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EditPad Pro Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Just Great Software

Complete and flexible text editor capable of editing all sorts of text files.

EditPad Pro is a powerful and versatile text editor or word processor, designed to make text editing as convenient as possible. Write and edit all your plain text files such as source code, scripts, web sites, logs, letters, memos, reports, articles, etc.

Edit text documents more comfortably with EditPad Pro's tabbed layout, live spell checking, column editing, extensive clipboard and block editing abilities, project and file management, keystroke macros, word count and other statistics, text wrapping and unwrapping, opening all files from certain folders, alphabetic sort, bookmarks, character map, etc. Supports all languages, including Far East languages.

Write source code more easily with EditPad Pro's syntax coloring, file navigation, code folding, search and replace with regular expressions, running external applications or scripts, persistent and rectangular selections, hexadecimal mode, integrated diff to clearly compare files, built-in FTP, auto and block indent, line numbers etc.

Save time typing and edit complex documents faster with the Clip Collection. Store and instantly reuse standard phrases, formatting tags and source code snippets. Temporarily store and easily move and duplicate blocks of text.

Adjust your text editors to your tastes


# File|Reload from Disk: Do not clear out the file in EditPad if it no longer exists on disk; prompt to retry reloading the file; do nothing if canceled.
# FTP: Checkbox to hide the password for keyboard-interactive authentication.
# FTP: The TLS and SSL encryption options now have choices for a clear or encrypted data channel.
# Menus: When using Alt+letter keyboard shortcuts to access menu items that have submenus but are also commands in themselves, holding down Alt will open the submenu while releasing Alt will activate the command. For example: holding down Alt, pressing F, pressing O, releasing Alt will open the File|Open submenu with recent files. Holding down Alt, pressing F, releasing Alt, pressing O will activate the File|Open command and show the open file dialog.
# Preferences, Keyboard: Ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to File|Open|Maintain List, Project|Open|Maintain List, Project|Open Folder|Maintain List, Project|Add Files|Maintain List, and Project|Import File Listing|Maintain List.
# Text Layout: Ideographs are now exactly twice as wide as ASCII characters when using the "monospaced left-to-right" text layout with the option to use full-width ASCII characters turned off.

Bug fixes:
# Drag and drop: Dragging a closed file in a managed project from one EditPad instance to another failed with an access violation.
# Editor: Lines containing tabs were not displayed correctly when using a right-to-left text layout.
# EditPad could not be minimized after clicking the taskbar button twice (but don't double-click) while the icon next to the system clock and the option to hide the taskbar button are enabled. Clicking on the icon next to the system clock allowed EditPad to be minimized again.
# EditPad could not be restored by clicking the taskbar button directly if it was minimized while the Clip Collection panel was open and AceText was running. Starting a new EditPad instance did restore the running instance and shutting down AceText made the problem go away.
# File Types|Colors and Syntax: Selecting "Clickable URLs" syntax coloring significantly slowed down EditPad 7's handling of files with extremely long lines.
# Forum: The Help|Forum menu item now restores the forum window if it was minimized.
# Forum: With the EditPad icon next to the system clock enabled, clicking on one of the forum links in the help file to discuss a help topic caused EditPad to try to connect to the forum each time EditPad was restarted after closing it but not fully exiting it.
# FTP: EditPad Pro 7 did not set the transfer mode to binary, causing files to be uploaded incorrectly if the FTP server used ASCII transfers by default.
# FTP: Errors retrieving the initial directory listing are now shown in the file listing instead of being hidden.
# FTP: Recent files and favorite files were not cleared when disconnecting from FTP, causing an access violation when selecting one of the files.
# Help|Feedback showed the support address for EditPad Lite instead of EditPad Pro.
# Options|Text Layout: Changes made to the text layout configuration via Options|Text Layout were not preserved when restarting EditPad Pro unless other preferences were also changed after changing the text layout configuration.
# Project|Import File Listing: Allow hyphens, spaces, and percentage signs in server and share names in UNC paths.
# Search: The Loop Automatically option fails to loop if there is only one file open and the All Files search option is turned on.
# Tools: Underscores, hyphens, and angle brackets are now allowed in placeholders so that path placeholders are handled correctly, as they were in EditPad Pro 6.
# View|Hexadecimal: Selecting one of the hexadecimal modes in the submenu while the active file was in text mode failed with an access violation error.

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