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JSCAPE MFT Server Informations

Publisher's Description:


Platform independent secure ftp server with support for FTP/S, SFTP and HTTP/S.

JSCAPE MFT Server is a managed file transfer solution that centralizes all of your file transfer processes into a single easy to use application. JSCAPE MFT Server supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, SCP and HTTP/S.

Example Uses

# Provide a highly secure method for exchanging data both internally and between trading partners that meets PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA compliance requirements
# Simplify file transfers by unifying all services and processes into a single platform independent solution
# Gain control of users and system resources
# Automate file transfers between trading partners and respond to server side events
# Provide a secure web-based file transfer gateway to clients without installing any software

Feature Summary

- Platform independent solution with installers for Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX, AIX and Mac OS X operating systems
- Support for all popular file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, SCP and HTTP/S
- Accelerated file transfer over high speed / high latency networks moves files up to 100 times faster than FTP
- Brandable and easy to use web based client interface for transferring and managing files
- Support for multiple domains each with their own unique


Enhancement - Added experimental AFTP (Accelerated File Transfer Protocol) service designed to provide file transfers over low latency networks using UDP or TCP protocols.

Enhancement - Added support for SCP protocol to SFTP service.

Enhancement - Added status of domain next to domain node.

Enhancement - Added ability to pause a domain in order to stop accepting new connections.

Enhancement - Added js-copyusers utility that allows for copying or migrating users from one domain to another

Enhancement - Added ability to specify a private key for for SFTP Reverse Proxy and client certificate for FTPS Reverse Proxy.

Enhancement - Added server.vmoptions to System Configuration Backup action

Enhancement - Added a js-importcontacts utility for importing contacts

Enhancement - Added NewAccount attribute to Account Updated event in order to detect when a new account is created

Enhancement - Added js-pausedomain in order to stop accepting new connections

Enhancement - Added js-resumedomain to resume accepting new connections

Enhancement - Added ability to view and manage previous ad-hoc file transfers from the web user interface

Enhancement - Added ability to perform an orderly server shutdown

Enhancement - Added ability to specify whether existing files should be overwritten when uploading files to a drop zone

Change - Default service type to explicit SSL when adding a new FTP service

Bug Fix - Fixed issue where condition expression was rewritten when saved

Bug Fix - Fixed issue where triggers could be created without using a unique name.

Bug Fix - Fixed documentation issue in Trading Partners module

Bug Fix - Fixed required field error in File > Settings > Email section of JSCAPE MFT Server Manager

Bug Fix - Fixed issue with Run Process action where double quotes are not stripped before passing argument to executing program

Bug Fix - Fixed issue where Banned Files are banned from upload but not from renaming.


Sun or IBM JVM (Java Virtual Machine) 1.5 or above
IE7 (or above), Firefox 3 (or above), Safari 3 (or above) browser.

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