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Multi-Edit Lite 2008 Information

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Is a programmer text editor with powerful features.

Multi-Edit Lite 2008 is developed and designed sepecifically for Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP. Multi-Edit Lite 2008 installed on prior versions of Windows may not operate properly and will not be supported by MESI.
Multi-Edit Lite 2008 is a programmer's text editor with powerful features designed to deliver the ease of operation and timesaving functions you need to meet demanding deadlines. A powerful tool at a great price.

With Multi-Edit Lite 2008, now provides JAWS for Windows version 8 & 9 integration support. With JAWS for Windows, Multi-Edit users can now take advantage of all the support for visually impaired users.

Get up to speed quickly with Multi-Edit Lite 2008. You will be doing productive work in just a few moments with the aid of our intuitive user interface. Drop down menus and special Key Assignments are available that will help you execute commands in a heartbeat. Plus, features like our smart indent, template editing, and construct matching, make our language support second to none. Comparing files within Multi-Edit Lite 2008 is simple and powerful! And Multi-Edit Lite 2008's Help System and Technical Support guarantees you will never encounter a problem without a solution near at hand.


Leave your mouse Alone Nearly all dialogs, menus, toolbars and files can now be accessed via keyboard navigation.

New Command Maps Three new Command Maps have been added including: UltraEdit, EMACS & Windows (MS standard).

Collapse Mode
Collapse mode allows you to view and edit a file in an outline-style format. Users can choose only to view lines that start at columns less-than-or-equal-to 8, or perhaps you only want to see lines that contain the word "ERROR."

Definable Search Filters, Unparrelled Abilities
Extreme file search capability with the usage of Perl Regular Expressions. Search across 100's of files, search and replace or file search and replace in no time at all. Perform simple literal text searches to advanced search and replace strings with use of three Regular Expression types. No other editor can compare with the flexibility and power.

Template Expansion Template expansion is one of MeL's most powerful and timesaving features. Template expansion allows you to easily and consistently write repetitive tasks in your code that would otherwise bog you down with extra keystrokes. These templates are completely editable and are not limited specifically to code items. The flexibility of the template system in MeL allows you to set up a template for virtually anything you can think of, everything from a comment header to an entire form letter is feasibly possible.

Comparing files
Comparing files within MeL 2008 is simple and powerful! To compare files, select Text | Compare Files and the File Compare Utility dialog will appear.

Compiler Support MeL2008 is designed to support any compiler and includes support for some of the industry's most commonly used compilers and you can add your own compiler support with ease. Creating error processing regular expression strings to parse and locate the source of errors is easy to do via dialogs.

Multiple Cursor Hilighting Formats Mark line, stream and even column blocks which can be cut and pasted in other windows. Math operations can be done on marked blocks. Column blocks can be set to paste/fill in a column.

Source files can be scanned and a list of functions can be tagged and later used to quickly navigate through the scanned files.
This feature is very helpful when dealing with unfamiliar code.

Use the Command Map You Prefer MeL2008 provides 9 user selectable and definable command maps. Are you more comfortable with Brief commands, or do you prefer the key mapping of Codewright, Windows etc.? Simply select the command map (copy edit or create one of your own) which is most comfortable to you and your off and programming, no need to learn all new key assignments! Still disagree with the provided key mapping? Simply select to edit the currently used command map and assign the keys as you see fit for ultimate in convenience and flexibility!

Import/Export Your Setup Simply Import or Export your configuration between work stations and colleagues. Share your custom language support, color templates, menus, toolbars and more where every you need them.

Enhanced HTML Support Enhanced HTML support includes image editing with the use of Image Magick, included HTML tag databases for Coldfusion, JSP, Miva and HTML4, XML style tag termination, HTML Live Preview and more

Text/Code Collapse Collapse mode allows you to view and edit a file in an outline-style format. Users can choose only to view lines that start at columns less-than-or-equal-to 8, or perhaps you only want to see lines that contain the word "ERROR." Customize according to your needs.

Line Numbering Line numbers are displayed along the left margin of the editing window and may be enabled for the current file or for all files with a particular extension.

ASCII Table The built in ASCII table will display a dialog of all the ASCII codes from 0 to 255. Both Hex and Decimal codes are shown for two different fonts, labeled OEM and ANSI. A paste option will 'paste' the ASCII character corresponding to the currently highlighted ASCII code into the cursor position in the currently active file window.

Hex Mode MeL's Hex mode displays the current file in Hex format. This is primarily used for editing binary files or for viewing unprintable characters in ASCII files.

MeL2008 includes a fully functional scientific calculator with instant conversion to Decimal, Octal, Binary and Hexadecimal with a click of the mouse! ME's calculator includes Tape, Paste options, conditionals and more!

Multiple Monitor Environment
MeL2008 now supports use of multiple monitor environments and allows for switching back to single display mode without any grief.

Visual Tabs and Spaces
With MeLite 2008 you can easily display Tabs, Spaces & Virtual Spaces.

Complete Ruby language support has been added along with support for XML-style standalone tag termination.

Maximum Editing Windows
Maximum number of editing windows has been increased to 2048.

Tip of the Day
Tip of the Day entries have been updated with new and updated tips to improve your use of Multi-Edit Lite 2008.

Revert To Saved
New Revert to Saved file menu option.

XP Style
Support has been added to allow ME dialog controls to use the new XP styles when the Windows XP theme is selected.

Virtual Space
The Multi-Edit Lite 2008 virtual space character has been changed from the 0xFF to the 0x01 character which now resolves any Russian character issues.

File Lists with Filter Support
New generic file lists with filter support for listing Project files and tag files. Allows navigation file lists without having to use the mouse.


30 MB of available drive space
256 MB RAM recommended 128 MB minimal

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