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Maxthon Cloud Browser Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Maxthon

The ultimate experience in web browsing

The Ultimate Out-of-box Experience
* Easy to use and powerful straight out of the box
* Created by people thinking out of the box to come up with new ways to use the Internet
* So out of the box, there is no box! Download now for free, forever! More than 100 million other smart Web users have.

Maxthon Works the Way You Want It To
* Swap, add, move, remove, and change Maxthon is tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts until it looks the way you would have designed it.
* Don it like menus? Use hot keys. Don it like hot keys? Use word aliases. Don't like aliases? Use toolbars. Don't like toolbars? Then use mouse gestures. It's all up to you.
* Think we left something out? Pick from more than 1,400 plug-ins that make Maxthon the do-all of browsers.
* Other companies sell remote conferencing, screen capture, electronic passports, and automatic password managers as separate programs. With Max, they're free just like Maxthon itself.

Maxthon's so secure you can throw away that blanket.
* Maxthon is 100% free of viruses, spyware, adware any kind of malware.
* The built-in Ad Hunter blocks harmful, or just irritating ads, images and pages.
* Filter packs screen out offensive and irritating Web pages, and you decide what's offensive and irritating.

Easy Surfing
- Tabbed Browsing
All the web pages are arranged as tabs inside main window to ease your navigation.You can find almost all common operations in the Right-click Menu of tabs.
- Mouse Gestures
Hold right mouse button and perform the gestures to access common features such as Back, Forward, Refresh and Close Tab.You can set up your own mouse gestures in Setup Center.
- Maxthon Smart Acceleration
Boost the browsing speed of your frequent visit websites.And the Super Acceleration Mode can improve your browse speed even more.
- Magic Fill
Fill all the forms with Magic Fill by a single click. It can recognize almost any form fields automatically.You can also save existing form data for further use.
- Feed Reader
With the built-in Feed Reader, you don't have to install other software to subscribe and read RSS 0.9/1.0/2.0 and Atom 0.3/1.0 Feeds.Click on the Feed icon on the Address Bar, or drag & drop the URL into My Subscriptions sidebar to subscribe to a Feed.
- URL Alias
Give a name to your favorite website, and then visit it by simply typing the name in the Address Bar.You can set the URL Alias via Right-click Menu of the tab.
- Utilities
You can add shortcuts of your programs in Maxthon, and start them with a single click.You can even set programs to start and shutdown with Maxthon Browser.
- Ad Hunter
Ad Hunter can efficiently clean up the web pages by stopping Popup Windows and removing Ad Content Blocks.You can add content block to the filter with the Block Page Content... command in the Right-click Menu.
- Web


Main Frame
Improved the URL bar display
The maximized window appears in wrong location under certain circumstances
The new tab is not activated timely after closing all tabs
Under some circumstances a non - quick access page displayed as a quick access page
Unable to delete the favorite whilst there is only one item in Favorites
History issue when clicking the “Back” Button in cloud tab
Conducting Full screen,the pinned extension window still shows at the top
Using shortcut keys to activate Favorites menu, then clicking on the blank area, the favorites menu still exists
Page anomaly caused by Maxthon Multi Search
Webkit Core
Invalid default page zoom after restarting the browser
Unable to activate Skynote in some cases
Irregularity in html5 videos when conducting full screen
Unable to display input boxes of user name and passwords in ASB E-bank
Advertisements in Quick Access thumbnails
The title bar fails to display in YouTube video popup
Unable to read the Cache to recover visited pages when there is no connection to the internet
It may not be able to use bluetooth headset in WebRTC
Typesetting irregularity in certain pages
Unable to use Mouse gestures to turn pages in Quick Access Pages
Anomaly in certain pages when the LocalStorage is over limits
Unable to go to the corresponding options page after clicking the video popup window setting
IE Core
The verification code area shows blank after refreshing it in specific pages

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