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Protector Plus 2009 Antivirus Information

Publisher's Description:

Protector Plus 2008 is an antivirus software designed for Windows.

Protector Plus 2008 for Windows Desktop supports Windows XP, Vista, 2000, Me and 98 platforms. This product provides 100% protection against viruses, trojans, worms, backdoors, spyware, adware, exploits, password stealers, hack tools, rootkits and other malware. Protector Plus 2008 is packed with many useful features like email scanning, InstaUpdate, Submit Sample, Heuristic scanning, memory scanning, de-activation of viruses in memory, quarantine, user defined scan tasks, compressed files scanning and many more.

The email scan feature scans all the emails received before they enter the Inbox and ensures that all the emails and attachments are virus free. On detecting an infected email the virus will be removed. The real-time scan feature will scan all the files accessed and automatically removes any virus found. The InstaUpdate feature of Protector Plus 2008 will automatically download the virus database updates from the developer's web site free of cost. Submit Sample is a powerful feature, which assists the support executives at Proland Software to provide product support and to investigate the users' system. Through the user friendly interface files can be easily submitted to the virus analysis lab.

The updates are released every day and also in case of emergencies. Protector Plus 2008 interface is attractive and easy to use. This software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and other flavors of Windows Desktop and Server environment. Protector Plus 2008 is the prefered antivirus software solution for both large-scale users and the home users. Download Protector Plus 2008 evaluation copy and try free of cost.


Email Scan

Protector Plus scans all the Email attachments received before they arrive at the Inbox. The infected attachments can be disinfected before your email program receives them. The Email scan will eliminate all the viruses, worms and trojans that arrive via email before they infect your system.

Real-time Scan

Protector Plus has a Real-time scanner that will check for, and remove viruses if found, whenever the following events occur - when files are being downloaded from the Internet, when files are accessed from network or local hard drives, CD or floppy disks of the computer. The Real-time scanner detects the virus on the fly and takes corrective action as configured by the user. This ensures that all files in the computer's hard drive are free of wild viruses, as long as Protector Plus works in an on-access mode.

Memory Scan

Protector Plus is able to scan and de-activate all types of malware including viruses, trojans, worms and spyware from the Windows memory. In addition to deactivating the trojans and worms in the Windows memory, it will identify its source file and remove it from the system.

Manual Scan

Protector Plus antivirus software has an easy to use manual scan and cure program. This program can be used to manually scan and clean any fixed, network, CD or floppy drive or a directory, at any time. Results of the scan are displayed on the screen as well as written to the log file.


Protector Plus connects automatically to our website and checks for the availability of upgrades. If it finds either a product update or new virus database files, it downloads and automatically upgrades the Protector Plus software installed on the computer. The virus database updates are released every week. Emergency updates are released whenever there is an outbreak of a virus in the wild. The frequency to connect to our site to check for the updates can be configured.

Virus Database Updates

Virus database updates are released every week. Emergency updates are released whenever there is an outbreak of a virus in the wild. Registered users of Protector Plus can download these updates FREE of cost for one year from the date of purchase. The software can be configured to automatically download these updates.

User Interface

Protector Plus has an easy to use interface, which is attractive and simple. Uniform interface is implemented through out the package with context sensitive online help.

User Defined Task

A set of folders and files that need to be checked frequently can be grouped under a task. Once created, all folders and files grouped under the task can be scanned according to schedule or at will. Any number of scan tasks can be created.

Scheduled Scan

User defined tasks that are created can be scanned at regular frequencies. Scheduled scan tasks can be performed hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Taskbar Control

All the features of Protector Plus are easily accessed from the Task bar control inserted into the system tray of Windows. This control can be used to initiate the manual scan, configure manual, Real-time and email scan, enable or disable the Real-time scan and view all the scan reports.


Protector Plus has the quarantine facility to safely keep the infected files for further analysis. The quarantined files will be encrypted and they cannot infect the system. Even the infected emails can be quarantined. The quarantined files can be scanned after downloading the upgrades in the future and the clean files can be restored after removing the virus.

Rescue Disk

Protector Plus can create a Rescue Disk that is useful in restoring a computer if it becomes non-bootable. The Rescue Disk is a bootable disk, which contains critical System information and Protector Plus files. This disk can restore corrupt boot sectors and partition table. As the Rescue Disk can replace corrupt boot sectors and partition table with a clean copy, it is a generic solution to all kinds of boot sector viruses.

Virus Alert

Protector Plus antivirus software warns the Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Administrator and a pre-configured list of users in a network, of the virus activity and the corrective action taken.

Types of Viruses Handled

Protector Plus antivirus software for Windows can reliably detect and remove all types of malware like viruses, worms and trojans. All the components of Protector Plus like the email scan, Real-time scan and the manual scan can detect all these types of malware and take the appropriate action.

Committed Support
Registered users of Protector Plus are eligible to get product support through the web or through email FREE of cost for one year from the date of purchase.


Protector Plus Antivirus Software works on Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows NT.


Pentium 100 M.Hz, 64 M.B. RAM, Windows

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