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Print Managment Information

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Provides centralized print management capabilities for businesses and education institutions through advanced print controls.

This print management software provides easy software solution for Windows print server and non print server printing environment i.e. direct IP printing or workstation connected printer. The software are designed to provide centralized print management capabilities for businesses and education institutions through advanced print control, print monitor, print count, print quota and print audit capabilities.

This software can be used with any brand and type of printer making it global usage software and helps to track and control print jobs sent from Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac OS clients and eliminate unnecessary paper wastage. Billing report generated can be sent in your desired language by email, this report can also be seen from your web browser.

This printer accounting software helps to track jobs in queue, deleted print jobs and actually printed jobs, effectively monitor all printer activity. It has proved fruitful for thousands of IT departments, systems and network administrators, businesses and educational facilities to automate and simplify the administration of printing and save unwanted printing costs.

1. Centralized print manager / print counter / printer monitor.
2. Manage, control, monitor, count, quota, restrict and report user printing across your entire network in just a few minutes.
3. Print authentication / client code billing.
4. Manage printers of all brands and all types (print server/ direct IP printer / workstation connected printer).
5. Manage and monitor 1 to 500 printers and print jobs from a single console.
6. Support Windows Active Directory domain integration.
7. Designed for businesses and education institutions of all sizes.
8. Easy users / groups / quota / rules management.
9. Save, view and reprint the content of print jobs.
10. Monitor, control and reduce paper and toner cost.
11. 100 reports designed for your print cost analysis in any language.

# Easy To Install and Use The easy and quick installation of this print management software does not require making any changes in your network, printer or workstation settings. The software is used to manage all your printer activities, may be your print quotas, print counter or print logs. CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 provides customized print management handling all your printer jobs. After few minutes you can count, log, quota, monitor, charge all print activity on your network.

# Centralized Print Management Centralized print management software CZ print Tracker 4.0 provides cost-effective solution by letting you charge for printing so that you can monitor printer usage for users. You can bill print usage to concerned person and manage paper consumption. Centralized control can be set for each user available on the network - central access configuration, file type for print, job to be printed, job size, filter printer option set by user, print based on quota set. From a single point all print jobs are controlled. CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 can resume, pause, cancel, restart print jobs on different printers at one time by properly streamlining all print jobs. Print jobs can also be deleted automatically based on user defined times.

# Complete Printer Tracking and Auditing CZ Print Job Tracker can acquire all information related to printing, including: name of the user who sends the print job request, workstation computer name, destination printer name, print document name, print request time and date, page set up, color, paper size, print job size, number of printed pages and number of pieces of paper consumed. It can also keep printing record, count, log, quota, control and can charge printing by billing back with client code or project code (e.g. 123456, 234567..) for all printer brands.

1. The printers on the print-server computer and shared,
2. The printers connected to the network directly via the IP address (The users send the print jobs to the printer directly via the IP address of the printer, instead of to the shared printer on the print server) (Premium Edition Only).
3. The printers connected to the workstations locally (Premium Edition Only),
4. The printers connected to the print-server device (e.g. HP JetDirect print server) (Premium Edition Only).

# Printer Monitoring CZ Print Tracker 4.0 includes print monitoring of all print servers and printers from a single location. The print monitor sends email alerts at specified pre defined times which can be set for both printer status notification and resending unsolved alerts. Alerts include printing errors, low printer toner, printer out of paper and when print job have remained in the queue for longer than the pre-defined allowable wait time.

# Print Accounting CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 allows the administrator set pre-defined charges for print jobs to improve management print resources. Charges can be set for each printer and based on number of pages, monochrome/color, single/duplex, and paper size (includes 68 standard paper sizes and 40 definable paper sizes).

# Print Quotas and Restrictions CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 keeps track of account quotas (number of pages assigned to users) or balance. When user quotas are exceeded, jobs are paused or canceled automatically. Printing is also canceled or paused if the print exceeds the maximum allowable print limit specified for a printer. Further restrictions settings include user, computer, document title (e.g. restricted words) , color, print job size day / time and waiting jobs.

# Easy Users / Groups Management Users / Groups can be imported from Windows Active Directory. Users / Group can also be synchronized with Windows Active Directory automatically. The users can be added to the database automatically when they print or users / groups can be imported from a CSV file (samples). User status can be edited and updated.

# Remaining Balance / Quota Check (Premium Edition Only) CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 allows users to check their remaining balance / quotas and change PIN from their workstations.

# Print Notification and Authentication (Premium Edition Only) CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 provides the user with pop-up print notification displaying print job related information, including print document name, destination printer name, total pages to be printed, cost and user account balance. The authentication agent allows for the prompting of user ID and the PIN code before printing is allowed. Pop-ups are supported on Windows, Mac OSX / Classic, or Linux workstations. Windows Active Directory can also be used to authenticate a user using the user's domain user ID and password. The user print notification and authentication pop-up supports 25 languages

# Client Billing (Premium Edition Only) CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 provides for allocation of billing before actual printing is allowed. The user can be required to enter the client codes, project codes or shared # code for billing. The User has the flexibility to quit by canceling the print if the code is unknown. Client billing also supports unattended batch printing.

# Print Release Station - CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 has optional add-on Print Release Station that can be installed next to the printer and holds the print jobs until user releases the jobs. Print Release Station has admin mode and user mode.
- The print jobs can be released by the users identity or password to improve confidentiality.
- The print jobs can be released after user makes payment. The self-support payment collection by coins, cards, bill self-service systems are most suitable.
- The staff can also collect the payment manually and release the print jobs for users without using self-payment equipments.

# Print Viewing and Reprinting CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 can archive copies of the print jobs for viewing or reprinting. The administrator can view content of printed jobs, waiting jobs, and deleted jobs on the print server

# Print Redirecting CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 allows administrator to move jobs waiting in the queue to different printers which are free. A notification message is sent to print job owner informing the user of the new location of the print.

# Remote Account Management (Premium Edition Only) CZ Print Job Tracker allows administrator or staff to add (or edit) users, shared #, client code and project code, and update account balance, quota, group, pin remotely from any computer.


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/Windows 7

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