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Plan your meals, your recipes that will be used, the shopping to do.

Add your own recipes
Select a chapter, click Add Recipe, and type in your recipe. It's that easy! No complicated forms to fill out, no restrictions on the format or number of ingredients, and plenty of flexibility. Add as many personal notes as you wish (for ratings, reviews, sources, etc.), or add information text for food glossaries, conversion charts, or other reference material. When you're done, use the built-in spell checker to check for spelling errors. If you have a photo of your recipe, you can add that too!

Access thousands of free recipes
No celebrity cookbooks. No expensive recipe collections. No internet access required. Just the easiest way to add a world of free recipes to your personal collection. Home Cookin recipe software supports most recipe formats (including meal-master, mastercook, and more), and a manual import feature makes it easy to transfer all other recipes to Home Cookin Recipe Software. Thousands of free recipes are available on email lists, web forums, newsgroups like rec.food.recipes, recipe CD's, or web sites like cooks.com, RecipeZaar.com, and many others. You can even import recipes from other recipe applications. You'll never run out of recipes!

Find your favorite recipes quickly
The familiar chapter layout makes it easy to browse for new recipes. Or, use the Find feature to search thousands of recipes in seconds! You can locate recipes by title, search for recipes using ingredients you have on hand, exclude items you want to ignore, and much more.

Email recipes to friends and family
Share all your favorite recipes with friends and family members. You can export recipes directly to email, or save the recipes to a disk or USB flash drive. Home Cookin Recipe Software can also export to meal-master or mastercook formats if your friends use other recipe software.

Resize recipes
If you're having guests for dinner, or it's just the two of you, let Home Cookin recipe software adjust the recipe ingredients for the number of servings you require. You can resize recipes for special occasions, or resize recipes permanently so they suit your family best.

Print cookbooks, index cards, and more
Don't worry about getting your treasured cookbooks dirty or trying to hold a book open. Enter your recipes into Home Cookin Recipe Software and print them out to index cards when you want to prepare them. Home Cookin supports a variety of card sizes, including perforated multiple card sheets. You can even create simple cookbooks by printing to letter size pages, or print index cards you can place in a decorative photo album. These make great gifts for weddings or baby showers!

Create personalized cookbooks
When you need to make a better impression, use Home Cookin recipe software to create professionally bound paperback or hardcover cookbooks in a variety of sizes. Give cookbooks as gifts, create a church cookbook, or sell custom cookbooks for a fundraiser. Click Here for a basic tutorial on creating a cookbook.

Eliminate duplicate recipes
As your recipe collection grows, you will most likely end up with duplicate recipes. Home Cookin Recipe Software uses an advanced statistical analysis to locate similar recipes, even when the titles are different, ingredients are listed in different orders, words are misspelled, or additional notes have been added. Best of all, the choice is always yours. Home Cookin will never delete recipes without your approval.

Plan meals up to two years in advance
Use Home Cookin Recipe Software to plan all of your upcoming meals. You can plan as many meals as you wish each day, with as many recipes as you need. Add notes to your meal plans to indicate special occasions, meals you'll be eating out, reminders of when to start dinner, etc. Move your meals to new days easily if you didn't make them as planned, or copy the meals to additional days if you end up with leftovers.

Prepare grocery lists easily
Whether you're making a quick trip to the store, or planning a few weeks of meals, Home Cookin recipe software makes it easy to prepare a shopping list. You can quickly find the items you need for your recipes, and easily add non-grocery items like toothpaste, napkins, and cleaners. If you buy common items frequently, Home Cookin Recipe Software can even select them for you automatically. If you're on a budget, you can use the price estimate to determine which items you should avoid buying this trip. You can define which stores you buy specific items from and even the aisle they are located on. When you're ready to go shopping, the grocery list is automatically sorted by store and location to make your trip as quick and painless as possible.

