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March 18, 2011, 03:18
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PHP Information

Publisher's Description:

PHP is a server-side, cross-platform and HTML scripting language which help you create dynamic webpages.

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

If you write in a URL, like, first this URL is matched against the pages. If there is a page named links.php, then you'll get that page immediately. This type of shortcut makes easy to type in a link in an IRC conversation or mailing list message. If the script finds no page with this name, it tries to find a manual page.
Manual shortcuts

If your URL can't be matched with a page name, a manual page is searched for your query. This is the case for the URL. The following pages are searched for in the manual:

* Chapter pages, like
* Reference pages, like
* Function pages, like
* Class pages, like
* Feature pages, like
* Control structure pages, like
* Other language pages, like

At last, if there is no PHP page, and there is no manual page matching your query, a search is issued on the site with the query you typed into the URL. An example of this kind of URL is The exact behaviour of this search is affected by your own My settings.

Changelog for this release:

# Upgraded bundled Sqlite3 to version 3.7.4. (Ilia)
# Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.11. (Ilia)

Zend Engine:
# Indirect reference to $this fails to resolve if direct $this is never used in method.
# Added options to debug backtrace functions. (Stas)
# Fixed bug numerous crashes due to setlocale (crash on error, pcre, mysql etc.) on Windows in thread safe mode. (Pierre)
# Fixed Bug #53971 (isset() and empty() produce apparently spurious runtime error). (Dmitry)
# Fixed Bug #53958 (Closures can't 'use' shared variables by value and by reference). (Dmitry)
# Fixed Bug #53629 (memory leak inside highlight_string()). (Hannes, Ilia)
# Fixed Bug #51458 (Lack of error context with nested exceptions). (Stas)
# Fixed Bug #47143 (Throwing an exception in a destructor causes a fatal error). (Stas)
# Fixed bug #43512 (same parameter name can be used multiple times in
# method/function definition). (Felipe)

# Added ability to connect to HTTPS sites through proxy with basic authentication using stream_context/http/header/Proxy-Authorization (Dmitry)
# Changed default value of ini directive serialize_precision from 100 to 17.
# Fixed bug #54055 (buffer overrun with high values for precision ini setting).
# Fixed bug #53959 (reflection data for fgetcsv out-of-date). (Richard)
# Fixed bug #53577 (Regression introduced in 5.3.4 in open_basedir with a trailing forward slash). (lekensteyn at gmail dot com, Pierre)
# Fixed bug #53682 (Fix compile on the VAX). (Rasmus, jklos)
# Fixed bug #48484 (array_product() always returns 0 for an empty array).
# Fixed bug #48607 (fwrite() doesn't check reply from ftp server before exiting).

Calendar extension:
# Fixed bug #53574 (Integer overflow in SdnToJulian, sometimes leading to segfault).

DOM extension:
# Implemented FR #39771 (Made DOMDocument::saveHTML accept an optional DOMNode like DOMDocument::saveXML).

DateTime extension:
# Fixed a bug in DateTime->modify() where absolute date/time statements had no effect. (Derick)
# Fixed bug #53729 (DatePeriod fails to initialize recurrences on 64bit big-endian systems).
# Fixed bug #52808 (Segfault when specifying interval as two dates). (Stas)
# Fixed bug #52738 (Can't use new properties in class extended from DateInterval).
# Fixed bug #52290 (setDate, setISODate, setTime works wrong when DateTime created from timestamp).
# Fixed bug #52063 (DateTime constructor's second argument doesn't have a null default value). (Gustavo, Stas)

Exif extension:
# Fixed bug #54002

Filter extension:
# Fixed bug #53924 (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL doesn't validate port number).
# Fixed bug #53150 (FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE is missing some IP ranges).
# Fixed bug #52209 (INPUT_ENV returns NULL for set variables (CLI)). (Ilia)
# Fixed bug #47435 (FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE don't work with ipv6).

Fileinfo extension:
# Fixed bug #54016 (finfo_file() Cannot determine filetype in archives).

# Fixed bug #53837 (_() crashes on Windows when no LANG or LANGUAGE environment variable are set).

IMAP extension:
# Implemented FR #53812 (get MIME headers of the part of the email). (Stas)
# Fixed bug #53377 (imap_mime_header_decode() doesn't ignore \t during long MIME header unfolding). (Adam)

Intl extension:
# Fixed bug #53612 (Segmentation fault when using cloned several intl
# objects).
# Fixed bug #53512 (NumberFormatter::setSymbol crash on bogus $attr values).
# Implemented clone functionality for number, date & message formatters.

JSON extension:
# Fixed bug #53963 (Ensure error_code is always set during some failed
# decodings).

