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Serv-U Informations

Publisher's Description:


Serv-U is the Industry Most Popular File Server for Windows

Serv-U is a powerful, easy-to-use, award-winning File Server from Serv-U supports the FTP, HTTP, and SFTP protocols to ensure maximum compatibility with the widest range of transfer client software. With support for industry-standard SSL encryption, Serv-U protects your data while it\'s in transit. A powerful Web-based interface allows administrators to remotely access and configure the File Server from any Internet connection in the world using their Web browser.
Serv-U also includes a built-in transfer client allowing users to upload and download files from their Web browser. Combined with advanced photo sharing capabilities, Serv-U is an excellent solution for sharing images with friends, family, and colleagues. By licensing FTP Voyager JV with Serv-U, a full-featured transfer client becomes available to all users with no extra installation required. Because FTP Voyager JV is written using Java technology, it\'s a cross-platform solution for enterprises with a diverse client base.
Serv-U can be accessed and administered in 11 different languages simply by choosing an appropriate language upon login. There\'s never been a more complete, secure File Server solution than Serv-U.

Key Features

* Added a thumbnail


* Corrected a bug in the Image Preview dialog where the thumbnail scroll would not scroll to the correct image when in thumbnail view.
* Corrected a bug where the failed upload event would fire even for successful uploads.
* Corrected a bug, introduced in, where database users expiration was not being loaded within the grid causing expired users to appear in the list. Expired users attempting to login would still be denied.
* Corrected a SQL statement problem where customized templates were being changed for the addition of database categories. The change now only changes the = ? for the NULL statement request to IS NULL.
* Corrected an upgrade bug from Serv-U versions <= would not upgrade non-ASCII characters such as home directories and user names. This conversion bug was introduced in with Serv-U support of UNICODE.
* Corrected a bug in the SQL template dialog where the select a value dialog would not appear when the Edit button was selected.
* Corrected a bug in the Management Console where fonts in Korean language browsers would not align properly in text fields and controls.
* Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the anti-hammer connection limit, for Connection Settings, was not updated with the save button.
* Corrected a bug in the Management Console where an error would occur when trying to edit a user with a # symbol in their login ID.
* Corrected a bug in the Management Console where an error would occur when using the context menu to toggle the enable/disable option for the MKD and XMKD FTP commands.
* Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where a crumb button refresh of the current working directory would fail to resort the list view contents.


Pentium 4, 128MB Ram, 25MB free disk space.

Restriction :

30-day free evaluation

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