter how complex.
* A configuration wizard is provided to help get you started.
* You can backup and restore VueMinder's data. An automatic backup feature is also provided.
* A status bar shows details of the currently selected calendar, including the number of events and the time it was last published and/or subscribed.

Would you like to learn more about VueMinder?
* The best way to learn about the capabilities of VueMinder is to download it and try it for free.
* Installation is quick and easy!
* If you're not quite ready to download it yet, or would like to learn more about it before installing, you can read the comprehensive online help documentation .

Changelog for this release:

- Improved the appearance of events. Square corners will now be used in the Calendar View, which provides slightly more space for event text and a cleaner look. It also helps improve the software performance, especially when a large number of events are visible.
- Improved the rows in the popup reminder window to use the font size of each associated event. For example, if an event has a font size of 12, its associated reminder font size will also be 12. Previously the font size was always 8.
- Improved the Day and Week views to draw a line through the time slot that contains the current time, similar to Google Calendar.
- Improved the left/right navigation arrow buttons at the top of the Day, Week, and Month views. When the mouse if held over a button, the previous or next date range will be shown in a popup balloon, along with the associated keyboard shortcut.
- Improved zooming of the Day, Week, and Month views. When the Ctrl key is held, the mouse scroll wheel can be used to zoom in or out.
- Improved scrolling of the Details Pane. When the mouse is moved over the Details Pane, the mouse scroll wheel can be used to scroll instead of having to click the scrollbar.
- Improved the "Show Full Dates" option in the Month View Settings to show abbreviated month names for each date, instead of the full (and visually overwhelming) full month names.
- Corrected syncing of recurring events created in Google Calendar and belonging to a different time zone. The event times were not being properly adjusted to the local time zone when synced to VueMinder.
- Corrected an error message when subscribing to a Yahoo Calendar that contains SMS reminders.
- Corrected the popup reminder window to not process key presses such as D or S, which sometimes resulted in reminders being accidentally snoozed or dismissed if the user was typing when the popup reminder appeared.
- Corrected extra blank lines that would sometimes appear before event descriptions in the Day and Week views.
- Corrected keyboard navigation problems on the Month View, such as when the keyboard is used to navigate to a different date and the Today button is clicked.
- Corrected a problem with event titles sometimes not appearing in the Day and Week views, especially when using larger font sizes and zoomed out.
- Corrected dragging of events in the Day and Week views. The events will now snap to the start of the nearest timeslot instead of being offset based on the original starting time. For example, if the time slots are zoomed to 1 hour increments and an event that previously started at 8:30 is dragged to the 10:00 timeslot, it will snap to 10:00 instead of 10:30.
- Corrected resizing of events in the Day and Week views. Sometimes the wrong event was resized, not the event that was selected.
- Corrected right-clicking in the Day and Week views. Sometimes a new event would be created after releasing the right mouse button, if the button was held slightly longer than expected.
- Corrected a warning in the Event Editor when creating a new all-day event, if the calendar was configured to show a popup warning when conflicting events are detected. The warning should not appear for all-day events.
- Corrected a problem where HTML character codes would sometimes be shown in the Details pane.
- Corrected the formatted text editor when pressing the Delete key while the cursor is at the beginning of the text. All text was being deleted instead of just the first character.
- Corrected the formatted text editor, which would sometimes show
codes instead of new lines if the underlying HTML came from an external source and was badly formed, such as containing "&" characters instead of "&".
- USB Version: Corrected snoozing of reminders from different computers, when different login names are used. The reminders were being redisplayed because the software incorrectly interpreted the different login name as being a different user that hadn't seen the reminder yet.
- Many other minor bug corrections and improvements.


Microsoft .NET 2.0

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