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Smart Diary Suite Information

Publisher's Description:

Smart Diary Suite is a fully customizable and flexible feature-rich Personal Info Manager.

Smart Diary Suite is more than a simple Diary or a Personal Information Manager (PIM). You can plot your exercise program against your diary of health notes and see how they interact. Add information about changes in your diet and see how these changes have affected your health and activity levels. See how your mood is affected by your sleep. Track fatigue against dreams, diet or any part of your life that you choose.

In addition to using informative graphs to show you how your choices affect your life, Smart Diary Suite has all of the functions that you would expect to find in a professionally designed Personal Information Manager.

Smart Diary Suite's components work together to help you keep track of your life:
When you open up the Overview, you can quickly and easily see what's happening in your life and never miss anything important coming up! You will see upcoming Schedule appointments and Tasks, as well as most recent Diary and Notes entries.
You can set the number of entries that you wish to see and also the general visual style that may suit you better than the default one.
* See Schedule, Diary, Tasks and Notes
* Multiple skins (visual styles)

The Diary feature in Smart Diary Suite sets benchmarks in journal keeping.
In addition to providing you with a fully featured rich text editor, the fully customizable life factors permit you to see on a graph your life visually over a period of time. You can also import and export life factors and share them through our online community.
The Pain Map and Medication facilities further complement and add meaning to your life as a snapshot of a moment in time. In addition, you can also make voice entries using a microphone.
Categories, sorting and grouping give you full control over how entries are presented on the screen and having a search function means you are never too far away from any entry!
Please explore this powerful tool and we are confident that you will agree that this is a truly amazing enhancement to your quality of life through understanding how various parts of your life and being interact.
* Fully-featured rich text editor
* Record and play voice entries
* Set life factor values
* Fully configurable graph
* Quick and full text search
* Assign entries to categories
* Diary calculator
* Spelling checker
* View life factor values on a graph
* Group and sort entries
* Print and print preview
* Optional Medication
* Optional Pain Map
* Import, export and share Life Factor Packs

Schedule presents you with a fully featured calendar that will permit you to keep track of your various scheduling needs. The numerous views provided, such as Weekly, Monthly and Daily, ensure that you never have to miss that important appointment or meeting.
The reminder further assists you in meeting deadlines and all the things that need to be done in their various cycles.
* Daily, Weekly and Monthly views
* Reminders
* Drag and drop entries

Tasks allow you to set goals, complete them and monitor your progress on an easy to read list. Each task can also have sub-tasks (or child tasks) that allow you to form a virtually unlimited hierarchical structure.
You can assign different priorities to tasks as well as group them in to categories. A quick search function lets find the task you are looking for easily.
* Create child tasks
* Set priority
* Set completion percent or mark as Done
* Show and hide completed tasks
* Assign tasks to categories
* Set due date and see overdue items
* Quick search
* Print and print preview

Notes feature a fully featured rich text editor and allow you to organize your information in a convenient way.
You can create a virtually unlimited number of entries and each entry can have child entries as well - organize your information the way you want!
Categories, sorting and grouping give you full control over how entries are presented on the screen and the built-in quick search function means you are never too far away from any entry!
* Fully-featured rich text editor
* Spelling checker
* Create child notes
* Quick and full text search
* Print and print preview

A full and quality life consists of many ingredients. The Nutrition feature help you add that little extra to your life by understanding and planning your dietary needs. A fully featured rich text editor for your recipes is provided which is supplemented by an extensive list of ingredients to which you can add your own.
The ingredients provide health related information such as fat, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, calories and others. Furthermore, the shopping list feature ensures that you give meaning to your dietary understanding and health planning that can be realized in the kitchen and in the recipes you compile, create and share through our online community.
* Fully-featured rich text editor
* Spelling checker
* Import and export ingredients
* Create shopping lists
* See nutritional information
* A full USDA Nutrient Database is included
* Units converter
* Quick search
* Print and print preview

Contacts allow you to keep all important information about the people in your life, including special dates that will automatically appear in the Schedule, so you will be reminded of them when due.
A quick search function will help you find the person you wish instantly, while sorting and grouping will allow you to present your contacts list in any way you like on the screen. Assigning categories enhances your contacts list even further.
* Assign contacts to categories
* Set special dates that link to Schedule
* Send e-mail or visit WWW pages
* Quick search
* Import vCard files
* Print and print preview

Community is an online forum for users of Smart Diary Suite to get together, meet and discuss various issues. It is also a place of support from developers and other peers.
Please visit it and register today - we'll be glad to see you there!
* Free to register and use
* Contact support
* Share your suggestions and opinions with others

More Features
* Encryption for your privacy
* Optional password
* Multiple skins (visual styles) included
* Fully resizable and customizable interface
* Auto-lock on inactivity
* Fast and reliable
* Free support

Changelog for this release:

- New: Spell checking has been completely changed. It now supports most world languages and the dictionaries are free
- New: Turn on/off spell checking while you type and also optionally spell check entries when saving them.
- New: Paragraph indent buttons are now also on the toolbar in all editors.
- New: Set fonts and colors on the Tasks' Gantt chart.
- New: Added an option to dynamically update entry titles.
- New: Added an option to set the number of months in the Last Day of the Month recurrence.
- New: Added a confirmation message when deleting series of schedule items.
- New: A new "Delay to the Next Day" option in Schedule to quickly re-schedule items to one day in the future.
- New: Added an option to have a default reminder for Schedule items.
- New: Added an option to configure Schedule fonts for normal and all-day events to be normal, bold or italic.
- New: Added an option to create all-day or current time events in Month View in Schedule.
- Fixed: Wrapping of long text on Gantt charts in Tasks.
- Fixed: Schedule time scale could be wrong in certain circumstances.
- Fixed: Diary Graph legend could be cut-off when more than two rows were present.
- Fixed: Creating a new Confidential category from within an entry could cause a crash.
- Fixed: Crash when trying to search for certain text combinations.
- Fixed: Note preview could contain text from a just deleted entry.
- Fixed: Find in Tasks didn't find all text in certain conditions.
- Fixed: Entering an empty recurrence in Schedule items could cause an error.
- Fixed: In-place editing of Schedule items sometimes caused issues if the Schedule editor was also shown at the same time.
- Fixed: Rearranged Schedule categories don't update in the main menu.
- Fixed: Deleting a Schedule item while the Schedule editor was shown could cause an error.
- Fixed: Clicking on a date in the Diary calendar should position the Diary entry consistently at the top of the list.
- Fixed: After coming out of sleep or hibernation the Overview could display wrong data.
- Fixed: The tray icon failed to be created in some circumstances when SDS was started on Windows start-up.
- Fixed: Some scale numbers could be cut-off on the Diary graph.
- Other minor fixes and enhancements

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  Sep 9, 2009
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  Mar 24, 2009
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  Jan 26, 2009
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  Nov 23, 2008
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