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Ra Workshop Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Pyramid Software

Software solution for companies in the windows and doors industry.

Ra Workshop is the complete software solution for companies in the windows and doors industry - from resellers and installers, to manufacturers, to suppliers. Built on the latest technology, Ra Workshop meets the needs of companies regardless of size from small to very large businesses. Using Ra Workshop gives your company a real advantage from increased sales performance to automated production.

Ra Workshop can use aluminum, vinyl (PVC) or wood profiles and is able to compute a great variety of products (widows, doors, shutters, roller shutters, insect screens, roller insect screens, carving, etc.). The application is flexible and has a friendly interface that will help you get the best results.
Our mission is to make Ra Workshop one of the best joinery software in the world. Our teams are working every day to add new windows and door design features, to add new profile systems, new fittings systems, new joinery systems to our databases and to enhance the computing performance of Ra Workshop.

Feature Overview

Thermoinsulating joinery calculation

* Calculation of joinery: PVC, aluminum or wood.
* Calculation of rectangular doors and windows.
* Calculation of irregular shapes (circle, oval, triangle, trapeze, pentagon, hexagon, septagon, octagon). The shapes may have sides with simple arcs or Gothic arcs).
* Calculation of main wings: side-hung, oscillating, tilt-turn and double.
* Calculation of secondary wings: sliding (regardless of the number of sheets), versatile, harmonic, culisant with lifting, tilt-culisant with lifting, culisant in parallel plane and oscillating plane.
* Calculation of jamb, frame extensions, bottom rail.
* Calculation of ornamental glazing bead. Windows may contain ornamental elements like glazing beads.
* Calculation of insect screens. They can be: roller, French or sliding.
* Calculation of additional items: shutters, paneling and rollers.
* Dividing vertically and horizontally. The joinery can be divided into several meshes with horizontal or vertical mullions.
* Divisions by angles. Joinery meshes can be divided with angle mullions.
* Joining windows and doors. The joinery can be combined two by two with corner profiles, joint profiles or without profile.


* Viewing and editing material consumption. The materials compiled by the program can be viewed and can even be edited. In this way the user can accurately control the assembly list.
* Send offer by email.
* Basic security: 1 user. Access to the program is based on a user name and password, which allows a rigorous control of persons who are entitled to handle offers.
* Nomenclature of currencies and exchange rates. Ra Workshop may contain data about the materials in various currencies and can calculate any project in a currency specified by the user.
* Clients management. Information about customers


Windows XP SP2, 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 200 MB, 1 USB

Restriction :

The demo version has the fallowing limitations: Restricted access to the window library. Restricted access to the security module (users and user groups). The next report features have been deactivated: print, export, send report by email. The nex

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