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Corz Clock Information

Publisher's Description:

Set alarms to play every three days

corz clock remembers EVERYTHING..
Size, position, transparency, alarms, schemes, messages, previous things, everything!
Multiple Alarms!
Save any amount of alarms and notifications, preset-style, available in a drop-down menu. Alarms have individual, and totally configurable..

Frequency settings..
thumbnail image of corz clock alarm prefs tab Not only multiple Daily, Weekday, Weekend, and "One Date" alarms, but now with Custom recurring alarms..

Set alarms to play every three days, every fortnight, every fifty years, or whatever. Handy for birthdays and bin days!

* 'bin day' is the day the trash is collected (Scotland)

Flash color..
Oh! I can't wait to tell you about the color picker!
Beep synth or WAV file alarm sounds..
Create tones, sirens and buzzers, or import WAV files.
Spoken Alarm Messages..
Enter some text, and have it spoken, and much more. Spoken messages can be..

A simple word or phrase, typed text. The path to a plain text file to read. The path to an HTML file to decode and read. A URL to grab, decode and read. (HTML start and end points are also configurable)

So alarms can now be used to read log files, server reports, or anything you want to know, but can't be bothered to read manually. I've started getting the news headlines (from the BBC) in the morning. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Fully configurable speech volume, rate and voice settings for each alarm. Sam reads the news, quiet, and Mary does recipes, loud, so I can hear them in the kitchen!

Recent spoken messages and paths are remembered in a drop-down.

NOTE: You can also override this input and use it to play .wav files, simply supply the full path to the .wav file

This means you can actually play two .wav files for your alarm, or a playlist and a .wav, or a playlist and a synth beep, or a playlist and a spoken message, or a .wav and a spoken message, or a synth beep and a spoken message, and so on..

corz clock will even let you know about any alarms you might have missed when you computer was switched off (you will be notified of all missed "One Date" and "Custom" alarms, whenever they were, and of "Daily", "Weekday", and "Weekend" alarms if you missed them by less than an hour, though you can alter this)

thumbnail image corz clock color scheme preferences tab You can set the colour of the clock face, numerals, hour, minute, and second hand, as well as the hour pips, minute pips and transparency, and save all these settings to a cute scheme, readily available in clock's handy context menu.

As well as colors, you can set the length of all the hands, and whether or not to draw the numerals and pips, and save that to your scheme, too.

Create, edit and delete schemes, all from inside the new Schemes preference tab. Samples are provided. Minutes of fun!

Hourly Chimes! (and you want them at five-past? no problem!)
Spoken Hourly Chimes! Such as "Five o' Clock, and all is well", the time part being generated dynamically, of course. And once that's become thoroughly annoying, you can have a simple beep, of whatever pitch you desire.

You can also enter the full path to a wav file as your chime.

Recent WAV and spoken chimes are remembered in a drop-down.

Note: If you use a plain beep for your chime, you get a double-beep at midnight. See commentage if you want the reason.

Live testing!
Quick testing of all audio features from within the preference interface.

Fiddle away to your heart's content, test, fiddle, test ...

Sounds and spoken messages can also be stopped mid-stream. *phew* (as well as clicking the buttons, you can use the PAUSE/Break key)

Individual alarms can be enabled and disabled at will.

There's also a master alarms switch (and one for Chimes, too).

Drag and Drop import/export
Drag and Drop single/multiple import, and single/multiple export of Alarms

Drop-dead easy to store, backup, and share alarms and notifications.

You can email someone an alarm to drop into their clock; remind them to come to your party, or that it's your birthday, or whatever. And of course, you can create and customize in your own clock before you export and send, get them just right, funny.

Backwards compatible with your Analog Clock alarm ini! Go chuck it in!

Beep Synthesizer!
thumbnail image of corz clock audio preferences tab Beep Synthesizer for almost totally unique Beep Alerts!

Okay, "synthesizer" is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's still a lot of fun. You can control all the parameters of a primitive beep looping mechanism which, though simple, is capable of producing some truly whacky sounds, sirens, buzzers and tones, even phone rings; certainly distinctive enough to provide a range of useful alert noises.

Check out the sample presets, and mess around with them. It may seem trivial, but like ring-tones, you can learn to associate certain tones with certain events. I like it, anyway.

The Beep Synth also comes with its own built-in help system. (which took longer to put together than the beep synth!)

Drag and Drop import of Beep Synth and Wav presets!

Share your whacky sirens along with your alarms!

Totally loose Drag & Drop protocols!
You can drop Wavs on the alarm input, drop preset files onto the wav input, or whatever. You can even mix and match different preset types in the same ini file, and clock will work it all out automatically, slotting everything into its proper place.

This cool functionality makes it possible to create and share "collections" (aka "themes"), with custom alarms, schemes, and alerts, all with their own individual settings; spoken messages, custom beep synth tones, hands and pips styles, everything; all in one file; ready to send to another corz clock user.

There's an option in each of the export menus (right-click any of the preset controls) to export into a collection, which enables you to do exactly that, either creating a new collection, or adding the current preset to an existing collection. Easy.

HotKeys all over!
Even the clock transparency has HotKeys (Up/Down & PageUp/PageDown). Flip through clock schemes with F10 and F11. And more!
The coolest color pickin chooser on planet earth!
Forget that dodgy Windows color picker, choose in style!

As well as seamless integration with all clock's color preferences.

color pickin chooser is also available separately as a self-contained application and AutoIt include, for use in your own programs. En-Joy!

If you ever need a color for something while corz clock is running, you can access the color pickin chooser directly by hitting F8.

Exclusion list..
No audio while, for example, Audition is running and at the front

You get a wee ToolTip instead, and if you switch to any non-excluded application within a minute, you'll also get the alarm proper.

exclusions list editable from within the Alarms & Chimes preferences.

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