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Drupal Information

Publisher's Description:

Software platform that makes it easy to publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.

Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual, a community of users, or an enterprise to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of web sites, including
* Community web portals
* Discussion sites
* Corporate web sites
* Intranet applications
* Personal web sites or blogs
* Aficionado sites
* E-commerce applications
* Resource directories
* Social Networking sites

The built-in functionality, combined with thousands of freely available add-on modules, enables features such as:
* Electronic commerce
* Blogs
* Collaborative authoring environments
* Forums
* Peer-to-peer networking
* Newsletters
* Podcasting
* Picture galleries
* File uploads and downloads

General features

Collaborative Book - Our unique collaborative book feature lets you setup a "book" and then authorize other individuals to contribute content.

Friendly URLs - Drupal uses Apache's mod_rewrite to enable customizable URLs that are both user and search engine friendly.

Modules - The Drupal community has contributed many modules which provide functionality that extend Drupal core.

Online help - Like many Open Source projects, we can't say that our online help is perfect but have built a robust online help system built into the core help text. Available to you on your own site.

Open source - The source code of Drupal is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). Unlike proprietary blogging or content management systems, Drupal's feature set is fully available to extend or customize as needed.

Personalization - A robust personalization environment is at the core of Drupal. Both the content and the presentation can be individualized based on user-defined preferences.

Role based permission system - Drupal administrators don't have to tediously setup permissions for each user. Instead, they assign permissions to roles and then group like users into a role group. .

Searching - All content in Drupal is fully indexed and searchable at all times if you take advantage of the built in search module.

User management

User authentication - Users can register and authenticate locally or using an external authentication source like Jabber, Blogger, LiveJournal or another Drupal website. For use on an intranet, Drupal can integrate with an LDAP server.

Content management

Polls - Drupal comes with a poll module which enables admins and/or users to create polls and show them on various pages.

Templating - Drupal's theme system separates content from presentation allowing you to control the look and feel of your Drupal site. Templates are created from standard HTML and PHP coding meaning that you don't have to learn a proprietary templating language.

Threaded comments - Drupal provides a powerful threaded comment model for enabling discussion on published content. Comments are hierarchical as in a newsgroup or forum.

Version control - Drupal's version control system tracks the details of content updates including who changed it, what was changed, the date and time of changes made to your content and more. Version control features provide an option to keep a comment log and enables you to roll-back content to an earlier version.


Blogger API support - The Blogger API allows your Drupal site to be updated by many different tools. This includes non-web browser based tools that provide a richer editing environment.

Content syndication - Drupal exports your site's content in RDF/RSS format for others to gather. This lets anyone with a News Aggregator browse your Drupal sites feeds.

News aggregator - Drupal has a powerful built-in News Aggregator for reading and blogging news from other sites. The News Aggregator caches articles to your MySQL database and its caching time is user configurable.

Permalinks - All content created in Drupal has a permanent link or "perma link" associated with it so people can link to it freely without fear of broken links.


Apache or IIS, Unix / Linux / BSD / Solaris / Windows / Mac OS X support - Drupal was designed from the start to be multi-platform. Not only can you use it with either Apache or Microsoft IIS but we also have Drupal running on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms.

Database independence - While many of our users run Drupal with MySQL, we knew that MySQL wasn't the solution for everyone. Drupal is built on top of a database abstraction layer that enables you to use Drupal with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Other SQL databases can be supported by writing a supporting database backend containing fourteen functions and creating a matching SQL database scheme.

Multi-language - Drupal is designed to meet the requirements of an international audience and provides a full framework to create a multi-lingual website, blog, content management system or community application. All text can be translated using a graphical user interface, by importing existing translations, or by integrating with other translation tools such as the GNU gettext.

Administration and analysis

Analysis, Tracking and Statistics - Drupal can print browser-based reports with information about referrals, content popularity and how visitors navigate your site. .

Logging and Reporting - All important activities and system events are captured in an event log to be reviewed by an administrator at a later time. .

Web based administration - Drupal can be administered entirely using a web browser, making it possible to access it from around the world and requires no additional software to be installed on your computer.

