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November 24, 2008, 12:17
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Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 Information

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A collection of various utilities and tweaks for Vista/XP based systems.

You can improve your system's performance using this application. It has special features like: Vista utilities, one click optimization, Hard disk monitor and checks, memory optimizer, boot speed-up, registry cleaner and defragger, disk defragger, privacy protector, file management, hardware management and many more. This product is specially developed for the Vista users; it groups all security tools and utilities of Vista at one place which makes easy for you to perform the desired operations on the Vista.

Vista has huge collection of security and tweaking tools but it is always difficult for a average user to identify the location of these tools and understand what they exactly do. Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 makes Vista experience a pleasure; it guides you with every operation that you can perform on your Vista machine. Some of the operations that can be performed using this product are not available for average users by the Windows. This application provides you the easy to use interface with tools like never available for Windows management to a average user.

This application has detailed system information feature which shows each and every detail of your Vista/XP system. It has special Hard disk monitor feature which shows health of your hard disk and throws notifications when some treatment is required. It has special Vista features to speed-up your system's speed by prefect application and boot-up processes. It has special feature to tweak your hardware-s like: CD/DVD ROM, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard-disk, USB. Features like memory optimization, disk defrag and registry defrag are main tools of optimization in this application which guarantees improved performance of the system. It takes care of your system and file security. It has tools to encrypt file, block programs on the system, control UAC (Vista), Firewalls and Windows Defender management, special file deletion to ensure your privacy. It has many other special features for cleaning and display.

Single Click Care for your Windows Vista
Single Click Vista Optimization
It is the easiest way to optimize your Windows Vista PC. There are common tasks which have been identified by months of research and now included in this Single Click Vista optimization.These tasks include privacy protection, security check and tuneup, junk file removal, managing auto start programs, memory optimization and complete system optimization.

Deep Scan and Quick Scan
There are options to perform deep scan or a quick scan of your system. It is not possible to do a complete scan of the system everytime. You can perform a quick scan to ensure you do not leave any major gape in the security or performance setting of your system. The details can be optimized once you perform a deep scan.

Fast Optimization even for Novice User
For those who are not well acquainted with PC or Windows Vista, Single Click Optimization proves to b a wonderful option. The user may not know anything about computer but she can trust on the research behind Advanced Vista Optimizer. With a Single Click to scan and analyze the computer, and then a single click to optimize the computer, Advanced Vista Optimizer is the fastest and easiest way to optimize your computer.

Multiple Checks at one place
Advanced Vista Optimizer Single Click optimization groups all the checks for your system at one place so that you don't have to look for them at various places in your computer. These checks can be selected or unselected if the you want to perform a particular test only.

View Details of Scanned Results
For new users, Single Click care displays a summary of results before optimization.Advanced users can view more details about the error results and choose the optimizations to be performed from the suggested list. These details incude everything about the error and suggests an action if you want to perform it yourself.

Perfect Optimization for Your Vista PC
Better utilization of Registry, Hardware, File Managers and Internet to make your computer more efficient

Windows Vista Prefetcher
Windows Vista Prefetcher improves efficiency of your PC by loading the majority of files and data needed by an application or process into memory so that they can be accessed quickly when needed.

Windows Vista Superfetch
Superfetch is another addition in Windows Vista which contrusts the profiles of the applications that you use, including information like timing and frequency of usage, in addition to construction of the map files as done by Prefetcher. This increases the load speed and response time of the applications.

Optimize Memory
Windows Vista is considered to be a resource hog by some reviewers. Memory Optimizer is for computers where you want to get the best performance from the existing hardware. Memory Optimizer runs as a service in the background, optimizing valuable memory as and when you need it and it becomes free.

Tweaks to Boost Speed
There are various tweaks in Advanced Vista Optimizer to ensure that your computer performs at its best. You can set your Page File to be cleared every time you shutdown your system to ensure your sensitive information is safe. You can also set to unload DLLs after use so that your computer's resources can be put to other uses. These and others can significantly improve Core System performance.

File Optimization for Faster Access
You can disable the 8.3 file name creation in NTFS to improve the access speed of files on your Disk. You can also change other settings to improve the performance of NTFS File System

Multiple Hardware Tweaks for Better Usage
There are multiple hardware tweaks including Mouse Settings, Keyboard Settings, USB Settings, CD/DVD Settings etc to ensure that you can customize your PC according to your requirements. This not only improves the usage experience but can also potentially improve your performance on the system significantly.

