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Hardware Inspector Information

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Powerful inventory tracking solution for corporate networks and IT infrastructure.

Are you familiar with the situation when you could no longer keep all the information on your office computer park in your head? - When did you buy the equipment? Where did you buy it? Is the warranty still enforced? Have some units been irresponsibly replaced by someone? This software will give you the answers to all these and many other questions.

Hardware Inspector is designed for automating the stocking and inventory of computer hardware and other equipment in businesses. Inventory is extremely necessary to the IT department managers, network administrators, and to other qualified personnel.

Hardware Inspector's feature is its capabilities to keep records of not only the hardware's current state, but also every hardware unit's life history.

Why Hardware Inspector?
* Easy to install and use.
* Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating systems.
* Low system requirements.
* Keeps records of every hardware device - not the workstations' general overview.
* Monitors history of hardware transfers, repairs, and maintenance.
* Besides manual data entry, the program supports data import from the common computer configuration analysis software - ASTRA, ASTRA32, EVEREST and AIDA32. This will relieve you from the routine database maintenance work.
* Automatic acquisition of detailed information on the hardware.
* Maintains a uniform database of unique information that often cannot be retrieved by a visual check of the hardware: e.g. serial numbers of memory modules, manufacture date, hardware™s technical properties, etc.
* Convenient representing of hardware's location in a tree-like department view.
* Powerful hardware search engine.
* Flexible data access management.
* Great number of reports: "Hardware Profile", "Workstation Report", "List of Hardware", "Stock Numbers", "Workstation Output", "Maintenance Performed" etc.
* Capability of exporting the reports into MS Excel sheets based on user-defined templates.
* Unlimited number of serviced databases.
* Supports multi-user online access to databases.
* Customizable interface.
* Storing information on all hardware and processing the information using one database allows prompt retrieving various information: from data on a specific hardware unit through technical support™s report on the work that has been done.
* Flexible pricing policy whereas the price for the software depends on the number of computers in the organization.
* One purchased license entitles you for using the software on any number of computers within an organization.
* Free software updates for one year since the program purchase date.
* Free and prompt technical support.
* The software is based on the real-life experience in maintenance and inventorying of several hundreds of computers. The program has been developed with a substantial input from our clients and beta-testers.

* Keeping records of workstations with scaling up to individual hardware units. Each hardware unit gets a profile that holds information on the hardware purchase details, technical specifications, history of its transfers between workstations, and servicing.
* Tree-like view of departments and workstations. Hardware units within a workstation are also displayed in a hierarchical tree-like view: e.g. motherboard is located inside the tower, CPU –inside motherboard, and cooler – inside CPU.
* Units (groups of units) are easily moved across the workstations. Each event of such hardware transfer is automatically recorded in the hardware™s history.
* The program maintains history of repairs and other maintenance activities for each hardware unit.
* Capabilities of both manual and automatic data entry into the database. The automatic entry of new hardware units is carried out by importing the hardware descriptions from ASTRA, ASTRA32 and AIDA32 reports. This will relieve you from the routine initial data entry job. The configuration analysis software reads data imprinted into the hardware. Thus, it detects the unit model, its manufacturer, the manufacturer™s www-address, manufacture date, serial number (for HDDs, CPUs, monitors, memory modules and motherboards), and many other technical specifications. Depending on the specific hardware unit, some of the properties may be unlisted by the manufacturer.
* Great number of reports (“Hardware Profile”, “Workstation Profile”, “Stock Numbers”, “IP-Addresses”, “Overall Hardware List”, “Maintenance Performed for the Time Period” etc.) Now you can easily give an account on the company™s hardware to the accounting office or the chief.
* Capability of exporting the reports into MS Excel sheets. User may personally configure the report templates, which are the Excel files describing the reports™ structure.
* The search engine will help you find the hardware unit (or group of units) by a specific criterion. The search filter may include such hardware properties as: type, model, manufacturer, seller, stock number, serial number, search string, etc.
* Supports unlimited number of databases.
* Flexible access permissions. A wide list of access rights to the program™s functions and data allows a very flexible capability configuration for each database user.
* Supports networking; i.e. the same data can be accessed simultaneously by a number of users.
* Capability to export hardware units found through the filter to MS Excel.
* The program includes procedures for maintaining the data integrity and performing the database recovery.
* Keeping records of the hardware warranty periods and predicting their expiration.
* Keeping records of the accounting information on the purchased hardware (when, where at, from who, and by what documents the hardware has been purchased.)
* Keeping records of stock numbers, which can (if desired) be assigned for each hardware unit.
* Information on a workstation: person in charge, IP-addresses, maintenance period, etc.
* Copying computers to other workstations in order to speed up the routine data entry process.
* Customizable interface. The interface text can be easily configured by IMSEditor – the program supplied with Hardware Inspector.
* Hardware description modifications are automatically logged and include the date and the name of the operator who has made the changes.
* The database information™s accuracy is monitored by the workstations™ revisions. Each revision is a record containing a report generated by ASTRA or AIDA32 software. The report analyzer will tell you whether the found new hardware is listed in the database and (if not) will help you enter it.
* Detailed reports on the problems occurring on a user™s workstation while working with specific software provides the developer with means to fix the problems.


Pentium 233/64RAM

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