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Gammu Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Michal ?iha?

Gammu is command line utility and library to work with mobile many phones.

Gammu is the name of the project as well as name of command line utility, which you can use to control your phone. It is written in C and built on top of libGammu.

Gammu command line utility provides access to wide range of phone features, however support level differs from phone to phone and you might want to check Gammu Phone Database for user experiences with various phones. Generally following features are supported:

* Call listing, initiating and handling
* SMS retrieval, backup and sending
* MMS retrieval
* Phonebook listing, export and import (also from standard formats such as vCard)
* Calendar and tasks listing, export and import (also from standard formats such as vCalendar or iCalendar)
* Retrieval of phone and network information
* Access to phone file system (note that some phones work also as USB storage devices and those are not accessible through Gammu)

This project has originally forked from Gnokii and up to version 0.58 has been named MyGnokii2. Then need for better name arrived and Gammu was chosen as an acronym for Gammu All Mobile Management Utilities, without knowing that Gammu from the "Heretics of Dune" book written by Frank Herbert exists.

The Gammu package does not include just this binary, but as well Gammu SMS Daemon, Gammu library and Python bindings which you can use to develop own application accessing mobile phone.


Added option to enter new PIN when entering PUK, thanks to Peter Stuge for pointing out this requirement.
Improved documentation of SMSD backend services.
Fix decoding of SMS without date on DCT4 phones (bug #1368).
Added gammu-detect tool to detect available devices on system.
Fixed parsing of Philips reply to SPBR (bug #1366).
Fixed testsuite not to depend on system timezone.
Check if phone is waiting for requested security code before entering.
Fixup invalid international numbers with double prefix (+00) in SMS (bug #1364).
Fixed m-obex protocol implementation, thanks to Matthieu Patou (bug #1375).
Fixed build on Mac OS X, thanks to Matthieu Patou (bug #1374).
Fixed decoding of some SMS messages on S40 phones (bug #1243).
New convertbackup command to convert between backup formats.
Changed database structure to version 12, you need to upgrade it.
Try harder to find dn for LDIF export (bug #1363).
Better names for some fields in LDIF export (bug #1363).
Implement parsing of LDIF for all fields we save (bug #1363).
Various minor fixes in SMSD SQL backend.
Improved test suite coverage.
Improved dummy driver to allow more testing.
New SMSD configuration RunOnFailure.
Fix invalid SQL when storing 8bit SMS (bug #1329).
Probe if phone supports m-obex protocol (bug #1286).
Experimental support fo m-obex protocol (bug #1286).
Fix detection of delivery reports in MySQL and PostgreSQL backends (bug #313).
Include udev rules for Nokia phones (bug #1251).
Fix parsing LG VX9200 reply on getting battery state (bug #1264).
Fix handling of SMS text mode (bug #1189).
Default to no retries of the send commands on the link.
Wait for more USSD replies on getussd command (bug #1346).
New unified SQL SMSD backend handling all SQL databases.
SQL queries in SQL SMSD backend can be configured.
New SMSD config option HardResetFrequency.
Gammu now supports specs for config file locations and reads ~/.config/gammu/config.
Increase timeout for AT+CMGL (bug #1317).
Added support for optional delivery report parts as defined by ETSI 123 040, section (bug #1304).
SMSD database host configuration is now named "host" not "PC".
Fixed locales compilation/support.
Set memory to use for MPBR/SBNR/SPBR commands as well (bug #1128).
Handle errors from CMGL same way as from CMGR (bug #1211).
Fixed parsing of AT+CPMS=? reply (bug #1296).
Implemented matching by serial number.
SMSD can now be configured just for sending/receiving.
Fixed battery status for S40 phones (bug #1301).
Improved compatibility with Motorola phonebook (bug #1128).
Lot of documentation improvements, check
Fixed handling of empty reply on CREG/CGREG (bug #1245).
Prefer storing delivery reports over forwarding them.
Fix leak and crash when handling MMS notifications in Python.
Fixed parsing of date from AT phones (bug #1256).
Simplify handling text comment in SMS backup to keep new lines.
New command gammu battery.
Fail to send SMS without set SMSC.
Avoid updating SMSD backend frequently than StatusFrequency defines.
Store SIM phonebook to vCard on backup (bug #1281).
Fixed waiting for multipart messages (bug #1279).
Fixed crash on too long GPRS access point names in backup (bug #1267).
Fallback to using SMSC from phone in SMSD if none provided.
Improved guessing of HEX/GSM charsets for phone number in AT engine.

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Software Versions

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