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From Randall Ellison and Vicky Ellison

CNC Code Shooter is a code generator for creating CNC G-code programs.

CNC Code Shooter Mill is designed by Randall who is a First Class Programmer and Machinist with 20+ years experience in machine shops. CNC Code Shooter Mill is a machine g code generator and is designed to make your job writing a program and sending it to the machine easier. You will be able to generate a G code program for a particular machine, preview the code while creating your program, edit it, then send it to the machine and be ready to run your machine in just a matter of minutes. You will also be able to open a file, save your program, print out the code, and send the code to the machine, you will also be able to receive the code from the machine as well.

With this G code generator/editor you will be able to input your numbers, the program generates the code, preview it, send it to the text editor to view your whole program on the computer screen before you send it to the machine. You will be able to save your programs that you create so that next time you need to run that particular part you will just have to pull up the code make any changes that you may need to make, review it then send it to the machine, just that easy. You will be able to print out the code too.


.Net Framework 2.0 and 1024 x 768 monitor settings

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