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HeidiSQL Informations

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From HeidiSQL

Ease up the management of the MySQL databases.

HeidiSQL is an easy-to-use interface and a "working-horse" for web-developers using the popular MySQL-Database. It allows you to manage and browse your databases and tables from an intuitive Windows interface.


* Generate nice SQL-exports
* Synchronize tables between two databases
* Manage user-privileges
* Import text-files
* Export table-data as CSV, HTML, XML and SQL
* Browse and edit table-data using a comfortable grid
* Create and edit tables, views, stored routines and triggers
* Bulk edit tables (move to db, change engine, collation etc.)
* Batch-insert ascii or binary files into tables
* Write queries with customizable syntax-highlighting and code-completion
* Pretty reformat disordered SQL
* Monitor and kill client-processes
* Connect to servers via commandline
* Find specific text in all tables of all databases of one server
* Optimize and repair tables in a batch manner
* And much more


Clone hostname for a cloned user.
Continue to apply filter of table list after refresh but clear it when changing database.
Add textbox to store session comments.
Unify manifest files for 32/64 bit into one single resource, using wildcards for processorArchitecture.
Make "Update available" button hidden by default.
Roll back parts of r4681 for getting the selected table into the trigger name, as this broke keeping the data tab active when switching tables.
Include 32/64 bit in version info on about dialog.
MSSQL wants one ALTER TABLE query also per DROP COLUMN.
Use a simple toolbar for upper right extra buttons. Fixes mixed up alignment of images and labels. However, cannot make these buttons blue now.
Fix initial status of updatecheck label.
Fix visible/hidden images besides menu images.
Add icons to discreet labels in main menu area.
Auto generate trigger name as long as it was not user-edited.
Prefill table combobox in trigger editor with currently selected table name.
Request administrator privileges for build updater. Required for 64 bit mode.
Silence AV in 64 bit mode when preventing second application instance.
Support NULL in "More values" submenu items of quick.
Allow localhost users to be edited again with the usermanager, in skip-name-resolve mode - localhost still seems to be a special case.
Do not *store* asExportSQLOutput setting when it was a server, so the next time we have the previously selected target again

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