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October 16, 2012, 10:55
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Publisher's Description:

SQL database query tool, browser, and editor that supports all major databases

RazorSQL is a SQL database query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and administration tool with support for all major databases and built in connection capabilities for DB2, Derby, Firebird, FrontBase, HSQLDB, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere, SQLite, and Sybase. Any other JDBC or ODBC (Windows only) compliant database is also supported. RazorSQL ships with a built in relational database engine that is up and running out of the box and requires no end user administration.
Some of the main features contained in RazorSQL are visual tools for creating, editing, describing, altering, dropping, and viewing database objects; tools for importing and exporting data; a database browser for the viewing of database objects and structures; and a robust programming editor with support for SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, PHP, Java, XML, HTML, and twelve other programming languages. Also included are a query builder, tools for creating, editing, and executing stored procedures, triggers, and functions, a tool to compare table data and/or query results, and SQL history. Add functionality with the plugin API.

* A Database Navigator for browsing database objects.
* An SQL Editor for creating SQL queries.
* Visual tools for creating, editing, dropping, describing, altering, and viewing tables, views, indexes, and sequences
* Visual Tools for creating, editing, dropping, and executing stored procedures, functions, and triggers
* A robust programming editor that embeds the powerful EditRocket code editor that supports 20 programming languages including SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, HTML, XML, and more.
* Export Tool - Export data in various formats
* Import Tool - Import data from delimited files, Excel files, or fixed width files into tables
* Ships with a built-in relational database engine (HSQLDB) that is up and running out of the box and requires no end-user administration
* A Generate DDL Tool for generating table, view, and index DDL.
* Table / SQL Query Compare tool for comparing tables or queries across multiple connections
* Database Data Search tool for searching single or multiple database table and view data.
* Database Object Search tool for searching for database objects.
* Backup tools such as the Database Backup Tool and Table Backup Tool
* Auto column and auto table lookup
* SQL Formatter
* SQL Query builder tool
* SQL Query Scheduler tool
* Command Line Interface
* PHP Bridges for connecting to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases remotely via PHP enabled web servers
* An ASP bridge for connecting to MS SQL Server databases remotely via ASP enabled web servers
* SQL GUI Tools for generating SQL for various operations
* Edit, delete, and insert database data with the Database Editor
* Works with all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and any other Java enabled OS
* Tested with Apache Derby / JavaDB, Daffodil DB, DB2, DBASE, Firebird, FrontBase, H2, HSQLDB, Informix, Ingres, Interbase, Mckoi, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Mimer SQL, MySQL, Netezza, OpenBase, Oracle, Pervasive, Pointbase, PostgreSQL, Solid, SQLite, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase SQL Anywhere, and Teradata

Changelog for this release:

- Database Conversion: Added database conversion tools for converting the following types of databases: HSQLDB, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite
- Database Conversion: Added the ability to convert tables from the following database types to the RazorSQL local database: DB2, Derby, Informix, MongoDB, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SimpleDB, SQLite, Sybase
- Database Conversion: Added Copy to Local Database option for copying tables from remote dbs to the local RazorSQL database
- Added a Create Table from Results Option for creating a table from query results
- Added a Create Local Table from Results for creating a local table from query results on a remote database
- Added a Create Table from Results option for converting the query results to a table on another database
- Added Query Referenced Table option to query results for foreign key columns
- Add ability to view images - open an image file and display it
- Added Search -> Goto Column option for the SQL editor
- Added option to not include column names in output for Execute SQL - output to file
- Added Insert - Insert from File option to the Inserts menu
- For parameterized queries, add option for automatically wrapping character data in single quotes
- Added an option for viewing a status log for each connection that includes queries executed, query times, and rows returned
- Added 10 to Fetch Limit Rows option
- Added Editor Backups option to the preferences for backing up files on save
- Added binary data editing and image viewing with the SQLite JDBC Driver
- Added support for binary data editing to the RazorSQL SQLite Driver
- Ship with SQLite JDBC driver
- SQLite - Auto expand navigator to show Tables, Views, etc.
- Allow to change auto commit on the toolbar
- Add SSH tunnel support for MongoDB
- Added SQL favorites selector shortcut
- Added a timeout for how long results / statements will stay open and added a preference for it
- Added support for Derby 10.9
- Add full screen mode on OS X Lion and Mountain Lion
- Better auto-completion support for certain join types
- Added a 64-bit only RazorSQL download for Windows
- Better memory handling for SimpleDB queries with large result sets
- Added Consolas as a fixed-width font
- Recognize reserved words in generated SQL, including database specific reserved words
- Added additional information to error messages displayed when queries or statements thrown an error

- Database Browser: Change firebird query for retrieving sequences
- Sybase: make sure result sets are always read-only
- Query log, don't store queries in memory, store them in a file
- SQL history, just log to file, on exit, trim the file down to the size requested by the user
- Import Tool: Handle importing date columns from Excel to Oracle
- Import Tool: Handle importing timestamps from Excel to Oracle
- Import Tool: Delimited File Import - Now accepts the following date formats for Oracle: MM/DD/YYYY YYYY-MM-DD
- Remove Execute Batch option for SimpleDB since it is not currently supported
- Make View JSON for row and Edit JSON for row windows for MongoDB resizable
- Can now recognize more often when an Access table has a primary key
- Create Table Tool: Changed sytnax when creating an MS Access table that has a primary key
- For the SQLite JDBC driver, when there is a syntax error, the error message is not helpful
- Access: Generate DDL Not generating Primary key even if it is defined
- Upgrade version of SQLite shipping with RazorSQL
- Added transaction isolation setting to the create connection profile process
- Changed default transaction isolation to read uncommitted for DB2, MS SQL Server, and Sybase
- When editing table results or query results, when the cell in table is clicked on for editing, the font used is not the font set on the table
- Don't ship with any Derby drivers. Don't pre-select any versions. Add all Derby drivers to the auto-download option
- Update JRE to version 1.7 for the Windows versions
- View row in column mode is now resizable
- Added more tips of the day

- PHP Classes syntax highlighting issue
- HttpUtil: Need to also set httpsProxyHost and httpsProxyPort
- SQL Server - Tools like Copy Table, etc. that take build catalog, schemas, tables selection box only include schemas from the currently selected database
- PostgreSQL: Backup tools - Not pulling in PostgreSQL catalog to information schema queries causing RazorSQL to go to the driver to get type information
- MongoDB: Clicking the Edit option on the database navigator on the non-default database throws an error
Mysql: Data getting converted to Hex that should not be:
- Oracle FLOAT data type size getting generated as 0 in the generate DDL tool
- When checking for identity in Export tool, sometimes throwing error
- SQL Server rename column - if column name or table name has spaces, should not be wrapping in quotes
- When doing an auto-complete / auto-lookup in HSQLDB, MySQL, and Derby, not factoring in the Schema
- Trim Spaces option being ignored on the command line export client
- MySQL, H2, HSQLDB - If multiple tables with the same name in various databases / schemas clicking to edit the table in the query results may throw an error
- If you drag columns around in the query view window and do an edit, the generated SQL references the incorrect columns
- Connect to a database, hit the connect button, click on the Add Connection Profile tab, click continue, can't put cursor in any of the fieldsNEW - 16.0.1: Vulnerability outlined here
NEW - We have now added box.com to the list of online storage services that are available for use with Thunderbird Filelink
NEW - Silent, background updates. Thunderbird will now download and apply updates in the background allowing you to start quickly the next time Thunderbird starts up.
FIXED - Various fixes and performance improvements
FIXED - Various security fixes

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