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From Sincell LLC.

Increase your friends list, subscribers, channel views, video views.

Tube Toolbox is revolutionary software that will forever change the way you market yourself or your product on YouTube™
Getting your message out on YouTube has never been easier with the introduction of Tube Toolbox. Tube Toolbox is YouTube software often referred to as a "YouTube Friend Bot", "YouTube Friend Adder", "Social Marketing Software", "Video Marketing Software" or simply a "YouTube Marketing Tool".

Tube Toolbox offers many features that allow you to increase your friends list, increase subscribers, increase channel views, increase video views, gain popularity, get into the top videos section and ultimately increasing your exposure.

The main YouTube Marketing features offered by Tube Toolbox are listed below with a brief description of how each can help. What they do is automate many of the YouTube marketing processes that you normally must do by hand. For example, using Tube Toolbox, you can send 100's or 1000's of Friend Requests, Messages, Comments or Subscription Invites while you sleep! Simply set up some parameters and click a start button; Tube Toolbox handles the rest.

Bulk Friend Requests
Sending Friend Requests is a great way to get more people to view your YouTube Channel on a daily basis. Most people who accept your Friend Request (and even those who don't) will check out your Channel and view a video or two on your page (more if they like what they see). Sending Automated Friend Requests is a good way to gradually gain exposure over time but not a great way to gain Video Views in a short period of time. However, once you have amassed a great deal of Friends, you can send out Bulletins (messages) which get sent to ALL of your friends so eventually it will lead to a great way to reach many people at once. Automated Friend Requests are always recommended for everyone no matter what your goal is but if you are looking to promote your videos and increase video views in a quick period amount of time, it is probably best to dedicate most your time to other Tube Toolbox features see below.

Bulk Message Sending
Send mass-automated messages is great when you are promoting something outside of YouTube (your website for example). Messages are the only way to include a URL in any kind of contact with a user unless you embed it in your video for example. Messaging can be slow - YouTube only allows you to send out about 16 messages per hour. To get around this, Tube Toolbox allows you to add 'Proxy Accounts'. So you can have your regular account (for example "MyYTAccount"), then you can create more accounts in YouTube ("MyYTAccount2", "MyYTAccount3", "MyYTAccount4", etc) and Tube Toolbox will cycle through them sending messages. For each account created, it adds about 16 messages per hour. If you know that the list of people you have gathered is targeted to a group of people that will be interested in what you are selling/promoting then Messages are almost always

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