Mozilla Firefox for Mobile 6.0 Beta 1

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  6.0 Beta 1
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  July 7, 2011, 13:24
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Mozilla Firefox for Mobile Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Mozilla

Outstanding and reliable mobile browsing experience across multiple devices.

Take Firefox with you anywhere. Built on the same engine as Firefox 4 for the desktop, Firefox 4 beta for Android and Maemo is packed full of your favorite features like Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Bar. Enjoy a personalized and seamless browsing experience across multiple devices. Watch the video to see how youve helped us get here and where were going next.

Private & Secure
Customize your privacy and security settings for a fully empowered mobile browsing experience.

Global Community
Firefox for mobile is offered in more than 30 languages and counting. It's been built and tested by a global community of people creating a better Internet.

Your Start Page
Your start page acts like Session Restore on the desktop so you can pick up right where you left off.

Type Less
The Awesome Bar, one-touch bookmarking, and tabbed browsing are just a few ways Firefox gets you to your favorite sites with minimal typing and tapping.

Performance & Productivity
We've optimized Firefox for speed, responsiveness and productivity on your mobile.

Access to maps and info relevant to your location. Firefox doesn't share your location without your permission.

Zoom with Ease
Double-tap on an area


* Important bug fixes: places.sqlite-wal takes too much space for Fennec (see bug 625981), password fields not masked (see bug 655864), typing in text fields started clearing beginning of characters (see bug 655852), input issues in rich text editors (see bug 624163), crash fixes (see bug 641010)
* Fixed localization issues with truncated strings in French (see bug 658121), Russian (see bug 658099), and in Italian (see bug 658109 and bug 646093 )
* Improved page load speed, especially on 3G networks (see bug 561694)
* Improved panning responsiveness (see bug 639179)
* Added support for the Do-Not-Track header (see bug 648654)
* Improved compatibility with SwiftKey keyboard (see bug 617289)
* Images downloaded to the Android Gallery are now immediately visible (see bug 646550)
* Improved color conversion enabling better display of images and video (see bug 641014)
* Dialog prompts better match default Android styling (see bug 618989)
* Added support for over six menu items in the Android Menu (see bug 610784)
* Resolved an error encountered when trying to load web pages without an active Internet connection (see bug 648268)


mobile device, Android or iPhone
version 4 also works on Windows systems

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  Dec 10, 2010
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