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WinSSHD Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Bitvise Limited

WinSSHD is SSH server for all Windows NT-series operating systems.

WinSSHD is SSH server for all Windows NT-series operating systems. Supported platforms include Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 2008.

WinSSHD supports the following SSH services:

* Secure remote access via console (vt100, xterm and bvterm supported)
* Secure remote access via GUI (Remote Desktop or WinVNC required)
* Secure file transfer using SFTP and SCP (compatible with all major clients)
* Secure TCP/IP connection tunneling (port forwarding)

You can try out WinSSHD risk-free. To begin, simply download the installation executable - you will find the download links on our download page. After installing, you are free to evaluate WinSSHD for up to 30 days. If you then decide to continue using it, purchase a license.

When the personal edition is chosen during installation, WinSSHD can be used free of charge by non-commercial personal users.

SSH Server

We continue to invest great amounts of effort to make sure we create the best SSH software we can. These are some of the important features that make WinSSHD special:

* Ease of use: WinSSHD was written specifically for the Windows platform so that it is easy to install and configure. In a regular Windows environment, it will work immediately upon


# It is now possible to change the WinSSHD service startup type (automatic, manual, or disabled) from the WinSSHD Control Panel instead of having to configure it through Windows Services.
# The "Manage password cache" dialog in the WinSSHD Control Panel now provides features to backup and re-import password cache entries.
# The "Persistent tray icon" and popup settings are now saved for concurrent WinSSHD installations (sites) individually.
# Fixed issue where WinSSHD Control Panel would freeze or crash on Windows XP if a parent settings window was closed before the child settings window.
# Virtual users can now change their passwords remotely using SSH clients, such as Tunnelier, that support password change. This feature can be enabled or disabled under "Access control" in Advanced settings.
# Fixed WinSSHD Control Panel issue where user authentication keys for an account managed through Advanced settings would be lost when changing Easy settings.
# The WinSSHD installer has been modified so it does not require loading DLLs from the current directory and can run with an enabled CWDIllegalInDllSearch registry entry.
# Implemented workaround for Comodo Firewall, which would prevent the WinSSHD terminal subsystem from functioning correctly on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, and possibly other 64-bit platforms.
# Fixed issue which caused some applications to crash when running under the WinSSHD terminal subsystem on Windows 2000 without Service Pack 3 installed.
# Fixed issue where an unauthenticated user could cause WinSSHD to dereference a null pointer, causing the SSH session to close. At the time of this release, we are not aware of any ways to exploit this issue. WinSSHD would continue to run normally, but would report an access violation in the logs.
# The terminal shell and exec request subsystems will now send their exit code to the client before reporting end of data on the SSH channel. This is intended to help clients such as OpenSSH properly report the exit code.
# For clients which have compatibility issues with WinSSHD when using SFTP version 4 or higher, administrators can now limit SFTP version to 3. The setting is on the "Server" page in Advanced WinSSHD Settings.
# For compatibility with PHP libssh2, WinSSHD will now accept null-terminated SCP commands, and disregard trash data incorrectly sent by the client after the null character.
# For compatibility with PHP libssh2, WinSSHD will now recognize single quote marks as an acceptable alternative to double quotes for paths in SCP.
# Fixed issue in WinSSHD SFTP and SCP subsystems where they would fail to list a directory if it was a root directory completely empty of entries (i.e. did not even contain the "." and ".." entries).
# Fixed issue in the SFTP subsystem where SFTP directory handles would be encoded incorrectly on systems with thousands of mount points defined.


It does not require any special requirements

Restriction :

30-day trial

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