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From dotSyntax

Instant Messaging, E-mail and social networks - all in one easy to use program

Instant Messaging
* One combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts.
* Manage multiple conversations with tabbed conversation windows. You can drag tabs out into their own windows for important conversations.
* Rename contacts with an alias so you don't have to remember buddy names like 'giantsfan123'.
* If one of your friends has more than one IM account you can combine them into a single merged contact to eliminate duplicate buddies.
* Send your friends SMS messages right from the IM window.
* The InfoBox lets you check everyone's status message and profile just by moving your mouse down the list.
* Changing your status has never been easier. just one click right on the buddy list!
* Multitask while you chat. Minimize the IM window and you see popups of new IM's. Best of all, you can reply right from the popup and get back to what you were doing.
* Log conversation history and find the information you need our search-enabled log viewer.
* And so much more.

* Manage your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts right from digsby.
* Get popup notifications when new email arrives. Clicking


* New Skins: The Windows 7 skin now has 8 new variants. Access them via Preferences > Skins.
* Windows 7 Support: Digsby takes advantage of jump lists for easy access to common tasks and top buddies (by log size). We also use taskbar grouping to let you jump to conversations, see typing notifications and unread conversation counts.
* Better Popups: Social networks will no longer show a separate popup for Alerts and the titles will no longer say Facebook Newsfeed with a generic Facebook icon. Instead, you will see the friend picture and name with a small badge in the top right for each network. You can also comment/like Facebook items right from popups.
* Trending News: We have partnered with the folks at OneRiot to bring the latest trending news stories to your social feeds. You can enable/disable via Preferences > General & Profile.
* Facebook Dislike: We are amazed by how many people wanted to Dislike Facebook posts. The Dislike Button Facebook page has over 3.2 million fans! You asked for it, you got it.
* MySpace Newsfeed: We have revamped the MySpace newsfeed to support their new APIs so it looks a lot more like the Facebook/Twitter feeds including the ability to comment on statuses.
* MySpace Achievements: Back in September we introduced achievements for Facebook and the functionality is being ported over to MySpace. You will be asked if you would like to enable or disable this functionality and you can turn it on/off by editing your MySpace account in Preferences.
* Yahoo HTTP Support: Restrictive firewalls and proxies should no longer be an issue for Yahoo Messenger users. Edit the account in preferences and set it to Always use HTTP

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