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EditPad Pro Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Just Great Software

Complete and flexible text editor capable of editing all sorts of text files.

EditPad Pro is a powerful and versatile text editor or word processor, designed to make text editing as convenient as possible. Write and edit all your plain text files such as source code, scripts, web sites, logs, letters, memos, reports, articles, etc.

Edit text documents more comfortably with EditPad Pro's tabbed layout, live spell checking, column editing, extensive clipboard and block editing abilities, project and file management, keystroke macros, word count and other statistics, text wrapping and unwrapping, opening all files from certain folders, alphabetic sort, bookmarks, character map, etc. Supports all languages, including Far East languages.

Write source code more easily with EditPad Pro's syntax coloring, file navigation, code folding, search and replace with regular expressions, running external applications or scripts, persistent and rectangular selections, hexadecimal mode, integrated diff to clearly compare files, built-in FTP, auto and block indent, line numbers etc.

Save time typing and edit complex documents faster with the Clip Collection. Store and instantly reuse standard phrases, formatting tags and source code snippets. Temporarily store and easily move and duplicate blocks of text.

Adjust your text editors to your tastes


Bug fixes:
* Clip Collection, Edit Clip: Tab order was not logical.
* Closing EditPad Pro with a NULL byte in the search text or replacement text caused EditPad to forget its history lists and favorites next time you started it if the option to keep the registry clean was turned on.
* Convert, Wrapping to Line Breaks: Recording a macro that converts wrapping to line breaks did not record the choice whether to align to the left or to both margins, resulting in a prompt each time the macro was played back.
* Drag and drop: Dropping large amounts of text on EditPad sometimes caused EditPad to crash.
* Extra, Compare Files: OK button is now disabled when the project is deselected by clicking in the blank space in the list of projects.
* File Panel: Opening a project or folder did not make the active file visible in the File Panel if more files are opened than fit into the File Panel.
* File Types, Syntax & Navigation: EditPad Pro failed to run if the custom syntax coloring scheme selected for the Text Document file type was invalid.
* Macros: Recording a macro without a caption should not be allowed.
* Print: Printouts were truncated if the file was edited without word wrapping and the printout required lines to be wrapped and nothing was changed in the print preview that triggered a refresh of the page count.
* Project, Favorites: Selecting a project from the favorites that no longer exists and clicking Retry caused an "invalid typecast" error
* Search, Instant Search triggered an error when the cursor was on a word at the very start or end of the file.
* Search: Replace & Find Next resets the search range to the match that was replaced if it occurred right at the start of the search range (i.e. the selection being seached through with the "selection only" option).
* Spell check: The spell check panel now treats underscores as delimiters between words when syntax coloring is used, as it already did when syntax coloring was not used and as live spelling does.
* Spell checker caused an access violation if EditPad Pro is shut down while the spell checker is still searching for alternatives as indicated by the "searching" label.
* Tabs: Opening and closing a file with a name longer than fits on the tabs could cause the tabs to become invisible.

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