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Publisher's Description:

Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features.

Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features. The spam filter is highly configurable and supports DNS blacklist checking (DNSBL). Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration. Email that is suspicious but not obviously spam can be quarantined for 24 hours and then retested. The built-in address book supports personalized mass-mailings. Received email cannot run scripts, download multimedia, or use embedded objects without the user's approval. Other features include encrypted storage, whitelisting, powerful HTML editor, attachment viewer, message drag and drop, custom message templates, SSL encryption, and much more.

Security is Clyton's top priority. We've worked tirelessly to make Clyton the most secure email client available.

Connection Security
* Connections to the mail server can be secured with SSL/TLS encryption. This prevents an eavesdropper from reading your mail.
* Mail server passwords are verified using the CRAM-MD5 method, which is able to confirm the password without ever transmitting it. This prevents an eavesdropper from intercepting the password.
* Supports DomainKeys and DKIM signing and verification. This ensures that an email has not been tampered with, and that the sender has not been forged.

Internal Security
* All passwords are internally stored with encryption to ensure that they cannot be exposed, even to a user with admin rights.
* Stored messages can be encrypted to prevent them from being read by programs or persons who have access to the file system.
* Mailboxes can be password protected. This prevents mail from being read or composed even if physical access to the computer is compromised.
* Sensitive messages can be shredded in such a way that no forensic recovery is possible.

Virus Security
* Until permitted, HTML email is restricted from running scripts, loading embedded objects, and downloading media. Malware cannot infect the computer simply by viewing an email.
* The Address Book is encrypted to prevent malware from spreading to your contacts.
* The user is warned before opening dangerous attachments.
* Clyton is compatible with third-party anti-virus email scanners.

Spam Filter
Clyton's spam filter is second to none. Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration. Using "fuzzy logic" techniques, email is not considered spam unless the penalties exceed an adjustable threshold. By increasing the sensitivity, even higher detection rates can be achieved.

* DNSBL blacklist testing is fully supported. Spamhaus is the recommended blacklist, as it is very high quality and well maintained.
* Email that is suspicious but not obviously spam is quarantined for 24 hours, then retested. This greatly improves the effectiveness of blacklisting because it prevents spam from slipping through before the blacklist has a chance to notice.
* Every server that the email is routed through is tested for blacklisting.
* Every hyperlink in the email body is tested for blacklisting.

* There are 15 stock rules that help identify spam. Chinese spam and image spam are almost always detected by these rules.
* A table of over 400 custom rules comes pre-configured to identify spam. For example, an email can be penalized for having a hyperlink to a certain type of file, such as an EXE. The user can add their own rules to this table.

* A "Curse" is a short phrase that adds a penalty to an email's spam score. "Viagra" and "get rich quick" are examples.
* Over 1000 curses are preconfigured. The user can easily add their own curses as well.
* Clyton can recognize many character substitutions when detecting curses. For example, substituting "@" for A or "!" for I or L will not fool Clyton.

Key Features
* Clyton can be installed to a USB flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive, memory stick). This allows you to run Clyton from any computer.
* Built-in address book supports custom fields and import/export.
* Send personalized mass mail to a filtered set of address book contacts.
* Supports text search in a single folder or globally.
* Whitelisting prevents false positives by the spam engine. Whitelisted senders and address book contacts are never treated as spam.
* Supports message templates with merged fields.
* Message drag & drop supported.
* Attachment viewer supports a wide variety of image formats, HTML, and MIME. Images can be zoomed in and out.
* Multithreaded design keeps the user interface responsive. Receiving, sending, and spam checking are performed in the background by worker threads.
* Compose email formatted in HTML with a powerful editor. Includes spell-checking.
* Supports both POP3 and IMAP4 mail server protocols.

Additional Features
* Works with GMail and Yahoo.
* Messages can be organized in folders and color coded.
* Multiple messages can be selected with the Shift and Ctrl keys. The following features can operate on multiple messages: Delete, Forward, Redirect, Save, Shred, Drag & Drop, and Color Coding.
* The Forward and Redirect features support multiple destination addresses.
* Old messages can be automatically deleted (by age or count) from the Trash and Spam folders.
* Attachments can be automatically included in newly composed messages.
* Reminds of birthdays and anniversaries.
* Skinnable, highly configurable user interface.
* Most of Gammadyne Mailer's G-Merge language is supported in templates, mass mailings, and an Incoming Script. The Incoming Script runs each time an email is received. It can modify messages, move them to different folders, control deletion, and much more.

