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LongFamilyHistory is a genealogy software program that store informations about your relatives.

The LongFamilyHistory program is a Windows-based application. It can store informations about relatives, these data can be arranged into different orders and can be viewed both in textual and graphical way. Data can be associated with further files. The purpose of the application is to help keep the memories of ancestors and relatives alive in the family, to assist present and future family members in getting to know the everyday life of their ancestors.

LongFamilyHistory is a one-user application, and may only be run from one single computer. However, many family databases can be created with the same application.


One single table displays the most important information (name, data of birth, spouses, children, profession, referenced settlements, etc.) of every person in the database. The software can handle any number of people. The table can be customized, and ordered by almost every field.

Every person is also displayed on a chart which shows the genealogical relationships of everyone. From the chart one can easily identify even distant relationships between any two people. There is no restriction on the number of generations displayed. The chart is generated automatically, any change in the related data (e.g. parent-child relationship) causes the chart to be regenerated at once. Navigation in the chart is supported by a downscaled "map".

There are separate options for displaying every ancestor or descendant of a given person or the genealogical relationship of two given people in a graphical way.

Different searches and filters can be set on the table and chart displaying every person. It is very easy to find an answer to questions like e.g. "Who were the females between 1823 and 1826 who were between the ages of 25 and 30 at that time and they had a husband called Peter?".

The data of a single person can be edited in a separate window. Here different grids are provided for storing and entering the most important data. The user can enter more than one of the same type of information: a person can have many names (e.g. nicknames or maiden name) or even many fathers or mothers (e.g. foster or adoptive parents).
Entries can be easily copied from one grid to another with the familiar copy-paste shortcuts or with drag-and-drop. The new or altered data is reflected on the data of the related person (e.g. if X is set to have Y as a father, and the window of Y is open, X will appear in the list of children there).
One of the grids lists the events of the person in chronological order. By default, the grid contains the events based on the basic data entered (birth, marriage, etc.), but additional events can also be added (a birthday party, a summer trip, etc.). Text files, pictures, scrapbooks, etc. can be associated with every event.
Not only files created outside of the application can be associated with an event: a "story editor" is integrated into the software, which can be used for entering stories along with accompanying pictures. This data is stored in HTML format.

The families and persons in the database can be linked to cities, towns in many different ways (e.g. residence, school, work). The application collects all these settlements, listing them in a grid along with the people connected to them. A settlement can have text files, pictures or other files associated with it (e.g. history of the town, a picture of the house or the school).

The LongFamilyHistory application stores every data of every person in one single file (with the extension .lfh). Along this file a folder is created, whose name is generated by concatenating the name of the file and the word "_mmfiles". Separate files can be used to associate additional data with the events of the family members: these can be graphical, video, text or sound files, scrapbooks, etc. All such file is copied to this _mmfiles folder when you associate it with an event (one file can be associated with many diffrent events, but the _mmfiles folder will only have one copy of it) Placing every associated file into the subfolders of a given folder makes it possible to easily create a complete backup of the collected data. The files in the _mmfiles folder are under supervision, the application gives a warning if a file is missing or has changed (got corrupted).

The LongFamilyHistory application can import data collected with another genealogical software. Right now only data in GEDCOM 5.5 format can be imported.


Internet Explorer 5

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