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WinSSHD Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Bitvise Limited

WinSSHD is SSH server for all Windows NT-series operating systems.

WinSSHD is SSH server for all Windows NT-series operating systems. Supported platforms include Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 2008.

WinSSHD supports the following SSH services:

* Secure remote access via console (vt100, xterm and bvterm supported)
* Secure remote access via GUI (Remote Desktop or WinVNC required)
* Secure file transfer using SFTP and SCP (compatible with all major clients)
* Secure TCP/IP connection tunneling (port forwarding)

You can try out WinSSHD risk-free. To begin, simply download the installation executable - you will find the download links on our download page. After installing, you are free to evaluate WinSSHD for up to 30 days. If you then decide to continue using it, purchase a license.

When the personal edition is chosen during installation, WinSSHD can be used free of charge by non-commercial personal users.

SSH Server

We continue to invest great amounts of effort to make sure we create the best SSH software we can. These are some of the important features that make WinSSHD special:

* Ease of use: WinSSHD was written specifically for the Windows platform so that it is easy to install and configure. In a regular Windows environment, it will work immediately upon


* Changed the implementation of time measurement in WinSSHD to avoid relying on the system's high performance timer. This avoids an issue in environments running Windows Server 2008 under a virtual machine hypervisor which fails to provide the hooks required by the OS to properly implement the high performance timer. This should solve premature session or authentication timeouts when WinSSHD is running on Windows Server 2008 in environments such as Amazon EC2.
* In WinSSHD advanced settings, the settings entry for the Everyone Windows group will now always be last, to prevent it taking precedence over more specific group entries.
* WinSSHD would sometimes fail to report a child process exit code to the client. Fixed.
* WinSSHD would fail to disconnect Tunnelier, and other sshlib/FlowSsh clients, on session inactivity timeout, if the Keep alive / broken session detection feature was enabled, and set to a time shorter than the session inactivity timeout. Fixed.
* The wstat utility and example program has been reimplemented to use the WinSSHD Remote Control Panel protocol instead of grabbing information from a memory table periodically updated by WinSSHD. The new wstat showcases how to communicate with WinSSHD and extract information in the same way that the WinSSHD Control Panel does.
* The WinSSHD Control Panel now displays the list of revealed password cache entries in alphabetical order.
* The WinSSHD Control Panel now provides the ability to clear all hidden password cache entries. It was previously not possible to clear hidden password cache entries without also clearing all revealed entries.
* The WinSSHD Control Panel feature for resetting settings now also allows restoring WinSSHD settings to a previously generated backup. The WinSSHD Control Panel backs up settings each time they are edited and saved.
* The wcfg command-line configuration utility now supports parameters allowing modification of WinSSHD Control Panel interface settings from the command line. This includes settings on when, and for what events, pop-ups should appear, as well as enabling or disabling the persistent tray icon.


It does not require any special requirements

Restriction :

30-day trial

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