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October 12, 2011, 02:25
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Brain challenging marble puzzle game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Sole is a fun marble puzzle game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The game is challenging and requires extreme thinking before you make a move. Slide marbles around on a six by six grid to get rid of all marbles until only one marble is left on screen. While the game sounds easy it takes some trial and error and forethought before you make a move to get each level correct. Sole includes 50 pre-generated levels that we hand-picked for you to play, we also include a random puzzle generator which creates hundreds of thousands of variations so you can keep playing new puzzles without getting bored. Sole has several challenging levels to play through; starting from 3 marble puzzles all the way up to 15 marble puzzles you will continually be challenged.
Each level has a certain time limit; giving you more of a challenge to try to find the right solution as quickly as possible. Beat levels with extra time on the clock and you will be awarded bonus time for the next level. Finally as you progress every ten levels you are given a bonus life to keep playing as the difficulty increases. With over 50 pre-generated levels and infinite randomly generated levels, Sole never gets boring and continually challenges you. Sole includes very crisp and beautiful graphics; the marbles, the puzzle board, the background art are all visually appealing. As you move the marbles and they smash into each other you see some of the visual effects that make the game fun to play and watch. Sole includes licensed classical music and sound effects but if you prefer to listen to your own music you certainly can, we allow you to mute the in-game music and listen to your own tracks from iTunes.
We realize many gamers enjoy competing with other around the world and want to show off their scores, so we included a fully interactive real-time scoreboard into the game, view and post your scores instantly.


iPhone OS 3.0 or higher

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