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Advanced System Optimizer Information

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Collection of essential tools for Windows to optimize your system performance.

Advanced System Optimizer is an award winning computer performance improvement suite with 30+ tools to enhance the output and speed of your PC. It cleans your system of Junk Files, Bad Registry Entries, Duplicate Files, your Internet History and other personal traces. It boosts system speed by compacting registry, removing unwanted installer files and better management of system memory.

Optimization Tools
Memory Optimizer
It can recover memory from applications not in use and allocate them to the ones that are active, without affecting the stability or performance of the system. It performs in the automatically in the background, without any intervention. It gives you the best performance without any effort.
Registry Defragmenter and Optimizer
An award winning tool, it cleans and compresses the Registry of your Windows installation. This means removing the junk entries which are obsolete and not required, created by installation or uninstallation of software and applications; and compressing the fragments of the registry into one contiguous file. This can make the system more responsive and may give faster startup and shut-downs.
Windows Optimizer
This is a set of various tweaks compiled at one place for ease of access and customization. You can customize and optimize your Windows installation from this tool. The tool has been set in a simple intuitive setting to make the process simple for even a novice user, who may not browse to these settings in the traditional Windows control panel. With these tweaks, you can improve your system performance by selecting or de-selecting the tasks and tweaking Windows settings.

PC Fix-up and Information Tools
System Information
This is an easy to use tool which can provide you detail in-depth information about the software and hardware on your computer. There are various types of information about your computer which you may not be aware of. System Information fetches that information from your computer so that you can use it for knowledge or diagnostic purpose. It is especially helpful in creating a Systems' Inventory in business setting.
Files and Folders Information
There are multiple drives, files and folders. This tool can give you information like space utilized by files, largest files, largest folders etc, in a graphical form and as a list. This gives a detailed presenation of the entire disk, so that you can keep a track of the files occupying maximum space or identify the folders which may be deleted for maximum space gain. It gives you a detailed overview of your hard disks.
System Analyzer and Advisor
A one of its kind tool, it can analyze your system settings and suggest improvements which can make your computer better. These improvements are in the settings of your computer, which may be changed comfortably using the other tools in Advanced System Optimizer.
Repair and Fix Zip Files
Zip files are compressed files which are used to save space and create contiguous files for unused folders. The data in these compressed files may get corrupt while creating the files or extracting them, or simply while copying them from one media to another. These files can be checked for data integrity and repaired if found corrupt, using this simple Zip-File repair tool.
Split and Join Files
Larger files are difficult to copy from one location to another and it is difficult to email them also. These large files can be splitted into various smaller files, which can be transferred from one location to another and then repacked/rejoined to become the original single file, using Split and Join Files tool. During splitting and joining, it is ensured that the file integrity is saved and there is no loss of data in the entire process.
Safe Uninstaller
If you wish to uninstall any software, there may be the risk of making any other software unstable. Safe Uninstaller provides you with a descriptive list of installed applications on the system, with an option to uninstall the existing applications that you no longer require.
Change Logon Settings
This tool gives you the entire control over your Windows logon procedure. You can set it up for automatic logon, without asking for credentials. You can also choose personalized messages and screens to show at startup to make your System look different. This tool also allows customization of the security settings at the startup so that you can secure and protect your personal information.

System Cleanup Tools
Registry Cleaner and Fixer
System Registry, which holds important information about the software and hardware of your computer, accumulates junk entries and may start to slow down your computer. Registry Cleaner and Fixer identifies such redundant entries and cleans your system registry. If there are any errors found in the registry, this tool will fix them to ensure best system performance.
System and Disk Cleaner
This tool can analyze and remove the unnecessary files from your system. It targets junk and obsolete files which occupy space without any reason. These files may slow down your system performance without being of any use. These files may also corrupt your system due to their obsolete state and presence on the disk.
Find Duplicate Files
Many times we create duplicate files on the computer without realizing that these files will occupy more space and will only slow down the system. The computer has to access more files and has to search from within more archives if there are duplicate files on the computer. It is good to periodically search and clean suplicate files which are not being used by you, to get a faster system.
Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager
This tool allows you to find application which are set to start automatically, on system startup. These application may or may not be required by your computer. It is adviced to check your computer regularly because it is a tendency of spyware and trojans to route themselves into the system via startup entries.

PC Security Tools
Secure Encryptor
With this tool, you can encrypt any file or folder and it will not be accessible to anyone without the right credentials. This tool is a great help when you use a shared computer. It integrates with the Shell of the Operating System so all you need to do is 'Right Click' on any file and it can be encrypted/decrypted.
Privacy Protector
Your computer can record your activities on internet or even file access etc, to provide you faster access to this data. However, this data can be accessed by others and can be used to identify you or misused to bring losses. Privacy Protector can clean these traces with a single click of mouse, making your activities untraceable.
Spyware Detective
Various software may get installed on your system and try to steal your personal and private data. These malware spread via internet and Spyware Detective can identify and remove such commonly found menace to ensure your privacy and secrecy.
Block Program Execution
There are certain program which you wish to keep on your system but may not want to execute. Such programs can be added to the Block Program list and they will not be executed until you remove them from this list. These programs remain on your system until you uninstall them. Block Programs only disallows program execution until you allow it again.

Smart PC Tools and Utilities
Easy Backup for Files & Folders
This tool can back your entire data, including emails, files and folders that you choose, to an external media like CD/DVD or to your own system. It can also create copies of your Registry Database to ensure system stability. This activity can be scheduled to run at a specific time as per your convenience. You can also restore your backups using this tool.
System Files BAckup and restore
In case of System Failure, or reconfigurations planned, you should always have a copy of your System Files. These System Files help you get your system reverted to Last Known Good Configuration. It may help in restoring your system in case of a system failure. This tool can let you create a copy of your System Files with one click of the mouse.
Media Files Organizer
With multiple types of media files available and no single best way to organize your collection of Digital Music and Videos, Media Files Organizer helps you keep your data organized. You can create playlists, organize your files in folders, save your database and may also remove duplicate entries, even if they are stored with different names.
Appointment Planner
In the fast moving world, appointment planner helps you stay on top of your daily tasks. Though it is an appointment planner, it also doubles as a task manager, giving you notifications and reminders of your due tasks etc. It can also store your passwords and safe notes, which can also be encrypted to ensure privacy.
Sticky Pad
It is a digital version of the sticky notes, which you can use to write important information and paste on your desktop digitally. It is a fun way of keeping information organized and ensuring that you do not loose any important message. These notes can be hidden, deleted and unlimited numbers can be added and pasted on to your computer's desktop.

Tools to Personalize Your Windows
Windows Minimizer and Fader
You can customize the appearance of your Windows taskbar with this tool. It can also minimize/maximize all windows at once and lets you switch between them graphically. You can also make your open program windows transparent or opaque with this tool.
Wallpaper Changer
This tool can automatically change your wallpaper after a specified interval. It picks images from the folder that you specify and sets them as your desktop wallpaper, changing them periodically. This tool makes your desktop look pretty and keeps it fresh all the time, automatically.
Icon Manager
You can change the icons of your programs using the icon manager. It helps you to identify your special folders, make your specific shortcuts appear distinct and also helps you to identify icons more easily. It can also repair incorrectly displaying icons for programs.


Pentium or compatible system with at least 32 MB RAM. Compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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15 days Evaluation Version

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