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Titan FTP Server Information

Publisher's Description:

Share files with other users using this secure FTP/SFTP Server for Windows.

Titan FTP Server is an enterprise class server product with unparalleled performance and scalability. Titan FTP Server software provides an advanced feature set, giving you flexibility and control. An intuitive administrative interface makes Titan FTP Server easy to set up and maintain.

# Security and Access Control
Securing the important files on your FTP server is a key issue. Titan provides security and access control features such as:
-SFTP or FTP over SSL for secure file transfers
- S/Key MD4 and MD5 password encryption
- Enable or disable anonymous access
- Permit or deny access based on IP address
- Block FXP and PASV mode transfers

# Full - Featured Events Handler
Trigger customized actions based on specific FTP Server events and conditions. Event Handlers allow the administrator to create rules that will respond dynamically to the current server state;
- Send an e-mail every time the server is started
- Create a custom log file for each user account
- Offload a file from the server immediately after it has been uploaded
- Notify the administrator of suspicious server activity

# Optional Web Interface
There is an optional browser-based interface available for your Titan FTP Server, Enterprise Edition.
- Connect to Titan without the need to install client software
- Easily enable partners and customers to access your Titan FTP Server
- No user limits

# For Large Enterprises
Titan FTP Server Enterprise offers unlimited user accounts and the controls to appropriately manage them;
- Bandwidth throttling and maximum transfer speed to customize the bandwidth by user or server
- Regulate the number of connections from a given IP
- Block users and IPs after a configurable number of invalid commands

# Connect to Titan FTP Server Through a Drive Letter
While any compliant FTP client or application is supported, the easiest way to access files on the Titan FTP Server is through the WebDrive FTP Client. WebDrive maps a drive letter to your Titan Server, enabling you to easily access files, back up PCs and use scripts to easily integrate PC applications with Titan FTP Server. WebDrive features include:
- Support for FTP, SFTP, FTP/SSL, WebDAV and Amazon S3
- Integrated backup utility
- Ability to work on files offline
- Advanced caching for improved performance

User Interface
Administrator Application
The Titan Administrator is a powerful graphical user interface and is the primary means to configure Titan.

Tray Applet
The Titan Tray applet is a quick and easy way to keep track of the server status.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) Support
Transfer all information over an encrypted channel. Titan provides full SFTP support based on SSH-2 protocol. Titan adheres to the IETF's Internet Draft draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-09.txt and supports version 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the SSH file transfer protocol.

FTPS (FTP with SSL/TLS) Support
Transfer all information over an encrypted channel. Use Explicit FTPS (AUTH SSL/TLS) or Implicit FTPS to secure file transfers. Titan supports SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0 (SSL v3.1).

Restrict IP Access
Restrict access from IP addresses using either a whitelist or blacklist approach.

Disable Anonymous Access
You can configure Titan to disallow anonymous access to protect data.

Fine-Grained Directory Access Restrictions
Titan can be easily configured to provide precise access permissions. Permissions include:
Create Subdirectories
Remove Subdirectories
View Directory Listing
Apply to Subdirectories

Prevent Brute-Force Password Cracking
Titan provides the option to disable user accounts after a certain number of consecutive bad password attempts.

Define Complex Passwords
Titan provides the option for administrators to implement policies for creation of passwords, including length in characters, requirement for mixed case, numerics or special characters in the password.

Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
South River Technologies has developed a sophisticated mechanism for preventing DoS attacks. Titan FTP Server will automatically detect and refuse malicious connections without affecting legitimate connections.

Automatically Respond to Incorrect or Unauthorized Requests
Titan can automatically kick out and optionally ban users who issue a certain number of bad commands.

Block FXP Bounce Attacks
You can configure Titan to disable the FXP command. FXP is a potential security vulnerability since it can be used for port scanning, bypassing IP access restrictions, and bypassing firewall/router restrictions.

Hide Internal File System Structure
If a user is locked in their home directory, Titan will treat this as their root directory. All incoming and outgoing paths will be relative, not absolute, thus preventing users from gaining any knowledge of the file system structure.

Make Hidden Files Inaccessible
Titan can be easily configured to prevent access to files marked as hidden in the file system.

Password Encryption
Use industry-standard password encryption based OTP S/Key MD4 or MD5 to prevent passwords from being sent in the clear.

