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Find the files and information you want or even search and replace large sets of files

PowerGREP is a powerful Windows grep tool. Quickly search through large numbers of files on your PC or network, including text and binary files, compressed archives, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, OpenOffice files, etc. Find the information you want with powerful text patterns (regular expressions) specifying the form of what you want, instead of literal text. Search and replace with one or many regular expressions to comprehensively maintain web sites, source code, reports, etc. Extract statistics and knowledge from logs files and large data sets.

# What You Can Achieve with PowerGREP
PowerGREP offers you a wealth of features that will come in handy in many situations when you want to find information, update or convert files, or extract useful information and statistics. PowerGREP is a knowledge worker's Swiss army knife.

# Find Files and Information
Quickly search across files, folders and archives on your computer or network. Search for words, phrases or binary data. Or use regular expressions to describe the form of what you're looking for, and let PowerGREP find the actual text. Specify as many search terms as you want. Inspect the context of individual search matches, or group identical matches together.

# Maintain and Convert Files with Search and Replace
Search and replace through heaps of files without opening them first. Preview the replacements without modifying any files. Make complex replacements or conversions with regular expressions. Replace or revert individual search matches at your leisure. Work safely with flexible backup and undo options.

# Extract and Collect Information and Statistics
Gather statistics and extract data from files, archives and logs. Collect search matches into one or more new files. Use regular expressions to describe the form of the text you want to extract, and let PowerGREP collect all or part of the match. Sort matches, and group identical matches and count them, to produce informative statistics.

# PowerGREP's Unique Abilities
PowerGREP has a wide range of capabilities you won't find in any other Windows grep tool. While you will use some of these features only occasionally, they will surely save you a lot of time and tedious manual editing on many occasions.

# Regular Expression Lists
Apply any number of search terms of regular expressions sequentially or concurrently. Complex search and replace operations often require multiple steps. Use PowerGREP to execute as many steps as you want in a single operation. Run the steps concurrently (search matches won't overlap), or sequentially (replacements cascade onto the following steps). Save all steps into a single PowerGREP Action for instant reuse.
Similarly, while searching or collecting data, use a list of search terms or regular expressions to find files matching different criteria, or to extract disparate information from each file.

# Slice and Dice Files Any Way You Want
Limit your search to specific file sections. When updating web sites, limit the search and replace to HTML tags, or even specific HTML tags, or alternatively, skip HTML tags. When programming, search through only comments and/or strings, or alternatively, skip comments and/or strings. Use as many regular expressions as you want to section files.
Split files into records before searching. Instead of searching whole files at once, or line by line, split files into whichever record or block structure the files are formatted with. Specify record delimiters, or use regular expressions to match the records themselves.
When sectioning files or splitting them into records, you can work with the sections as a whole. Require search matches to span complete sections, collect or replace whole records, or return those records in which the search terms cannot be found.

# Adapt Search Matches before Substitution or Collection
Post-process replacement text or text to be collected. Often, a search match isn't in the format you want it to be. PowerGREP's unique "extra processing" feature allows you to perform additional search and replace steps on each search match. E.g. when processing web logs, replace URL-encoded characters when extracting search engine keywords from referrer URLs.

# Work Safely with Automatic Backup and Undo History
Stay safe with the permanent Undo History. When PowerGREP overwrites a file, it will create a backup copy of the original using your preferred naming style, placing the backup in your preferred location. If you change your mind about a particular action, undo it with just one click in PowerGREP's Undo History. Even after you've closed PowerGREP or rebooted your computer. Or, with another click, delete all backup files when they're no longer needed.

# Don't Leave a Trace after Audits or Forensic Analysis
Perform audits and forensic analysis without leaving a trace on the computer you run PowerGREP on. Create a portable installation of PowerGREP onto a USB stick or any other removable device. You can use that portable installation on any PC. PowerGREP will automatically use the USB stick to save its settings, without touching the host computer, unless you explicitly tell PowerGREP to modify or delete certain files.

# Compatible with a Wide Range of Software
PowerGREP is compatible with a wide range of software in various ways. Use industry standard regular expressions to specify text patterns, compatible with Perl, Java, .NET and many other applications and programming languages. Use the skills you already have with PowerGREP, or use your new-found skills in many situations.
Where most Windows grep tools support only Windows text files, and probably Unicode, PowerGREP supports a wide range of both current and legacy text file encodings: all Windows code pages, various Unicode transformations, all ISO-8859 character sets, most MS-DOS and PC DOS code pages, ECBDIC IBM mainframe code pages, KOI8, etc. Search through, edit and create text files in any of these encodings. Configure PowerGREP to use specific encodings for certain file types.
PowerGREP can also decode a variety of popular proprietary file formats: Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .dot files), Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf files), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls files), Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets (.wks and .wk1 files) and Quattro Pro spreadsheets (.wq1, .wq2 and .wkq files). Search through these files as if they were plain text files, even if you don't have the original software that created those files.
PowerGREP supports the Office Open XML and OpenDocument formats used by Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice. This includes Word 2007 documents (.docx files), Excel 2007 spreadsheets (.xlsx files), PowerPoint 2007 presentations (.pptx files), and all files saved by the various OpenOffice applications (.odf and other files).

Changelog for this release:

- Archives: Improved handling of errors caused by invalid archives.
- File Formats: New decoder for Microsoft Excel that supports the XLS and XLSX formats and should be more reliable than the old decoder.
- Library: Ctrl+F, F3 and Shift+F3 can now be used to search through the library.
- PowerGREP can now use up to 4 GB of memory per instance on 64-bit versions of Windows. Previously this was 2 GB.
- Preferences, Text Encoding: HTML meta tag check for determining the file's encoding now supports the new HTML5 charset meta tag.
- Results: Aborting an action now takes no longer than 10 seconds. Any threads still busy 10 seconds after clinking the abort button are killed.
- Vista & 7: PowerGREP now correctly scales itself when the font size has been increased by more than 125% (i.e. the display resolution is set to more than 120 DPI).

Bug fixes:
- Action: Changing the search type between "delimited" and "list" caused an internal inconsistency in the action definition which sometimes caused errors when attempting to save or execute the action (since version 4.1.0 which splits up or recomposes the delimited search terms).
- Action: Displaying extra context after matches did not work when using sections as context.
- Action: Filtering out files did not work in version 4.1.1. All files were searched..
- Archives: Zipped documents were skipped if the folder containing them wasn't previously globbed and the IFilter option was turned off.
- Editor: Editing a file with highlighted search matches caused the matches to be shifted incorrectly (4.1.1 only).
- Editor: Making replacements using backreferences via the Search toolbar on the Editor panel failed with an AV.
- File Formats: PowerGREP now correctly searches plain text files that have a .wri extension or are otherwise configured to be read as a Microsoft Write files.
- File Selector, Search Only through Files with Results never searched through any files.
- File Selector: Importing file listings ignored UNC paths with spaces in the server or share name.
- Preferences were not loaded when silently executing an action from the command line.
- Results: Clearing the results while the results display is being updated releases the results without clearing the results display, causing errors when trying to click on the results.

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