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Publisher's Description:

Senomix Timesheets gives engineering and project-directed offices a simple tool for tracking employee effort hours.

Ready to use with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Timesheets works with your accounting software, work processes and project schedules to deliver the progress reports, billing data and invoices you want from time sheet data.

Networked to deliver all timesheets to one computer for easy review, Senomix Timesheets may be used on its own or as time tracking software for your current billing system.

Clear and Direct

Senomix Timesheets has been designed with the end user in mind, using system screens constructed in a simple, straight-forward style to let an employee register their time with a minimum of fuss.

Structured like a traditional paper timesheet, Senomix's user interface lets an employee register their time and billing codes in as detailed or general a manner as required, with entry screens automatically fitted to your office's week ending day.

Providing your staff with an easy, one-button click to submit their time or store a timesheet layout for future use, Senomix Timesheets' simple structure enables a user to log on and register their hours in just a few moments.

Making detailed time tracking an effortless task, the Senomix Stopwatch may also be run quietly in the background of your computer, leaving the system to automatically record time through your office's network as employees go about their day. Minimized to a computer's system tray, the Stopwatch may be quickly switched to record work as it happens, ensuring that time recorded accurately reflects the time spent.

Enhancing the value of your timesheet records, Senomix allows any system user to attach up to 1,000 characters of descriptive comment text to each and every timesheet entry they file, providing your employees with as much space as they need to record project status and ensuring your managers remain up-to-date on their team's activities.

Abbreviated codes and keyboard mnemonics provide experienced employees with a non-nonsense tool for rapidly registering their billing hours, while giving your infrequent computer users the clearly-labeled buttons and drop-down lists they prefer. Client and project billing time will be saved with the streamlining of your timesheet submission process, and the daily entry of effort hours becomes a practical option for all staff.

Easily Installed
Senomix Timesheets works on your own office network and uses the computers you have in place today. With desktop applications run right from Windows, Macintosh OS X or Linux, your staff can quickly enter their time using fast and responsive system screens from whatever computer they choose.
You can start from scratch to enter your employee, project and task details in Senomix's administration system, or directly import that information from your office's QuickBooks data set.
Whether installed as a standard executable program, launched from your office's application server or deployed through the Internet using Java Web Start, Senomix Timesheets delivers the speed of a desktop application and the maintenance simplicity of the Internet without need of a dedicated web server or browser-based forms.

Easily Adjusted
Billing codes may be added or removed by an administrator at any time to refine the detail at which effort is logged, with estimates for effort hours or completion dates recorded at the precision which suits your project.

Able to adjust task information as a project matures, managers may temporarily remove billing codes which do not currently apply to a project, or add details to project work which has grown in complexity over time.

With its simple, adjustable interface, Senomix Timesheets provides the leader of any project team with the flexibility they need to accurately record the effort hours of their staff.

Speedy System Launch
With project templates and optimized networked communication, Senomix Timesheets can be used to manage dozens or thousands of projects as suits your requirements.

Automatically regulating network traffic, Senomix Timesheets ensures that your users will not be left waiting when it comes time to track their work. With its self-maintained data management system, Senomix provides your system administrators with a networked time tracking tool they can install and forget.

Details When You Need Them
The Administration and Reports tools of Senomix Timesheets let you quickly generate detailed information summaries for review as HTML web pages or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
A manager using Senomix Timesheets may view a daily snapshot of a project's state, identify the effort expended on any tracked work process or head off scheduling difficulties before they become an issue. By providing your managers with accurate daily effort reports, project delays may be quickly identified and resolved, with staff effort directed to where its needed at the time it is needed.

Individual employees may also be given limited access to their own data to review past estimates, project progress or recorded vacation time as they would like.

Estimates Tracked With Ease
Using the Estimate Tracking feature of Senomix Timesheets, staff may easily enter the number of hours their assigned work will require to complete.

With up to 1,000 characters of additional comment text available for each and every work estimate, your managers will be kept informed of staff priorities and schedule concerns without the need for time-consuming face-to-face status meetings.

Able to quickly compare their project schedules with work estimates provided by their staff, managers may easily 'reality check' project plans to ensure that sufficient time has been noted for every aspect of project work; with time deficits and surpluses immediately apparent in estimate variance reports.

Project Status at a Glance
With Work In Progress reports providing summary details of time spent on every recorded work activity, time estimates may be compared with actual effort to identify potential problem areas or project bottlenecks.

Since time is recorded as precisely as you and your team decide, specific causes of schedule over-runs may be identified and addressed before they become an obstacle to your goals.

Providing your managers with quick access to a library of recorded effort, Senomix Timesheets helps improve the accuracy of your project schedules and estimates by drawing upon the best information resource available to your team: Your company's own experience.

Flexible Invoices
Billing rates may be easily adjusted within Senomix Timesheets to apply project charges to each employee's effort.

With the ability to set a general project rate or specific hourly charge for each member of your staff, billing may be applied to different phases of project work, with distinct rates available right down to the detail of individual project tasks.

Billing invoices may be generated from your collected timesheet data to create print-ready spreadsheet records for your office; with charges outlined as precisely as you specify.

If you already have accounting software in place at your office, Senomix Timesheets data may also be exported for use in your system. With a direct export to Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, MYOB Accounting and Peachtree included with the application, it's easy to use your timesheet data for client billing.

Your Data is Secure
All data transmitted between Senomix applications is secured using a proprietary, encrypted communications protocol which ensures your data remains safe, no matter which network it is transmitted through. Whether filing Timesheets within the office, from a client site or on the road through the public Internet, your H.R. data remains secure from end-to-end.

Once saved by the Senomix Timesheets server, your data remains safely encrypted within a self-contained data management system. With no databases to configure or maintain, Senomix provides a truly integrated solution for your company's time management needs while keeping your corporate databases safely off the Internet.

Your Data is Free
Through the Administration system of Senomix Timesheets, collected effort hour data may be exported into a text file which can be transferred to any database or data management tool.

Moments after timesheets have been submitted by your staff, an administrator may create a weekly or monthly data summary for payroll and billing calculation -- streamlining your company's processes and eliminating the headache of tracking down and sorting paper timesheets.

You can also export employee timesheets to your office's QuickBooks, MYOB Accounting or Peachtree accounting software for immediate use in invoice and payroll generation, or transfer Task and Timesheet Data to Microsoft Project to provide another perspective on your recorded effort. Once retrieved by Senomix Timesheets, your data is free to be used in any capacity you require.


1GHz Processor, 512 MB System RAM, 70MB Free Hard Drive Space

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