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ConnectedText Informations

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From ConnectedText

This is a powerful personal Wiki system with unique capabilities.

ConnectedText is a powerful but simple information management system, based on wiki principles. Indeed, it is a personal wiki system. But this only begins to describe it. ConnectedText is also much more than that. It is:

* a free-form note-taking and note-management application that allows you to keep an unlimited number of notes in one file (or many files), instantly accessible by sophisticated full-text searches that can span all open files; and navigating between topics is a breeze: it's like a notebook with an unlimited number of pages (which can be linked to one another easily)
* a freetext database (i.e. no "fields") with hyper-linking ability, providing you with a fast and easy way to store and structure or organize all your notes; with ConnectedText you can master the tremendous quantity of information available and necessary to do well in today's world
* a thinking tool or workpad for your ideas and thoughts, allowing you to structure and organize them by means of categories, and in many other ways; it can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be
* a more than just rudimentary outliner: with it's outlining view working like a one-pane outliner, though it can also be made to work two-pane outliner, as topics from the file can


* Export function can now copy files and images while exporting to Text and XML.
* Added new Import options: append at top and append at bottom.
* Improved Import function for better handle images and files. References in Text and XML files are now adjusted and files are moved to project's folders.
* Outline view now shows the current filename in the title bar.
* Made some internal changes for better handling Vista and Windows 7.
* Improved parsing of links. Empty brackets ([[]]) are now ignored.
* Improved parsing of include command. A property/attribute defined in the topic that is referenced below it is now correctly used.
* Now it is possible to select an icon when creating a new topic.
* Text position is now preserved when switching projects.
* Added Welcome function in Help menu (F1 shortcut). Shows project Welcome content in HTML Help format.
* Fixed some translation problems.
* Fixed bug in Topic Redirection. An invalid index error could occur if used a non existing topic.
* Fixed bug in Outline. Project name was not displayed correctly in the views status bar if it contained non-ascii characters.
* Fixed regression. Inter-project links whose titles contained non-ascii characters could sometimes be displayed erroneously.
* Fixed invalid pointer bug when selected a topic that was removed when the current topic was saved.
* Fixed bug in completion proposal. It was not working if typed text contained non-ascii characters.
* Fixed bug in Image manager. Delete were correctly removing references from topics but not removing PNG files.
* Fixed bug in Image manager. Delete were not updating the current topic correctly if it contained a reference to the image being deleted.
* Fixed bug. Save desktop command was not visible in menu.
* Fixed bug in Topic List. With filter on the topic counter at the status bar was not being updated correctly after a change of icon.
* Fixed bug in $FILE command. Clicking in a link to a folder containing a coma in its name would not open the folder but in an error message instead.
* Minor internal tweaks.

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