# Fixed problem with always returning 0 as num_rows for unbuffered sets.

MySQL Improved extension:
# Added 'db' and 'catalog' keys to the field fetching functions (FR #39847).
# Fixed buggy counting of affected rows when using the text protocol. The
# collected statistics were wrong when multi_query was used with mysqlnd
# Fixed bug #53795 (Connect Error from MySqli (mysqlnd) when using SSL).
# Fixed bug #53503 (mysqli::query returns false after successful LOAD DATA
# query).
# Fixed bug #53425 (mysqli_real_connect() ignores client flags when built to
# call libmysql).

OpenSSL extension:
# Fixed stream_socket_enable_crypto() not honoring the socket timeout in
# server mode. (Gustavo)
# Fixed bug #54060 (Memory leaks when openssl_encrypt). (Pierre)
# Fixed bug #54061 (Memory leaks when openssl_decrypt). (Pierre)
# Fixed bug #53592 (stream_socket_enable_crypto() busy-waits in client mode).
# Implemented FR #53447 (Cannot disable SessionTicket extension for servers
# that do not support it) by adding a no_ticket SSL context option.

PDO MySQL driver:
# Fixed bug #53551 (PDOStatement execute segfaults for pdo_mysql driver).
# Implemented FR #47802 (Support for setting character sets in DSN strings).

PDO Oracle driver:
# Fixed bug #39199 (Cannot load Lob data with more than 4000 bytes on
# ORACLE 10).

PDO PostgreSQL driver:
# Fixed bug #53517 (segfault in pgsql_stmt_execute() when postgres is down).

Phar extension:
# Fixed bug #54247 (format-string vulnerability on Phar).
# (CVE-2011-1153)
# Fixed bug #53541 (format string bug in ext/phar).
# Fixed bug #53898 (PHAR reports invalid error message, when the directory
# does not exist). (Ilia)

# Enforce security in the fastcgi protocol parsing.
# Fixed bug #53777 (php-fpm log format now match php_error log format).
# Fixed bug #53527 (php-fpm --test doesn't set a valuable return value).
# Fixed bug #53434 (php-fpm slowlog now also logs the original request).

Readline extension:
# Fixed bug #53630 (Fixed parameter handling inside readline() function).

Reflection extension:
# Fixed bug #53915 (ReflectionClass::getConstant(s) emits fatal error on
# constants with self::).

Shmop extension:
# Fixed bug #54193 (Integer overflow in shmop_read()).
# Reported by Jose Carlos Norte (CVE-2011-1092)

SNMP extension:
# Fixed bug #51336 (snmprealwalk (snmp v1) does not handle end of OID tree
# correctly).

SOAP extension:
# Fixed possible crash introduced by the NULL poisoning patch.

SPL extension:
# Fixed memory leak in DirectoryIterator::getExtension() and
# SplFileInfo::getExtension().
# Fixed bug #53914 (SPL assumes HAVE_GLOB is defined).
# Fixed bug #53515 (property_exists incorrect on ArrayObject null and 0 values).
# Fixed bug #49608 (Using CachingIterator on DirectoryIterator instance
# segfaults).
# Added SplFileInfo::getExtension(). FR #48767. (Peter Cowburn)

SQLite3 extension:
# Fixed memory leaked introduced by the NULL poisoning patch.
# Mateusz Kocielski, Pierre)
# Fixed memory leak on SQLite3Result and SQLite3Stmt when assigning to a
# reference.
# Add SQlite3_Stmt::readonly() for checking if a statement is read only.
# Implemented FR #53466 (SQLite3Result::columnType() should return false after all of the rows have been fetched). (Scott)

# Fixed bug #54092 (Segmentation fault when using HTTP proxy with the FTP
# wrapper).
# Fixed bug #53913 (Streams functions assume HAVE_GLOB is defined).
# Fixed bug #53903 (userspace stream stat callback does not separate the
# elements of the returned array before converting them).
# Implemented FR #26158 (open arbitrary file descriptor with fopen).
# Tokenizer Extension
# Fixed bug #54089 (token_get_all() does not stop after __halt_compiler).

XSL extension:
# Fixed memory leaked introduced by the NULL poisoning patch.

Zip extension:
# Added the filename into the return value of stream_get_meta_data().
# Fixed bug #53923 (Zip functions assume HAVE_GLOB is defined). (Adam)
# Fixed bug #53893 (Wrong return value for ZipArchive::extractTo()). (Pierre)
# Fixed bug #53885 (ZipArchive segfault with FL_UNCHANGED on empty archive). (CVE-2011-0421)
# Fixed bug #53854 (Missing constants for compression type).
# Fixed bug #53603 (ZipArchive should quiet stat errors).
# Fixed bug #53579 (stream_get_contents() segfaults on ziparchive streams).
# Fixed bug #53568 (swapped memset arguments in struct initialization).
# Fixed bug #53166 (Missing parameters in docs and reflection definition).
# Fixed bug #49072 (feof never returns true for damaged file in zip).

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  Nov 13, 2009
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  Jul 8, 2009
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  May 12, 2009
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