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AlcoDens is a collection of 5 powerful and flexible calculators designed for distillers, blenders and bottlers of potable alcohol (ethanol).

These programs replace the manual calculations that are usually done in conjunction with the TTB Tables or the Practical Alcohol Tables. They will give you quick, easy and accurate determinations of your alcohol stocks and calculations of your alcohol blending, dilution and fortification ratios, plus a few extra calculations that go beyond what the tables can do for you.

Where applicable, the AlcoDens calculators will allow you to specify the strength (concentration) of the alcohol blend using Proof, ABV (Volume %), Mass %, Density, or Molar %. The data covers temperatures from -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F) and concentrations from 0 to 100% (0 to 200 Proof). All density and strength data values between -20°C and 40°C are compliant with the International Alcoholometric Tables (OIML).

In addition to this flexibility in specifying the alcohol blend strength, AlcoDens has a very wide range of units built in for specifying or calculating the temperatures, masses, volumes and densities.

The five calculators are:

    The Hydrometer Temperature Correction Calculator. This calculator allows you to use a density, ABV or Proof hydrometer at a temperature other than the hydrometer's calibration temperature and convert apparent alcohol strength to true strength. You will get the results as ABV, Proof, density and mass %, whichever type of hydrometer you use. Unlike printed tables, it will work for any calibration temperature. Click one button to transfer the true strength to the volume correction calculator to determine true quantity.

    The Blending Calculator. Do all your alcohol blending, dilution and fortification calculations in mass or volume (or mixed) terms. It automatically compensates for temperature when calculating volumes. AlcoDens takes the ethanol-water mixing shrinkage (contraction) into account to give full accuracy in determining strength and volume. Print blending reports.

    The Volume Correction for Temperature Calculator. This is an esential calculator for inventory management. It will correct volumes measured at any temperature to your standard temperature and determine the absolute alcohol (Proof gallons) content. This calculator also converts between mass and volume quantities.
    The Density-Strength Conversion Calculator. Do you need to convert between Mass % and Volume % (ABV) or Proof? This AlcoDens tool converts between density and strength (concentration) for any two of Density, Mass %, Volume % (ABV), Proof or Molar % taking temperature into account where necessary. This calculator will also convert the density of a given blend at one temperature to a density at another temperature. The ABV (Volume %) strength of an ethanol-water blend varies with temperature because of the different rates of expansion for ethanol and water, and this effect can also be calculated.

    The Freezing Point Calculator. The freezing point calculator will give the temperature at the freezing point from the strength, or it can calculate the highest strength that would freeze at a given temperature. The freezing point data in AlcoDens covers the range from 0°C (32°F) down to -115.5°C (-175.9°F). This corresponds to an ethanol strength range from 0% to 93% by Mass.


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