CAT Accelerator for Visual Studio 2008 2.0 SP1

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CAT Accelerator for Visual Studio 2008 Information

Publisher's Description:

Build applications fast for the emerging Web 2.0 marketplace

CAT Accelerator 2.0 positions you rapidly build applications in for the emerging Web 2.0 marketplace.

Key Benefits:

Accelerated Adoption of .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008

* Accelerated learning of the new technologies - like LINQ and AJAX
* Have an application written, debugged and deployed while the others are still thumbing through their books
* Reduced time to market using the best of the new features from Visual Studio 2008 and SQL 2008.
* Reduced training requirements - have your staff building applications from day one

Accelerated Migration of Existing Applications
* All you need is a well structured database - CAT Accelerator will then build you an enterprise level application using your database and our best practice framework in minutes
* Don't spend hours migrating from old code to Visual Studio 2008 - just upsize your database to Microsoft SQL and point CAT Accelerator at it and you will have a new .NET 3.5 application in minutes

Accelerated Prototyping and Application Development
* Go from concept to data driven prototype in minutes
* Explore the power of .NET 3.5 by producing prototypes in minutes that you can quickly extend to full application
* Have a working data driven prototype to show your customers in just one brainstorming meeting
* They hardest part about building applications is getting the client and development team to share an understanding of what is required - use CAT Accelerator to evolve a data driven prototype with the client and watch the lights turn on as both the development team and the client get to visualise the requirements in real time
* The prototype can then be developed through rapid cycles to a fully functional application.

Leverage the Power of the Microsoft Wave Technologies - Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008
* Leverage the power of the stack without cutting a single line of code
* Want to convince your boss to migrate to the Microsoft Wave - try building an enterprise level, data driven application using LINQ and AJAX in a two minutes minutes in from of them and watch the jaws hit the table
* Cut your time to market by a factor of 10 by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Wave and CAT Accelerator

Key Features
Visual Studio Integration
Never leave your IDE CAT Accelerator is tightly integrated with Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition and leverages the AJAX Control toolkit. It provides a simple wizard based approach through the standard Visual Studio project and add new item systems.

Enterprise Library Integration
CAT Accelerator integrates the Microsoft Enterprise library integrating such features as the Data Code Block and Exception Logger Code Block. You can also programmatically access the rest of the Enterprise Library to further enhance your application.

Simple Wizard Based Interface
CAT Accelerator provides a simple wizard based interface that can be access through Visual Studios project and add new items systems. Simply answer the key questions and you will have a new application up in minutes. All of your responses are also stored as meta data with the application and where ever possible you can alter these in the created applications administrative functions without having to return to Visual Studio or CAT Accelerator. Any changes you make will be picked up by CAT Accelerator when you next run the wizard.

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
CAT Accelerator leverages the Microsoft AJAX Control Tool kit to provide a rich and dynamic look and feel. It automatically leverages such elements as Watermarks, Rating Controls, Cascading Dropdowns, Validator Callouts and Numeric up down. You also have access to the full AJAX Control Toolkit programmatically through Visual Studio.

Smart UI Leveraging your Database Schema
CAT Accelerator automatically creates Popups, Tree Popups, Dropdowns, List Boxes, Date Controls and a host of other features by leveraging the information contained in your database schema. This gives you a rich, highly configurable user interface without having to manually set variables or cut a single line of code.

Enterprise level, N-Tier Architecture
CAT Accelerator provides a robust, well tested framework with an n-tier architecture leveraging the CAT Application Framework which has had many years of development and been field tested on both small and enterprise level applications. The created application is well structured and commented. You can quickly build on and enhance the application using the code preservation regions which will be preserved across generation cycles.

Stored Procedures
CAT Accelerator supports stored procedures as an approach to connecting to the database and will automatically generate the base stored procedures required.

Web Services
CAT Accelerator can automatically generate base web services for each table in your application providing base functionality to create, edit and update records through web services.

ASP.NET Security including form and role based security
CAT Accelerator supports the Microsoft ASP.NET Security framework and provides role and form based security. You can also secure access to the menu by role. The generated application also includes administrative functionality to manage users, roles, form based access and menu access.

Master Detail Pages
CAT Accelerator automatically creates master detail pages leveraging the relationships in your database to show related records. By default these related records will be shown in child grids, however, you can also change the settings to have them show as tabs and then use the inbuilt state engine to filter the results by the selected record. Listing pages also include a sophisticated search capability.

Quickly change the Look and Feel and function of the application
You can select from a range of themes in CAT Accelerator, changing the colour and style of the application, you can change the menu from a vertical to a horizontal menu, you can turn on or off fields, change the way searches work, change simply business rules such as range validation, Regular Expression validation, set fields as mandatory and a host of other features. All of these can also be changed from the generated application.

Double Byte Character Support
CAT Accelerator automatically supports double byte characters allowing you to support a range of languages.

Menu Builder
CAT Accelerator includes a menu builder which allows you to quickly create a vertical or horizontal menu for your application and filter the menu based on the inbuilt role based security. The generated application also includes a menu builder allowing you to further build, enhance and secure the menu from the created application.

Leverage Previous Projects
Each CAT Accelerator created project writes out an XML file which holds the settings and configuration options you have entered while using CAT Accelerator. This allows you to quickly share your projects with others or leverage your work for new projects.

Tree Edit - Editing Hiearchical Data
CAT Accelerator can generated Tree Edit pages which are ideal for managing hierarchical data. These pages display the data in a hierarchy and allow you to quickly re-parent records to match any changes required.

CAT Accelerator 2.0 introduces LINQ. It automatically creates the data context diagram and associated files from your schema and then wires these up – replacing the traditional data layer from the Enterprise Library. The result is a significant savings in lines of code and some significant speed improvements depending on the nature of your application.

Rich Highly Configurable Look and Feel
CAT Accelerator 2.0 introduces a rich highly configurable look and feel that can be customized both through Visual Studio and CAT Accelerator and through the administrative section of the created application. You can select an overall theme to apply to the application or choose custom and configure specific styles of tabs, buttons, headers and footers. You can also select a horizontal or vertical menu style. You can also change these settings from the generated application without cutting a single line of code.


The following are required to run CAT Accelerator 2.0
Required IDE:
* Visual Studio 2008
* Visual Studio 2008 Web Developer Express Edition - this is a free download from Microsoft - Visual Web Developer Download
Required Confi

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