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Process Lasso Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Bitsum Technologies

Process Lasso is a powerful utility that prevents system hangs, freezes, and halts.

Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will improve your PC's responsiveness and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint -- leading to freezes and hangs. Process Lasso's ProBalance (Process Balance) technology intelligently adjusts the priorities of running programs so that badly behaved processes won't substantially impact the responsiveness of your PC.

Process Lasso also offers an assortment of ways to take full control of how your CPUs are allocated to running programs. You can choose at what priority processes should run, and which CPUs should be assigned to them. You can also disallow certain programs from running, log all programs run, automatically restart programs, and so much more.

Once you install Process Lasso, it'll just start working. More advanced users can tweak the configuration, but you needn't touch anything to have it instantly improve your system responsiveness and prevent stalls in high load situations.

# ProBalance dynamic priority optimization
# Default process priorities
# Default process CPU affinities
# Foreground boosting
# Limit number of concurrent process instances
# Disallow processes from running
# Stand-alone core engine
# Launched processes logging
# System responsiveness calculation and graph
# Highly optimized and available in x86-32 and x86-64 builds


[.0]Change.GUI: Changed startup code to avoid condition where solication dialog may become hidden, and prevent Lasso from starting
[.0]Change.Core/GUI: Add Symantec (Norton and other) and F-Protect processes with tamper protection back to the list *without* triggering tamper protection events (in testing)
[.0]Much more work underway, being phased into this build
[.2]Fix.GUI: Fixed I/O priorities of multi-selection process context menu not grayed out in XP
[.2]Fix.GUI: Fixed sort of process restraint history column **RE-EVAL
[.2]Change.InstallHelper: Early prep for DSN support
[.2]Change.All: Added Japanese to International Server Edition (via Nettool affiliate)
[.2]Change.GUI: Updated Serbian, Polish, Italian.
[.4]Change.GUI: Improved cosmetics and behavior of new items in InstallHelper config dialog 2
[.4](hackported in .51) Fix.Core: Theoretical code error condition, unknown if ever manifested in real world
[.4](backported in .51) Fix.Core: Adjusted sharing permissions on .pg-active, a filesystem based locak the governor uses, and an issuing for some backup and imaging software
[.4]Build.System: Misc adjustments throughout
[.5]Change.GUI: Re-arranged Options menu in a big way, with subcategories and such
[.5]Change.Core: Some code optimization and refactoring
[.5]Fix.Core: Minor code fixes and refactoring
[.5]Change.GUI: Added new message for sanity check failure
[.6]Addition.GUI: Finished Categorization of Media Player support in GUI
[.6]Addition.BuildTools: Modified our in-house translation tools to allow use of the deprecated strings file if no translated string is in the primary file
[.6]Change.GUI: Several misc cosmetic changes
[.6]Change.Core: [beta2beta] Experimental code speed improvements
[.6]Change.GUI: Some code optimizations
[.7]Addition.GUI: Added configuration dialog for new Poewr Saver feature
[.7]Addition.Core: Added new Energy Saver (aka Energy Saver) functionality to core engine
[.7]Change.Core: Start logging [system] for certain system wide chhanges
[.7]Fix.GUI: Misc fixes and adjustments
[.7]Change.Installer: Reduced size very slightly (more reductions coming, docs being 50% of the size)
[.8]Fix.GUI: Fixed crash in modules tab
[.8]Fix.GUI: Temporarily ignore Comodo processes again 100% until I evaluate its tamper protection, as it, like Symantec, emits dupe log entries in its tamper protection
[.8]Change.GUI: Renamed Power Saver to Energy Saver
[.8]Change.GUI: Adjustments to Energy Saver configuration dialog
[.8]Addition.GUI: Added option to not log Energy Saver events
[.8]Addition.GUI: Added option to not induce Energy Saver when multimedia classified process is running
[.9]Fix.GUI: Fix classification of multimedia process via process context menu.
[.9]Change.Build: Updated to VS2010SP1, continue use of older VC9 build tools for W2K compatibility
[.9]Change.GUI: Several translation updates
[.10]Fix.GUI: Fixed some discrepencies in the startup code, a by-product of the numerous different editions
[.10]Change.GUI: Added 'of usable RAM' to memory load status bar portion, and better localized this region ('of' previously not localized)
[.10]Change.GUI: Adjusted status bar positioning accordingly
[.10]Change.GUI: Now forces termination of Server Edition after trial expiration, instead of only having governor not run
[.10]Change.GUI: Only check for updates when system idle for 30 seconds
[.10]Change.GUI: Several language updates
[.11]Fix.GUI: Localization of short string "I/O" (exclusion added to our in-house rc tools)
[.11]Fix.Core: Fixed case sensitivity issue with (seldom used) pathname matches (a bug caused by the obsession with saving every last CPU cycle, *sigh*)
[.11]Change.GUI: Other menu changes
[.11]Change.GUI: Minor string change in status bar memory load part
[.11]Change.GUI: Duplicated Memory Watchdog menu option in 'Memory' group
