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MTG Studio Informations

Publisher's Description:

From PalmROOT, Inc.

Magic the Gathering Deck and Collection Editor

With MTG Studio you can create magic decks to play with and organize your own paper card collection.
The product ships with the most complete MTG database in the world. The database includes over 21 500 cards from all editions ever released.

MTG Studio has the unique feature to open and edit many decks simultaneously.
There is support for almost any known Magic deck format such as MTG Online II, MTG Online III, Apprentice, Magic Workstation, Magic Suitcase, MTG Interactive Encyclopedia, MTG Play, OCTGN, Shandalar, Duels of the Planeswalkers, Mana Link, Mana Link 2.0.
The decks created with MTG Studio can be exported to various office formats such as HTML, Excell, XML, Txt.

The program has advanced multiple-criteria filtering and grouping.
MTG Studio can be translated in any foreign language at 100%.
MTG Studio offers Deck Legality check routines, Manalyzer, Probability Analysis, Starting Hand, Rulings, Oracle Texts an lots more.


# Added From the Vault: Relics set.
# Added Packs & Boxes set.
# Added Magic Gear set.
# Added new 'MTG Studio' card art provider which automatically downloads all Magic card reprints, versions, promos, and foreign versions.
# MTG Studio now automatically detects and prompts for import of Collection from older MTG Studio versions.
# Added 32 new game formats to validate your decks against: MTGO formats, Block Constructed, plus Peasant, Pauper, Kaleidoscope, Highlander, Prismatic, and other.
# Over 5 times reduced the application startup time.
# Around 2 times reduced the application memory cosumption.
# Added ability to track you boosters packs, tournament packs, and other Magic gear in your collection.
# Filter dialogs are not modal and allow you to filter and edit decks simulataneously.
# Added File|Full Screen which allows you to put the program in Full Screen mode on and off.
# Added 200 new combos.


Windows OS, Internet Explorer

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