Changelog for this release:

#1006302 by aspilicious, bfroehle: Fixed can't install projects packed as zip in Update Manager.
#971120 by bec, dereine, bojanz, chx: Fixed Radio button values get run through check_plain() twice
#986992 follow-up by yched, saintiss: Fix to field_sql_storage_update_7001().
#1001242 by agentrickard, pwolanin, Crell, chx: Add DBTNG support for EXISTS conditions.
#1008628 by plach: Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_negotiation_get_switch_links() when using only one language
#1010376 by danillonunes: Fixed drupal_add_js() documentation makes reference to drupal_add_css()
#1011496 by danillonunes: Fixed Duplicate comment line for drupal_render_cid_parts()
#1003828 by rfay: Fixed Drupal.ajaxError may itself throw an exception, causing silent 'AJAX Error 0' events
#1011308 by droplet: Fixed Call to undefined function decode_entities IN common.inc
#1003968 by David_Rothstein, jhodgdon: Fixed Explain in INSTALL.txt that on some servers, the automated settings.php creation isn't expected to work
#761212 follow-up by jbrown: Better method of changing to DRUPAL_ROOT.
#1006478 follow-up by Stevel: Fix table prefixes to prevent random testbot failures.
#987384 by h_peter, jhodgdon: Fixed Topics/groups in D7 need cleanup
#1012822 by dww: Fixed exception handling while downloading/verifying a tarball in update manager.
#1005934 by rfw, dww: Fixed UpdateTestUploadCase->testUploadModule() raises an exception during testing with E_STRICT
#936490 by dww, fago: Fixed Update module should verify downloaded tarballs and propagate errors correctly
#754760 by sun, chx, dmitrig01, manarth, EvanDonovan, derjochenmeyer, joachim: Fixed all possible problems with comment links, using new generatePermutations testing function.
#1009862 by neclimdul, threewestwinds: Update to jQuery UI 1.8.7
#1008022 by droplet, jhodgdon, aspilicious: Fixed search-block-form.tpl.php refers to ['submit'], which no longer exists
#994870 by sun: Fixed Custom #type machine_name 'exists' callbacks cannot access other form elements/values
#1012138 by tstoeckler: Fixed hook_init() example violates what doc says to do
#969456 follow-up by effulgentsia, threewestwinds: Upgrade jQuery Form library to 2.52.
#997802 by David_Rothstein, dww: Fixed Update manager doesn't allow you to install a project if it finds a single 'broken' module in it
#1010506 by dww, chx, hgurol: Fixed FileTransfer doesn't properly handle any advanced settings nor the ssh username
#1013058 by bfroehle: Fixed SSH connection class has wrong port in error string.
#686060 by Crell, David_Rothstein, dww, yoroy, carlos8f, et al: Fixed Explain that the Update manager only works if you have FTP or SSH access to your server
#976328 by bfroehle, dww: Fixed Update manager should not take you out of maintenance mode unless you asked it to
#904214 by moshe weitzman: Fixed administer comments does not respect node access.
#295697 by boombatower, maartenvg, agentrickard, bfroehle, beeradb: Fixed warn of PHP memory limit < 64MB for Testing module.
#989366 by jhodgdon: Improved documentation of hook_date_formats()
#925398 by ptrl: Fixed Overlay title jumps when active
#746470 by follow-up by aspilicious, Jacine, jbrown, sgabe, et al: Add border-radius for IE9 / Opera 10.50
#589440 by Booba, willmoy, JanZ, pwolanin, mlncn: Fixed Reordering fails with more than 31 book pages in a book
#992376 by larowlan: Fixed Paths containing a hyphen aren't compatible with page theme_hook_suggestions
#1007488 by Gbor Hojtsy, plach, droplet: Fixed Drupal cannot be installed in a non-predefined language
#987384 follow-up by h_peter, jhodgdon: Further clean-ups to group topics.
#989886 by bfroehle: Fixed _system_date_format_types_build improper use of in_array()
#989366 follow-up by jhodgdon: EVEN better docs for format_date() and friends.
#1013496 by Dave Reid: Remove Dave Reid as update.module maintainer. :(
#1000610 by markabur, Jeff Burnz: Fixed borked Bartik comment layout.
#1012914 by dww: Fix regex in Updater classes.
#884960 follow-up by bfroehle: Remove phantom empty column on date settings.
#932846 by bfroehle, dww: Fixed authorize.php connection settings form broken (doesn't degrade, pointless fieldset)
#988026 by Jeff Burnz: Fixed Move background color from body to #page-wrapper in Bartik
#916086 by mcarbone, jhodgdon: Fixed search_excerpt() doesn't highlight words that are matched via search_simplify()
#1013808 by threewestwinds, redndahead: Fixed update.php displays misleading messages for modules that return no messages.
#- Patch #1014096 by chx: don't load schema on every page view.
# - Patch #1000674 by Jeff Burnz, jensimmons: Bartik comment submit form is a bit janky.
#1014170 by rooby: Fixed East Timor is now Timor-Leste.
#994870 follow-up by eaton: Add missing element argument to machine name exists callback.
#1014714 by janusman: Fixed Installer-created Home item on main-menu not translatable

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