[.12]Addition.Core: Added ability to set the default 'thread priority boost' setting for a process
[.12]Addition.GUI: Added option to set default thread priority boost to single selection process context menu
[.12]Addition.GUI: Added option to set default thread priority boost to multiple selection process context menu
[.12]Addition.Build: Added more unit testing to verify various operational functions
[.12]Change.GUI: Removed 'Do not ask again' option from closing message box warning if process name is in field
[.12]Change.Core: Refactored wildcard matching code
[.12]Change.Core: Refactored case insensitive wildcard comparison for better efficiency
[.12]Change.Core: Added more robust wildcard and regex handling (not full regex by any means, that would be too CPU intensive)
[.12]Change.GUI: Add actualized process name when using multi-select context menu, same as process context menu
[.12]Change.GUI: Made setting thread priority boost option part of free build
[.12]Change.Core: Refactored some code here and there
[.13]Change.Installer: Removed some deprecated conditions, please report any edition or build anomalies (though we are of course testing too)
[.13]Change.Core: Logging of disable thread priority boost actions adhere to priority change log setting
[.13]Change.GUI: Change 'Power Scheme' to 'Power Profile' in text overlaid on graph
[.13]Change.GUI: Updated list of languages considered out of date
[.13]Change.Core: Minor optimizations
[.13]Change.GUI: Several translation updates (Italian, Polish, Finnish, Serbian, Simplified Chinese)
[.14]Change.Updater: If beta, always include betas in update check
[.14]Fix.GUI: Energy Saver dialog could be invoked in XP after warning that it does not work in XP or below
[.14]Fix.GUI: Fix theoretical race condition during initialization that could cause GUI to crash under rare (if ever seen) conditions
[.14]Addition.Core: Added multimedia classification handling
[.14]Addition.Core: Added another process to exclude from ProBalance by default
[.14]Fix.Installer: Addressed some issues when updating Japanese build, hope to enable updates to Japan again once the system is retested
[.14]Change.GUI: Translation updates
[.14a]Fix.All: Fixed error messages in XP about power profiles
[.15]Change.Languages: Re-included Traditional Chinese translation
[.15]Change.Revisions: Started removing beta2beta revisions
[.16]Change.Upload: All uploads are now verified after doing so, to ensure to transmission or storage errors
[.16]Fix.GUI: Fix crash when entering manual values into some combo boxes
[.16]Change.Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.46.3 UNICODE, multiple changes and fixes, regression testing on all platforms
[.16]Fix.GUI: Self-restart checkboxes (build 2)
[.16]Testing new upload scripts with verification
[.16]NOTE: [beta2beta] This build's intent is doing some broader testing of recent changes (mainly NSIS)
[.17]Fix.GUI: Fixed a corrupted description in Power Profiles dialog (truncated and corrupted)
[.17]Fix.InstallHelper: Fix missing title string if pre-mature abort on first config dialog
[.17]Fix.Core: [beta2beta] Fixed some issues with Energy Saver log
[.17]Fix.Core: [beta2beta] Prevent Energy Saver if no target Power Profile set
[.17]Fix.GUI: Properly disable AND grey out some menu options not available in 2K or XP (some would appear to do nothing)
[.17]Change.Core: Tweaked ProBalance settings to improve effectiveness especially on multi-core systems during high load
[.17]Change.Core: Allow multimedia processes to match based on wildcards in pathnames
[.17]Change.GUI: Allow wildcards to be used for gaming mode pathnames
[.17]Change.GUI: Reduced resources size a small bit
[.17]Change.GUI: Changed gaming mode dialog to indicate acceptance of wildcards and full pathnames
[.17]Change.GUI: Updated Russian translation
[.17a]Fix.GUI: [beta2beta] Fixed failure to save GUID of target energy saver power profile
[.17a]Fix.Core: [beta2beta] Fixed multimedia classified processes would not prevent induction of Energy Saver when set to do so
[.17a]Fix.GUI: [beta2beta] Fixed case where empty power profile was given in Energy Saver configuration dialog
[.17a]Fix.GUI: [beta2beta] Fixed Do not Invoke Enery Saver if Gaming Mode Process running is config not being stored/changed
[.17a]Fix.GUI: [beta2beta] Fixed Do not Invoke Enery Saver if Multimedia Mode Process running is config not being stored/changed
[.19]Addition.GUI: Added 'M' rule for Multimedia classified processes
[.19]Change.GUI: Renamed Default Power Profiles to Application Power Profiles
[.21]Fix.Update: Fix auto update failure due to new upload script - would upload you to v5.0.0.52 unless you had beta checks turned on
[.21]Fix.GUI: Fix 'instead' typo
[.21]Fix.GUI: Fix EULA typo
[.21]Fix.GUI: Fixed Traditional Chinese translation showing English
[.21]Fix.GUI: Fixed error in Simplified Chinese translation that would cause crash and recurring open/close sequence of PL (mismatched % formatting in translated string)
[.21]Fix.GUI: Fixed error in Traditional Chinese translation that would cause crash and recurring open/close sequence of PL (mismatched % formatting in translated string)
[.21]Change.GUI: Updated Russian translation
[.21]Change.GUI: Updated Polish translation
[.21]Change.GUI: Updated French translation
[.21]Change.GUI: Updated German translation

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