Secure Your Vista Computer and Data
Enhance the security of your PC to safeguard your data
Optimize System Security
The System Security console in Advanced Vista Optimizer allows user to set various features of Windows Vista like Update Settings, Firewall Settings, Options for Windows Defender and User Account Control. In totality, it gives you a single point access to all the major security features to control access to your PC or network, from the Internet. It helps you to better secure your data by allowing you to set various options in Windows Vista.

Secure Your Files by Encrypting the Data
The File Security console lets you protect the high sensitivity data by encrypting it. You can encrypt/decrypt the data by simply selecting the file and it will not be accessible unless authorized by you. You can also camouflage entire important folders by choosing to make them look like System Folders. These settings help you in securing your important data without any hassle.

Securely Delete Files and Folders
The files and folders can be recovered from the Recycle Bin of Windows. Sometimes even the files and folders which have been permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin are recoverable using certain recovery tools. Advanced Vista Optimizer's Secure Delete allows you delete files and folders so that they are deleted forever. These files and folders are deleted irrecoverably and you can rest assured that even if you dispose your disk, the data will not be accessed by someone else.

Block Unwanted Programs
There are certain programs which you cannot uninstall and at the same time you do not want them to be used or accessed. You can block access to these programs by using Advanced Vista Optimizer's Block Programs console. You only need to add the .exe of the program to the list and it can be blocked. You can also unblock it in future. You can also use Block Programs to block access to Windows features like Control Panel or Registry Editor, which do not require regular access.
You can better secure your data and Vista PC using Advanced Vista Optimizer's Security Console.

Make Your Windows Vista PC Personal
Customize your computer to suit your requirements
Usage Customization
With Advanced Vista Optimizer, you can customize the Start Menu, Task Bar and Logon Options to suit your needs. You can set the Search Settings in the new Search bar in Start Menu. You can also choose to view or hide various icons from the System Tray or the Start Menu. You can change the logon settings to automatically log you onto your Vista PC. You can also set the transparency or the size of the tabs in Task Bar.

Program Customization
Advanced Vista Optimizer comes with over 50 tweaks for Internet Explorer alone. You can customize and set almost every possible option in Internet Explorer, including few hidden tweaks. You can show/hide various options in the Control Panel to protect settings to be changed by mistake. You can also tweak the Windows Media Player to control its Internet activity and access.

Folder Customization
Advanced Vista Optimizer allows you to change the icons of any folder to suit your needs. It helps you to better identify your frequently accessed folders or mark any folder so that you can visually identify it when needed. You can also change the path for the System Folders, in case you change the location of any files on your system. This especially helps you if you have done a custom installation of Windows Vista.

Visual Effect Customization
There are over 20 tweaks to personalize your Windows Vista Computer's desktop. You can virtually change everything on your screen and customize it according to your taste. You can change the way icons appear on your screen, the transparency levels, colors and appearances, and the AERO effect settings on your Vista Computer.
With over a 100 tweaks in all, you can customize virtually every bit of your Windows Vista Computer to suit your taste, personality and usage.

Know More About Your Windows Vista PC
Get all details of the System at One Click of Mouse
Details of your Windows Vista Computer
Advanced Vista Optimizer lets you view all details about your computer, like the Operating System Details, information about the Disks, Hardware, Motherboard, Memory, Display Devices, CPU etc, all in an intuitive interface. You can learn about your computer and even see what services are running at any time. Advanced Vista Optimizer lets you change the service status to a certain extent as well.

Monitor Your Hard Disks
You can use Advanced Vista Optimizer to monitorthe health of your HArd Disks. The Hard Disk is the most important part of your system and you need to have a healthy drive to ensure the safety of your data. Advanced Vista Optimizer will not only monitor the performance and health of your drives, it will also give you warnings when the thresholds are crossed for any of the attribute. Advanced Vista Optimizer is a very useful tool in preparing a forewarning system for your computer. You will be informed of any hardware deprecacy before hand and you will be able to take precautionary measures.

Know What is Running on Your PC
Advanced Vista Optimizer also has a Process Manager. This lets you see the processes that are running at any time in Your PC. Your Windows Vista based computer may have multiple processes running at any given time. A computer is seldom idle. Advanced Vista Optimizer lets you view these processes on your system, with details of Process Name, time since running and the path of the executable. You can also forcefully terminate a task using Process Manager. This especially helps when you identify an unknown process and you want to terminate it.


Intel Pentium 4 MHz or Equivalent processor, Windows XP or Windows Vista

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