Take your recipes with you (Flash drive compatible)
If you are going on vacation, travel frequently, or have a winter home, take Home Cookin! Home Cookin Recipe Software can be run directly from a USB flash drive and won't save any files on the destination computer. So you can safely access your recipes, groceries, and meal plans at an internet cafe, library, or any PC with a USB port.

# Easy to Use Interface
Home Cookin uses a simple tabbed interface that is easy to operate while providing all the features you use most. Within minutes you will be adding your own recipes, preparing grocery lists, and planning your meals for the upcoming weeks. Each screen is optimized to make every operation as effortless as possible, while not getting bogged down with seldom used options.
You will feel right at home with the familiar style of a traditional cookbook. You can create as many chapters as you wish, and organize your recipes into the chapters you want them in. Home Cookin will keep everything sorted alphabetically so you can quickly browse through your collection, and find your favorites easily.
All recipes are immediately available in a single collection, so you can access any recipe instantly without having to load or save different cookbooks. And with support for over 2 billion recipes, you'll always have space to add more recipes.

# Easy Recipe Entry
Most cooking programs force you to use a "fill in the blanks" approach when you add new recipes. This limits flexibility and complicates recipe entry. Many common recipe conventions such as "2 to 3 cups" are difficult to accomodate and make you reformat the recipe to fit the programs available fields.
Home Cookin uses free-form text entry for easier use and greater flexibility. When you add or edit a recipe, you just start typing. No complicated fields, no limits on the length or number of ingredients, and no restrictive entry rules. Format the recipe as you wish, check spelling with the built-in spell checker, or resize the ingredients for any number of servings.
Home Cookin also provides additional support for informational text such as food glossaries, conversion charts, health recommendations, and other reference material. There is no need to force this information into restrictive records intended for recipes.

# Photo Support
For even greater flexibility, Home Cookin lets you include a photo with each of your recipes. These can be used to show charts, how-to information, or simply to make your recipe more appealing.
Pictures can be used by themselves when no recipe text is needed, and the photo option is invisible for those recipes that have no pictures.

# Search Capabilities
While you can usually find a recipe quickly by browsing through the index, it is often faster and easier to locate recipes using the Find feature.
- Find recipes by title, ingredients, or directions
- Find recipes based on the ingredients you have available
- Find recipes with similar ingredients (i.e. walnuts, pecans, OR almonds)
- Exclude recipes you are not interested in
- Search all chapters, or just the current chapter

# Duplicate Finder
As your recipe collection grows, you may end up with many similar recipes. This is especially common when importing recipes from public sources. Recipes may be renamed, ingredients reorganized, or the directions edited for clarity. But the recipes may otherwise be very similar.
The duplicate finder performs a statistical analysis of each recipe, and can locate similar recipes even when words are mispelled, ingredients or directions are in different orders, or the recipe titles are different. Once the similar recipes are located, you are given the opportunity to compare the matches and delete the ones you no longer want.

# Grocery Management
The Home Cookin grocery manager will make quick work of preparing your grocery shopping lists. Start a new list, select the items you need, and print. A cost estimate is calculated as you select each item, so you'll know ahead of time how much you'll be spending on your groceries. The printed list is compact and sorted by store and location to make your shopping trip as easy as possible.
The Find function lets you locate items quickly, and you can easily add or edit item items when needed. In addition, each item can have a default quantity so your frequently purchased items are selected automatically with each new list.
While some recipe programs generate grocery lists automatically from selected recipes, you end up with many items in your list that you already have on hand. Automatic lists also do not account for recipes in external cookbooks, household items, cold cereals, fruits, and many other items for which there are no recipes.
Home Cookin avoids these hassles by letting you select your grocery items manually. Your list contains only the items you need, and you don't have to remove or disregard ingredients you already have on hand. You will actually compile your list faster and with more accuracy than any automatic list.

Changelog for this release:

- New meal manager and recipe editor
- view screen improved
- auto update system
- numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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