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Willing Webcam Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Willing Software

Record live streaming video and screenshots at any moment.

Willing Webcam is webcam software that helps you use your web camera for video streaming, surveillance, instant messaging, and more. Willing Webcam will surprise you with its many features.

With Willing Webcam, you can record your daily activities as live streaming video to share with your friends and family. No matter where they are, your friends and family can visit your web site to see what you\'re doing at the moment. You can also create your own streaming videos for YouTube, and other video-sharing sites.

If you\'re away from home often, you can use this webcam software to detect any motion in your home. Remote management allows you to send an e-mail, SMS message, or http command to control the webcam. You can use Willing Webcam to monitor housekeepers, nannies, and other visitors to your home. To save the evidence, upload the files to an FTP site or send e-mail with attachments to your own e-mail address.

This webcam program uses a motion control sensor to activate the camera and trigger an action, for example, sending an e-mail or SMS message, uploading to an FTP site, sounding an alarm, or starting another application.

Another useful feature of Willing Webcam is its time-lapse function, which records a video at certain time points. Using it like a DVR (digital video recorder), you can record frame by frame and then view the movie later.

Willing Webcam integrates seamlessly with instant messenger programs such as Skype and Windows Live Messenger. This is handy for a video chat with your friends or a meeting with business associates scattered all over the world. In addition, if your video equipment doesn\'t work with IM, Willing Webcam can transfer the video stream using an intermediate driver.

Willing Webcam works with most USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) video devices, including webcams, camcorders, TV and video capture cards, TV tuners, and IP network cameras. It also supports the pan, tilt, and zoom functions of Logitech QuickCam Orbit cameras.

Here are more ways to use Willing Webcam to make your life more fun, secure, convenient, and comfortable:

Live video streaming

-With Willing Webcam, you can record your daily activities as live streaming video to share with your friends and family in real time on your web site. No matter how far away your friends and family are, they can always go to your web site and see how youre doing. Another great feature of Willing Webcam is the ability to use different video sources. You can share your computer desktop (handy for teachers doing demos for students), and you can also share TV shows and MPEG movies with your friends.
Video surveillance

-People who are often away from home or traveling can use Willing Webcam to detect the slightest movement in their home and immediately send a notification if there is an intruder. By checking this video, you can see whats going on in your house or on your property, contact law enforcement,


* The program is now compatible with Windows 7.

* The program has been optimized for User Account Control (UAC) on Vista and Windows 7.
Program settings files and the Willing Webcam\\My Pictures media directory have been moved under the
Documents directory according to Microsoft guidelines. Each Willing Webcam program copy will have
a separate subdirectory with a name that is created based on the copy\'s path. When you run the
program for the first time, the current settings and media files are moved to a new location.
The file move operation applies to Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

* The Portuguese (Brazilian) localization has been added. Many thanks to Paulo Vaz dos Santos from
Brazil for his many contributions to this work.

* The \'Preferences > Program title addition\' has been added. It adds an addition to the program title.
This is useful for multiple rolled-up program copies.

* Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. We put useful tips and late-breaking information
on these sites.


- Pentium based IBM PC compatible computer (or higher); - 64MB RAM - 20MB free disk space - A frame grabber and a video source (camera, VCR, etc.) - A parallel-port or USB camera - A color monitor with a 65536 colors card (or better)

Restriction :

21 days trial

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