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March 18, 2019, 18:13
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Centurion Setup Information

Publisher's Description:

Builds a professional software installer in a self-contained executable.

Ready to distribute your software masterpiece? Don't wrestle for weeks with a complicated installation builder. Spend just a few minutes with Centurion Setup, and it will build a professional software installer for Windows in a self-contained, compressed executable. It supports multiple languages, interface customization, DLL installation, patching, password protection, and much more.

Key Features

Self-Contained Executable
Centurion Setup creates executable installation programs that are self-contained in a single file. A single file is easily downloaded, requires no software such as WinZip to decompress, and ensures that all installation files are present.

The installer's overhead is only 637 KB and the compression engine achieves a very high compression ratio. You will be amazed at how small Centurion Setup can make the installer. A small installer will reduce load on your web server.

Uninstall Support
Centurion Setup can optionally provide support for uninstalling the product. The user will be able to uninstall the product by one of the following methods:

* The "Add/Remove Programs" option in Control Panel.
* A Start Menu shortcut (optional).
* A Desktop shortcut (optional).

Multilingualism and Interface Customization
The installer is capable of presenting the user interface in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Afrikaans. All strings that are displayed in the user interface can be edited. Entire languages can be added.

Shared File Support
The installer can install operating system DLL's (such as those required by Visual Basic). If a DLL is currently in use, the user will be instructed to reboot the computer to complete the installation. Version and date checking is performed on DLL's according to Microsoft guidelines.

The installer can install reference counted shared files in a company directory. Shared files can be used by multiple applications, and are only replaced by more recently dated files. Only when uninstalling the last program using a shared file will the file be uninstalled.

File Associations
The installer can install an association between a file type and one of your programs, like the way .TXT files are associated with Notepad. Once the file type is associated, the user can double click on any file of that type to launch your program. Or, the user can right click on the associated file for a menu of options.

If there happens to be an existing association for the file type, the installer will create a backup that is restored by the uninstaller. Also, you are permitted to install context options for a common file type, such as .TXT files.

Additional Features

* Centurion Setup and the installers that it creates run on all versions of Windows® 95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, and 7, including 64-bit versions.
* Installers created by Centurion Setup may be distributed completely royalty-free.
* A Centurion Setup installer is bullet-proof and extremely reliable. You will never get a complaint from a customer that the installation program has crashed.
* COM files can be installed and registered with the operating system. This includes ActiveX controls and .TLB type libraries.
* To satisfy special needs, a batch of MS-DOS commands can be executed before and after both installation and uninstallation. Another batch can be run after the installer exits, perhaps to launch a custom configuration program.
* A patch installer can be created. Centurion Setup can automatically determine what files have changed and should therefore be included in the patch.
* The installer can add exceptions to the Windows Firewall.
* Centurion Setup's installers can be digitally signed. Uncheck the "Use Checksums" box on the Build branch so that the installer will not report that it has been damaged.
* The installer can install to a default location or ask the end-user where the files should be installed.
* The installer can create Desktop and/or Start Menu shortcuts to any installed file. Desktop shortcuts can optionally be placed in a folder. Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts can optionally be made available to all users or only the user who installed the product.
* Any installed file can be configured to open during bootup.
* The installer can display a bitmap in the background, a solid color, or a transition from one color to another. The background can optionally cover the taskbar, or leave it visible. There can even be no background at all.
* After the installer is built, it can be automatically placed in a .ZIP file.
* The installer can require the end-user to enter a password before installation can begin.
* The installer can be bloated (with random data) to any size to help discourage piracy.
* The installer can refuse to install on certain platforms, such as Windows 95.
* Fonts can be installed and registered with the Operating System so that they are available to all applications. The end-user can be given the option to keep the font during uninstallation.
* The installer can replace locked files during the next reboot.
* Installers can be set to expire after a certain date. After the expiration date, the installer will no longer install.
* 64-bit applications are supported.
* The installer can warn or refuse to install if the user does not have administrator rights.
* The installer can loosen the security settings of the product's directory so that all users will have rights to use it.
* The installer verifies its intergrity to ensure that it has not been damaged, altered, or infected by viruses.
* The installer can delete existing files based on date or size criteria. This can be useful when installing over old versions of your software.
* Installers can be built from the command line (DOS prompt). This allows you to create a desktop shortcut that will build an installer with a click of the mouse.
* Installers can span multiple disks.
* When the user is unable to uninstall because of a locked file or other problem, the uninstall operation can be resumed later.

Changelog for this release:

# Added 40 stock side panel graphics.
# Added the "Prompt" option for the "Admin Rights" setting. On Vista/2008/7, this will force the user to provide administrator credentials before the installer can be launched. This is now the default setting for new projects, and will also overwrite the former setting in existing projects. Without admin rights, it is unlikely that the installation will work properly.
# Added to the installer support for the operating system style enhancements to buttons.
# Added the "Disallow Removable Media" option to the Install branch.
# Added the "Product Can Be Uninstalled From Removable Media" option to the Uninstall branch.
# Added the "Override Title Size" setting to the Display/Background branch.
# Added a divider above the installer buttons.
# Added the "Exclude Files Dated Before" option to the Exclusions branch. This is useful for creating patches. Added a help file chapter on creating patches.
# Added the "/icon" switch, which will override the installer icon.
# Added the "Load Background Defaults" tool.
# Added the "Build ZIP" tool. This will build the zip file without building the installer.
# Added the "Synthesize Background Colors" tool. This uses the average color of the side panel graphic to develop a matching background color gradient.
# Added the "Preview" button to the "Custom Side Panel" setting.
# Added to the Help file a guide on creating patches.
# The open/save file dialog will now use the operating system style enhancements.
# Behavior change: the "Offer To Launch Product" feature now supports a full DOS command line, not just the filepath of an executable. This allows parameters to be specified. However, please note that it is now necessary to wrap the executables's filepath in quotes.
# The Build Summary's Build Date, and the , , and Special Tags are now formatted using the computer's regional settings.
# Analyze DLL tool: the manifest is now reported.
# The "Save Build Summary" filepath now supports Special Tags.
# The Preview Icon window now allows the mouse wheel to adjust the size of the icon.
# Changed the installer's default background colors to better match the default side panel graphic.
# The "Installer Output File" and "Installer Icon" fields now supports environment variables and Special Tags.
# The "Preview Greeting" tool will now obey the "Custom Side Panel" and "Display Title" settings.
# The "Run Installer" and "Run Uninstaller" tools will now prompt the user for elevation unless Centurion Setup has administrator rights.
# Registry keys are now created with full rights for all users. Previously, they inherited the security rights of the parent key.
# If the uninstaller lacks security rights to access the uninstall data, it will now recommend that the user login with an administrator account.
# If a reboot is necessary, the user is no longer offered to launch the product or readme file.
# Improved the tutorial.
# If for some reason the installer crashes, it will now write a crash dump to the installation log.
# Fixed: the Preview File Specification tool was not displaying the correct total file size when the Exclusions branch was used.
# Fixed: the Flash Drive Root Shortcut Description was reporting an error when set to "".
# Fixed: the installer's gradient background was sometimes not filling the last row and column of pixels.



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  Mar 18, 2019
  19.91 MB
  Mar 9, 2016
  19.91 MB
  Mar 24, 2009
  5.97 MB

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