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Mozilla Firefox Informations

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From Mozilla

The award-winning Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online life

RoSoftDownload Note: For the previous versions of Mozilla Firefox, please check out the list of versions in this page, situated under the program description.

Browsing Made Easy
# Awesome Bar
Get to your favorite sites quickly even if you dont remember the URLs. Type your term into the location bar (aka the Awesome Bar) and the autocomplete function will include possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs.
The Awesome Bar learns as you use it-over time, it adapts to your preferences and offers better-fitting matches. Weve tweaked it to give you greater control over the results (including privacy settings) and increased performance so you find what you need even faster.

# Improved Interface
We're always looking for ways to make your browsing easier and more efficient.

# Stay in Sync
Sync seamlessly connects your desktop and mobile Firefoxes, so you can access your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and even open tabs no matter which device you use. Access years of desktop browsing the first day you fire up your mobile, and use saved passwords from your desktop to fill out forms on your phone.
Now you can surf the Web on your desktop, get up in the middle of browsing and have your open tabs ready and waiting on your mobile, just as you left them. Your browsing will never be the same!

# Password Manager
Tired of trying to remember or retype your passwords every time you visit a favorite site? Firefox is here to help! Youll be prompted with a non-intrusive option to remember passwords when you first log in-after that, Firefox will take care of the rest.

# Form Complete
When you're filling out an online form like your shipping address, Firefox will suggest information for each field based on your most common answers for similar fields in other forms. Tired of typing out the same answers over and over? You'll be zipping through the forms in no time!

# Pop-Up Blocker
Banish pop-ups (and pop-under windows) from your surfing experience once and for all. Or, find a happy medium: choose to view blocked pop-ups or create an allow list of sites whose pop-ups you're okay with seeing.

# Integrated Web Search
Searching the Web is a breeze with the search box, located just to the right of your location bar. Select the search engine of your choice and enter your search terms into the box. The box width is even adjustable if you need more space.

# Search Suggestions
Start typing in the search bar and it will prompt you with a drop down of filled-in suggestions. You can even use the search bar as a calculator, converter and more.

# Hundreds of Search Engines
Choose from the preset drop down list of search options or select manage search engines to browse for many more search-related add-ons.

# Smart Keywords
Search the Web in record time with smart keywords. With a few clicks you can assign


FIXED - Windows Messenger did not load in Hotmail, and the Hotmail inbox did not auto-update (764546, fixed in 13.0.1)
FIXED - Hebrew text sometimes rendered incorrectly (756850, fixed in 13.0.1)
FIXED - Flash 11.3 sometimes caused a crash on quit (747683, fixed in 13.0.1)
NEW - When opening a new tab, users are now presented with their most visited pages
NEW - The default home page now has quicker access to bookmarks, history, settings, and more
CHANGED - SPDY protocol now enabled by default for faster browsing on supported sites
CHANGED - Restored background tabs are not loaded by default for faster startup
CHANGED - Smooth scrolling is now enabled by default
DEVELOPER - 72 total improvements to Page Inspector, HTML panel, Style Inspector, Scratchpad and Style Editor
DEVELOPER - The column-fill CSS property has been implemented
DEVELOPER - Experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects has been implemented
DEVELOPER - Support for the CSS3 background-position property extended syntax has been added
DEVELOPER - The :invalid pseudo-class can now be applied to the
DEVELOPER - The CSS turn unit is now supported
FIXED - Various security fixes

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