Changelog for this release:

# Previously, the "Export Settings" tool was only capable of exporting the global settings. It can now export the Address Book, the Mailboxes, and emails into a single compressed Zip file. This makes it very easy to transfer Clyton to a new computer, and to make backups.
# Clyton will now launch much faster when there are a large number of emails.
# Added the "Find Related" tool to the View Email tool. This will find all emails that are related to the current email, specifically replies and the email that was replied to.
# Added support for opening .EML and .MSG files (via the shell or command line) and editing them on the standard "Compose Email" window.
# Added support for copying an image file in Windows Explorer and pasting it into the HTML editor.
# Added the ability to change the quarantine period. Previously this was fixed at 24 hours.
# Added the "Sensitivity" field to the Compose window's Options tab.
# Added the "Trash Day" tool.
# Added the "Undo Last Deletion" tool.
# Added the "Refresh All Tables" tool.
# Added the incoming_is_autoresponse() G-Merge function, which will detect if the received email is an auto-response.
# Added the incoming_is_hard_bounce() G-Merge function, which will detect if the received email is a "hard" bounce-back (such as when the email account doesn't exist).
# Added the incoming_is_soft_bounce() G-Merge function, which will detect if the received email is a "soft" bounce-back (such as when the email account is full).
# Added the "Color" variable to the Incoming Script. This can be used to automatically colorize certain messages (as they appear in the Messages Table).
# Added a high resolution shell icon for Vista/2008/7.
# Added the "Pad Controls" option to the Window menu. Unchecking this box will eliminate the margin that is around the splitters.
# Added the "Speak" tool to all editboxes.
# Added the "Favorites" tab to the help file.
# Added the "Balloon help disabled" option to the toolbar's context menu.
# Added the "Preview" button to the Compose Window's Character Set field.
# Added the "Customize Toolbar" option to the Tools menu.
# Added a help file chapter on the Tools menu. Added a "Help" option to the bottom of the Tools menu.
# Added the "Load Default Curses" context option to the Curses field.
# Clyton now appears on the "Set Your Default Programs" and "Set Program Access and Computer Defaults" lists (Windows 7).
# The Default skin now conforms with the appearance of Windows 7. The original default skin has been renamed "Experience".
# If the "Register Default Client" tool fails, it will now offer to restart Clyton with admin rights.
# When replying, the reply will now include the original "References:" header, with the original email's "Message-ID:" header appended to it. This ensures that the reply is recognized as being part of a thread.
# Clicking an "Abort" button on the Mailboxes branch will now abort the entire "Receive All" or "Send All" operation.
# The "Register Default Client" tool will no longer report that Clyton is already registered. There is no harm in re-registering.
# The [[disregard]] statement can now be used to stop the processing of the Incoming Script.
# Improved the appearance of the help file. The inter-character spacing is now calculated better.
# Improved performance when an email is added to a folder that already contains a large number of emails.
# Improved the performance of the "Refresh Table" tool.
# Numerous improvements to the "Check For Update" tool.
# Ten seconds after the computer resumes from power saving mode, Clyton will now perform a Receive All operation.
# The Send Feedback and Report Exception features now use HTTP to deliver the information to Gammadyne. The old SMTP method is only used as a fallback if HTTP fails. This is necessary because some ISP's only allow SMTP to their own mail servers.
# When a DNS record doesn't exist, Clyton will no longer attempt to fetch the record again for 1 hour. This resovles a scenario that can greatly slow down the spam-checking thread.
# The "Redirect" tool now supports auto-completion.
# When an IP address is checked for blacklisting, an X-Spam-Clause header will now be created even if the IP is not blacklisted.
# Fixed: improved detection of when Clyton is running from a USB flash drive.
# Fixed inability to handle a semi-colon in an attachment filename.
# Fixed: shift-clicking on the Compose, Receive, and Delete buttons was not working.
# Fixed: possible failure to perform DNS blacklisting checks on some emails.
# Fixed: hiding and unhiding the "New" column of the Messages Table was only working for the Inbox.
# Fixed some minor incompatibility issues with Vista/2008/7.
# Fixed: possible crash when closing Clyton if the "Choose Template" window was aborted earlier.
# Fixed: the "Register Default Client" tool was failing on Vista/2008/7.



Restriction :

* The Mass Mail tool is disabled.
* The Search All tool is disabled.
* The Incoming Script is disabled.
* The Encrypt Stored Email feature is disabled.
* The Lock Mailbox feature is disabled.
* SSL/TLS encr

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