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Database .NET Informations

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From fish

A simple and intuitive database management tool for multi-database.

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multi-database. Automatically: Create/Shrink/Protect Database, Syntax Highlighting, Service Manager, SQL Example Manager, SQL Query Batch, Export to CSV/XML/TXT, Print Query Results... and much more.

Supports: MS Access 97-2003/MS Access 2007/MS Excel 97-2003/MS Excel 2007/dBASE IV/Firebird/MySQL/SQL Server/SQL Azure/SQL Server CE/SQLite/PostgreSQL/Oracle/OleDB/ODBC. A standalone tool that does not require installation.

# All-In-One, Multlanguage and Standalone
# Syntax Highlighting
# Table Editor: SQL Server 2005/2008
#Automatically (w/o SQL command):
* Protect Database: Access 97-2003/Access 2007-2010/SQL Server CE/SQLite
* Create Database: (Portable) Access 2000/Access 2007-2010/Firebird/SQL Server CE/SQLite, (Server) MySQL/SQL Server/Oracle/PostgreSQL
* Shrink Database: Access 97-2003/Access 2007-2010/Firebird/MySQL(MyISAM)/SQL Server/SQL Server CE/SQLite/PostgreSQL
* Backup/Restore Database: MySQL/SQL Server/PostgreSQL
# Generate Scripts: Data Definition Language (DDL), INSERT statement scripts
# Service Manager: Firebird/MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQL Server. Requires Administrator privileges(if UAC is enabled))
# Multiple Query Tabs,Multiple Results


- Add: Add IBM DB2 database management and support all existing functions, through the complex DB2 Database. NET is more simple handling (req: IBM Data Server Driver Package (25MB)) (4004)
- Upd: Database Service Manager (Service Manager): support for IBM DB2 (currently supported include Firebird / MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQL Server / SQL Server Express / Oracle Express / IBM DB2) (4004)
- Upd: (SQLCe) MRU memory to open the database version to omit the automatic detection processing when the next turn, but if the failure automatically switches to the automatic detection processing (4004)
- Upd: (MySQL) update MySQL 5.1.54 (2010/11/30) (4004)
- Upd: row editing (Data Editor)
- Upd: simplified: When the tables no longer exist without Key can be directly edited manually specified (4004)
- Add: Add BLOB database fields to the file function save (Save BLOB as File) (3998)
- Upd: table editing features (Table Editor):
- Fix: (Oracle) correction data processing and display with a two-parameter form of the problem (such as: INTERVAL DAY {(0)} TO SECOND {(1)}) (4004)
- Upd: Table script edit mode (Script Mode): 1. Supports syntax highlighting, 2. Support the current database [create table] syntax reference links (3998)
- Upd: (SQLCe) supports SQL Server CE 3.1/3.5/4.0 different database version (4000):
1. Automatically detects open the database version 2. Support the version of the database upgrade process (3.1-> 3.5-> 4.0)
3. Support of new versions (3.1/3.5/4.0) database, 4. Support the Table / Row / Index so edited, and contains all the other functions
- Add: Add index editing (Index Editor): support for all database system (Access / Firebird / MySQL / Oracle / PostgreSQL / SQLite / SQL Server / SQL Azure / SQLCe) (3998)
- Upd: Update auto-complete feature (AutoComplete): improve the user experience: 1. When they lose focus, direct closure, 2. The selected text without processing (3998)
- Upd: Save and export the file path to add memory and other processing (3998)
- Upd: to make the database message is displayed:
- Add: (SQL Azure / SQL Server) Add FUNCTIONS set of messages: contains display, delete, DDL and other functions dealing with the content ... (3998)
- Upd: (PostgreSQL) database to improve information re-brush treatment, only for heavy brush where the SCHEMA for processing (4004)
- Upd: (PostgreSQL) update does not show CHECK type INDEXES with pgAdmin (3998)
- Upd: (PostgreSQL) update INDEXES support Unique / Clustered message is displayed (3998)
- Upd: (PostgreSQL) to the original CREATE DATABASE CREATE SCHEMA function (4004)
- Fix: (PostgreSQL) Fixed open the Schema property pages of certain names (eg public) caused no response of the (4004)
- Upd: (SQL Azure) update INDEXES support Unique message is displayed (3998)
- Upd: the original database PROCEDURE / TRIGGER content display to open the DDL shown in the properties page, the distinction between the treatment and the establishment of implementation (3998)
- Fix: other minor fixes and includes optimization of update processing (4004)


.Net Framework 2.0 or higher

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