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Wolf4SDL Information

Publisher's Description:

Wolf4SDL is a Wolfenstein 3D port using Simple DirectMedia Layer, that is meant to provide you the original feeling.

Wolf4SDL is an open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D to the cross-plattform multimedia library Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). It is meant to keep the original feel while providing several improvements:

Main features:

- Cross-plattform:
Supported operating systems are at least:
- Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
(32 and 64 bit)
- Linux
- BSD variants
- KallistiOS (used for Dreamcast)
Only little endian platforms like x86, ARM and SH-4 are supported, yet.

- AdLib sounds and music:
This port includes the OPL2 emulator from MAME, so you can not only
hear the AdLib sounds but also music without any AdLib-compatible
soundcard in near to perfect quality!

- Multichannel digitized sounds:
Digitized sounds play on 8 channels! So in a fire fight you will
always hear, when a guard opens the door behind you ;)

- Higher screen resolutions:
Aside from the original 320x200 resolution, Wolf4SDL currently
supports any resolutions being multiples of 320x200 or 320x240,
the default being 640x400.
Unlike some other ports, Wolf4SDL does NOT apply any bilinear
or similar filtering, so the graphics are NOT blurred but
pixelated just as we love it.

- Fully playable with only a game controller:
Wolf4SDL can be played completely without a keyboard. At least two
buttons are required (shoot/YES and open door/NO), but five or more
are recommended (run, strafe, ESC).

Additional features:

- Two additional view sizes:
Wolf4SDL supports one view size using the full width of the screen
and showing the status bar, like in Mac-enstein, and one view size
filling the whole screen (press TAB to see the status bar).

- (Nearly) unlimited sound and song lengths:
Mod developers are not restricted to 64kB for digitized sounds and
IMF songs anymore, so longer songs and digitized sounds with better
quality are possible.

- Resuming ingame music:
When you come back to the game from the menu or load a save game, the
music will be resumed where it was suspended rather than started from
the beginning.

- Freely movable pushwalls:
Moving pushwalls can be viewed from all sides, allowing mod developers
to place them with fewer restrictions. The player can also follow the
pushwall directly instead of having to wait until the pushwall has left
a whole tile.

- Optional integrated features for mod developers:
Wolf4SDL already contains the shading, directional 3D sprites,
floor and ceiling textures, high resolution textures/sprites,
parallax sky, cloud sky and outside atmosphere features, which
can be easily activated in version.h.

How to play:

To play Wolfenstein 3D with Wolf4SDL, you just have to copy the original data
files (e.g. *.WL6) into the same directory as the Wolf4SDL executable.
Please make sure, that you use the correct version of the executable with the
according data files version as the differences are hardcoded into the binary!

On Windows SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll must also be copied into this directory.
They are also available at http://www.chaos-software.de.vu

If you play in windowed mode (--windowed parameter), press SCROLLLOCK or F12
to grab the mouse. Press it again to release the mouse.

Fixes in this release
This release fixes the demos after the intro (at least for 1.4 Activision and SoD versions), problems with colors on Windows, and several other bugs.

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