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From Olivier Chalouhi

A cross-platform bittorrent client to expose, promote, and syndicate your content.

Vuze (Azureus) is a platform that enables media companies and creators of rich media content (film directors, videographers, musicians) to publish and distribute their work to millions of viewers, in high quality format (Standard-Definition and High-Definition video).

You can use our platform to expose, promote, and syndicate your content. You can also make your content available for rental, purchase, or ad-supported distribution.

Get famous! Vuze (Azureus) is designed to help creative professionals and amateurs expose, promote, syndicate, and distribute their work at no cost, with no loss of quality.

Vuze (Azureus) makes it simple to upload your content for fast download in high-resolution quality. Publishing is an easy process that takes a few minutes.

Content published on Vuze (Azureus) is available for browsing, searching, and downloading from our website, as well as everywhere you want on the Internet: your website, social networks, blogs.

Vuze (Azureus) is a next-generation online entertainment portal that gives you the ultimate entertainment experience, and access to a world of great high-res content you can view in DVD-quality and HD, right on your monitor or connected TV.

Vuze is powered by Azureus technology, a safe and trusted peer-to-peer


New Features: * Core | Allow multiple primordial UDP handlers * UI | Ability to auto-send crash logs * UI | Members of the Beta Program now get a Sidebar entry which will one day have useful beta information Changes: * UI | Improved languages change detection so more of the text now shows in the new language (unfortunately not all) * UI | (Windows) Bigger click area around the "X" in the Library's filter box * UI | (Windows) Triple click in search box now selects all the text * UI | Replaced "Remove And.." menu tree from Library's content menu with "Remove..." entry that gives you the same options. Two related configs are in Options->Files->"File Deletion" Corrected bugs: * Core | (Windows) Fix drive detection/removal when multiple drives get added/removed at once * Core | (Windows) Fix drive with letters D: H: L: P: T: X: not being detected when plugged in while Vuze was running * Core | Fixed some hard drives incorrectly being added as a Device and shown in the sidebar * Core | (OSX) Add additional (new?) crash log directory to crash log generator ( * Core | (OSX) Fixed two cases where main window would not show after clicking the dock icon * Core | Don't open files with write-access unless required * Core | Ensure new profiles are picked up when xcode plugin reloads * Core | Correctly sequence plugin events to ensure that listeners see the correct plugin state * Core | Delete .vuze files when subscriptions are removed * UI | (*nix) Fix table cells not getting click events (affected triggering the "New" column's state) * UI | Fix case where scrolling right in a table view (Library) didn't draw the newly visible columns * UI | Fixed some cases where column re-ordering was not being remembered * UI | Fix Help->Check for Updates not notifying user there were no new updates found * UI | Fixed visual problems with Tracker Status column when "Don't Scrape Stopped" is enabled * UI | Fixed Queue and Stop not working on Torrent menu and right click of Sidebar's download's details item * UI | (OSX) Fixed bug where a false double click was registered when Vuze did not have the focus and you single clicked on a row in the Library * UI | Fixed subscription name and count on Sidebar not redrawing when either changes

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  Jul 10, 2009
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  Mar 23, 2009
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