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April 8, 2011, 03:11
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LiveCode develops applications that run in any environment, using a fast and easy compile-free workflow.

LiveCode empowers you to develop applications that run in any environment, using a fast and easy compile-free workflow. A staggering 89% of our customers would recommend us.

LiveCode has a rich feature set that makes it suitable for the development of a wide variety of commercial software, enterprise IT solutions, in-house utilities, front ends, e-learning solutions and even school projects.

At its core, LiveCode's compile-free workflow allows you to achieve your project goals in a fraction of the time. LiveCode uses a very high level, English-like language which makes writing readable code easy and painless. And our flexible delivery options allow you to reuse the same code across multiple devices and platforms from a single code base. When you combine these benefits on a project well suited to the LiveCode feature set, you will experience productivity that we know is unbeatable.


Live Development Its Fast

In LiveCode, your project is always live, always running. Changes happen in real time. This creates a uniquely productive workflow, where you can make changes to your interface or code while the application is running. There is no compile cycle, changes are applied instantly. This workflow is fast and efficient and the iterative nature saves both time and effort in equal measure. There is something compelling and efficient about being able to make small changes and seeing the results instantly. Youll need to try this feature to appreciate it once you try it, youll never want to go back.

LiveCode Its easy to write code that makes sense

The LiveCode language is a natural programming language that is far easier to learn and use than traditional languages. LiveCode is English-like and designed the opposite way from many other programming languages: to be as expressive, readable, memorable and English-like as possible! For example, weve reduced the use of obscure symbols by at least an order of magnitude in comparison with traditional languages. Symbols are one very common source of time wasting errors in traditional languages. We encourage you to explore this website to discover more ways LiveCode is different.

Our philosophy results in a broad range of benefits. Some of those are obvious: the language is a delight to learn. That's true for professional programmers and beginners alike, though professionals may have to spend a little time learning new habits. But beyond the learning curve, writing English-like code is much faster day-in day-out than constructing complex formulaic shorthand, richly filled with symbols. Our beautiful syntax sticks in your mind. LiveCode's English-like structure is a much shorter, more expressive way of describing complex programming instructions when compared to traditional languages. Youll typically write a fraction of the number of statements or lines of code to get the same job done.

And the benefits dont just stop at creating your code. The code you write is dramatically more readable and understandable than code written in a traditional language. This benefit really comes into its own months after youve written your LiveCode solution, when the time comes to maintain or upgrade your code, or transfer it to another developer.

Professional programmers spend far more time reading code than they do writing it. LiveCode is the most readable language of them all. Some of our customers would describe the language as "virtually self-commenting".

We have numerous examples of our language throughout this site and we encourage you to browse around and take a look. As an example, you might want to start on our page on LiveCode's Text and Data Processing.

Flexible Delivery Run in Any Environment

We have a number of delivery options available for LiveCode. You can deliver your applications and solutions to multiple devices and platforms, all from a single code base and sometimes with only minimal changes. LiveCode has deployment packs available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops; popular Web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and FireFox. We also have pre-release deployment options available for server environments and mobile devices.

Where possible LiveCode allows you to take advantage of native features on each platform that we support, including using native themes on many of the platforms we support. For more details on what each of our deployment packs support please see our Deployment Pack pages for Desktops, Mobiles, the Web and Servers.

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