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Logbook Pro Informations

Publisher's Description:

From NC Software, Inc.

Trustworthy aviation logbook for all aviators, to meet all the flight log needs.

Logbook Pro is the leading electronic pilot flight logbook software of the 21st Century. Endorsed by Sporty\'s Pilot Shop as the \"Finest Electronic Logbook Around\" and sold as their exclusive PC flight log. Logbook Pro is the number one choice among pilots trusted for their flight log needs. Download a free trial or purchase a license for unrestricted use instantly online. Logbook Pro is designed to not be restricted to just FAA/FAR but to be a globally usable pilot logbook software for any pilot such as those flying under JAA or CAA regulations.

Logbook Pro is the most reliable, secure, and advanced pilot logbook application sold for over 11 years! Logbook Pro\'s flight logbook software is customizable allowing you to add custom columns, rearrange columns, and track any data you need. The only logbook software on the market with a fully customizable currency system to track any currency any pilot may need.

Data analysis is unmatched! It\'s one thing to have a software flight log but if you can\'t analyze or report on your data, it\'s of no use. No other product has a system such as Logbook Pro\'s Analyzer allowing you to get data in any way you could possibly need. Get flight times by aircraft type or even down to the aircraft tail number.


* Version 1.10.53 added a change to the database that allowed PDA Companions to sync with Professional Edition "clones". This change broke the sync with the Logbook Pro Palm Companion product therefore we had to undo this change. 1.10.54 is now just as it was with all prior versions to 1.10.53 where "clones" cannot be synced with PDA Companions, only Master files. This only affects Professional/Enterprise edition users that use "clones". If you don't know what they are don't worry, it doesn't affect you.
* A new "Scheduled Sync" system is now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. Scheduled sync is a system where Logbook Pro will sync every specified amount of time, the default is one hour. This allows you to leave Logbook Pro open or minimized on your computer while you go fly or travel. Sync your new flights via your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and Logbook Pro PC edition back at your home or office will automatically sync with the My Sync portal at the specified interval and then update the My Sync portal. This now allows you to have your device updated with your newly added information without having to command a sync from Logbook Pro PC edition. Refer to the documentation for more details. The new settings are available in the My Sync / Account Settings area in Logbook Pro PC edition.
* Logbook Pro will now check to see if your data file resides in an invalid working folder such as C:\Program Files\. If so you will be prompted to relocate the file either to the default location of /My Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 or a custom folder such as C:\Logbook Pro Data. This will resolve Windows Vista or Windows 7 conflicts with User Account Control (UAC) and eliminate the 10% stall issue some have experienced when updating.
* When syncing a PDA Companion to Logbook Pro PC edition the "Flight Cost" field will be calculated if the Aircraft Type in Options/Aircraft has a Cost/Hr specified. This includes Logbook Pro Palm Companion, Pocket PC Companion, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
* A new "Lock" button appears just to the left of the close button (far right) on the sub-toolbar in the four data areas (Certificates, Ratings, History, Spreadsheet Flight Log). When clicked (checked/down) the data area will be locked and disallow edits thereby protecting your data from inadvertent changes. If you wish to make changes or add new information you must click the Lock button again so it is no longer checked.
* Default left margin for reports is now one inch to accommodate printing for most Cirrus Elite binders. This will not affect any customized margin settings you may have already made.
* Fixed an issue with the Airport Configuration Summary report for flights with simulator time only and no duration
* My Sync's "enable autofill" now has a default of unchecked as the new apps starting with 1.0.5 when approved by Apple now support AutoFill on the device (apps should release any day)


- Pentium processor - 32 MB of RAM

Restriction :

50-entry evaluation

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