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Habanero Core Informations

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From Chillisoft

Enterprise Application Framework for .Net with ORM and runtime UI generation

Habanero is a free open source Enterprise Application Framework for .Net. Habanero provides the developer with a tool to produce an agile application, from the data layer through to the front-end. It persists data to and from the database using object relational mapping (ORM), manages business objects to support a rich domain model, and generates user interfaces at runtime to display and edit the mapped data.

Habanero provides a developer with everything that is needed to develop highly efficient, scalable, and easily maintainable software. At its core is a highly optimised Object Relational Mapping (ORM) layer that handles all interactions of your domain model objects with the data store of your choice.

Persistence to most mainstream relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, FireBird, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and SQLite), as well as files (XML, binary, etc.) and even a highly efficient in-memory data store (perfect for testing and delayed persistence) has been built into Habanero for you. Furthermore, if your required persistence strategy is not supported, you can create your own custom strategy that plugs seamlessly into Habanero, enabling the required persistence support.

When using Habanero, you will notice that you never have to think about SQL, or files,


.Net 2

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