Remote Administration
Configure your server from any computer with Internet access. The Remote Administration UI is identical to the Local Administration UI.

Use Windows NT/SAM Authentication
Titan can dynamically access user and group account information from your Windows NT Domain Controller, including authentication information, home directories, and other settings. Any changes made to the Windows NT User/Group information can be immediately available in the Titan server.

Custom Authentication
Titan also supports the creation of users and groups directly through the Administrator interface, and user-friendly wizards simplify the entire process.

Settings Inheritance
Server configurations can be inherited or customized at the server, group, and user levels. This makes it possible to quickly configure a setting that will be the same for all users.

Settings Customization
Server configurations can also be fine-tuned at the individual group and user level to handle special cases.

Account Expiration
Configure an individual account or an entire group of accounts to expire on a certain date. Or you can manually enable or disable an account.

Event Handling System
Configure your server to automatically respond to over 100 unique Events, such as a file being uploaded or a user logging in. Trigger actions including sending email, executing a file/script, writing to a custom log, and much more.

Component Object Model (COM) Interface
Titan provides a COM API to programmatically control your server from any COM-enabled programming language, including Visual Basic (VB), Visual Basic Script (VBS), C++, C#, Java, and others.

Command Line Interface
In addition to the COM interface, Titan also supports a command-line interface that is useful for batch file processing.

Multiple Log Formats
Titan can write logfiles in W3C or plain text format.

Multiple Log Message Levels
Verbose logging can be enabled to provide very detailed logging information.

Customize Log Fields
Titan also allows you to select what log fields get written in each log entry, making it easier to gather only the information you're interested in.

Database (ODBC) Logging Support
Titan can also be configured to track certain statistics and write to any ODBC data source.

Activity Monitor
Monitor any activity on your server in real-time, including the ability to spy on an individual user's actions.
Advanced Features

Titan fully supports Zlib compression, which can speed up file transfers and directory listings. For FTP/FTPS, Zlib compression is implemented through the "MODE Z" command. In SFTP, Zlib compression is based on the SSH engine.

File Integrity Checking
Titan supports the FTP XCRC command, which can be used to ensure that a file has been uploaded without errors.

Access Network Resources
Network shares can be accessed via Universal Naming Convention (UNC). This makes it possible for logged in users to access files on any machine inside your server's network.

Firewall/Router Support
Titan can be easily configured to operate smoothly with firewalls and routers, including the ability to set a port range for PASV connections.

Disk Quotas
Set disk quotas to limit the amount of space an individual user can take up on your server. Files can also be added to a "Free File" list which is excluded from the disk quota calculation.

Upload/Download Ratios
Enable a quid pro quo system of file transfers. Configure Titan to require a certain ratio of files uploaded vs. downloaded, or bytes uploaded vs. downloaded. Files can also be added to a "Free File" list which can be downloaded regardless of the current ratio.

Ban File Types
Use wildcard filters to prevent certain types of files from being uploaded to the server.

Control Connection Limits

Upload and Download Resuming
Resume interrupted transfers rather than starting from the beginning.

Runs as a Service
Titan runs as a Windows service, and can be configured to automatically start running when Windows loads. Running as a service also prevents the server from stopping when a user logs off.

Virtual Servers
A single computer can host multiple file transfer servers.

Customize Server Response Text
Customized server responses for FTP replies to cases such as a login or logout.

File and Directory Case Setup
Titan can be configured to preserve the case of files and directories passed in, convert them all to upper case, or convert them all to lower case.

Customize the Store Unique (STOU) File Format
Set the STOU prefix and extension.

Delete Partially Uploaded Files
Optionally delete files that are incompletely uploaded.

Block Anti-Timeout Schemes
Prevents FTP clients from issuing NOOP and other commands to circumvent idle timeout limits.

Customize Server Time
You can select a customized time zone for each server, and Titan supports the MDTM command to set the modification time of a file.

Changelog for this release:

- Fixed: SFTP upload issue which could prevent a newly created file from being uploaded to the server if the user was not granted Append permissions to the destination folder for the upload.
- Fixed: Logging problem which could cause a memory exception during the logging of a message during the server shutdown.
- Fixed: Issue which failed to return the proper 5xx level error code during an MLST/MLSD command if the target directory or file did not exist.


25MB of free disk space; 128MB Ram.

Restriction :

20 day trial

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  Dec 4, 2012
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  Jan 27, 2010
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